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House Calls

Posted on Friday 10 September 2021 @ 22:07 by Lance Corporal Pearl Bijoux & Major David Scarlet & Lieutenant Nir’anyar & 2nd Lieutenant Drakur Redragon & Gunnery Sergeant Alexander Beck

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
Location: Marine Country
Timeline: Sometime on the way to planet
1954 words - 3.9 OF Standard Post Measure


It had been dragging on for some time from the records she had been reviewing and this was something Anya was not prepared to continue. If she needed to make a house call then by god she would. She may also be the smallest one in the room but she was also a senior officer and they would respect her and listen to what she was saying no matter how intimidated she felt. The only up side, although she still dislike him personally was that she and Major Scarlet had found a middle ground in their dislike but a newfound respect and admiration for the other. She also hoped he would back her up.

She strode into the training centre or whatever the marines referred to it as with a confidence she didn't really feel inside and placed her medical kit on the first bench she found.
"Major... May I borrow you and Lieutenant Redragon, Sergeant Beck and Corporal Bijoux please?"

Beck was curious about what the Lieutenant needed, but said nothing. He knew that she and the Major didn't really like each other too much but it wasn't his business. He was an NCO and his job wasn't to interfere in matters that did not concern him. Still, tension between officers was never a good thing. He waited for Major Scarlet to reply.

Scarlet looked over at the doctor and motioned for the marine he'd been inspecting to be dismissed. He walked over to her and then glanced around her to the medical bag. "Some sort of emergency bring you here Doc?"

"As for borrowing us, I'll need a time frame and a quick explanation why." He motioned to the marines in various training exercises. "We have our own schedule to keep."

"Ten or so minutes... Starfleet Medical are within a millimetre of ceasing Marine activities on Merlin as very few of you have been in for your Medical examination!" She cast her eyes around the gathered group, catching each one in turn with her steely gaze. They were firmly in her territory now and she wanted to let them know they had no choice on the matter. "I also have a request... If you would hear me out?"

"Report." Scarlet said firmly.

Pearl arrived, a bit curious about the summons, she hadn't gone to see the CMO of the Merlin and seeing the doctor there she felt just a bit nervous. "Hello, and you have a request for us? Um what can I do for you? And I think I need to apologize for not coming to see you." Pearl also added.

Drakur looked up as the doctor entered, waiting for the signal from the Major before moving. He wasn't overly fond of doctors himself, and he never really understood the need to visit every time he went to a new place. After all, wasn't that what medical records were for? He walked over with the others and stood, waiting to hear what was needed of them.

Kieran moved to head off Princess. Not that she had done anything wrong but this was for the officers to hash out. "Hey Princess. Come here a second. " he said.

Pearl looked at Drakur, "We are all on one ship, sir. So we are all one crew. And its always polite to offer an apology for not reporting in to seeing Medical. Am I in the wrong for that?" raising an eyebrow. "Besides I am overdue for a medical examination." folding her arms over her chest and getting a stubborn set to her jaw.

Scarlet put his hand up and shook his head. "Enough. The doc asked for us all. We give her the ten minutes and then get back to regular duties."

Pearl shot a bit of a glare at Drakur, then looked towards Scarlet giving a nod. For some reason she was feeling a bit something offish towards the 2nd lieutenant. She couldn't put her finger on it but.. something was just making her irritable. She was going to however keep herself in check. Just didn't want to start trouble for herself either.

Drakur simply ignored the comment from Pearl. He knew that she wouldn't know exactly how to handle his previous comments, and he hadn't had much reason to interact directly with her since, though he was a little surprised that she had chosen here in front of the MCO. He brushed it off; it wouldn't do to make a spectacle with just the few of them in front of the doctor, especially given that he himself was overdue for his physical too.

"Alright doc, you want us to follow you back to medical or you can use my office." Scarlet offered. "I want this done with minimal disruption."

"Here is just fine. I know you will all be in top physical condition so I have creatively reinterpreted some of your reports to reflect that... All I need is to add the standard batch of medical scans and we should be done". She pulled out the medical tricorder and prepared the wand from the top back of the small handheld devise. "And as a matter of course, as you well know Lieutenant" looking pointedly at the one face she had not seen before. "Redragon is it? Well you should know full well as per starfleet regs you operate here only after a complete medical examination".

She smiled awkwardly at him as she waved him forward, wanting to start with him first. "Major, I would also like to request assistance from you and your team... If I may?"

"Shoot Doc." Scarlet replied cooly as he watched her get to work. Medical was a necessary and sometimes useful department, as long as they didn't get in the way. Giving the Doctor this bit of freedom should keep her happy for a while. And a happy doctor would generally leave them alone.

She started the scanner devise up and the gently whirring of the scanner started as her hand moved across the lieutenant's back. As suspected he was in excellent physical condition but she would continue her examination of him just that little bit longer, letting him know she was the one placing the orders in this matter and not even Major Scarlet could over ride her.

Drakur simply stood still, controlling and slowing his breathing. He really didn't care for examinations; he had had too many in his opinion already. He allowed himself a moment of peace with the though: At least it wasn't another counselor. They were far more annoying and pushy to him.

"I was hoping that you, your team or someone from your team might help me brush up on my away team procedures... specifically hand held weapons... It's been a while and since I was rescued I have avoided them!"
She didn't finish her thread hoping that Majora Scarlet would understand why she had avoided them since her rescue.

Beck looked at Major Scarlet.

"I can act as a range coach and get her qualified, sir. Between Princess and I we'll get her up to snuff. " he said.

"Security would be your better bet for small arms or side arms." Scarlet said with a shrug. "But if you're interested I am also working with another officer in getting them up to snuff." He motioned to Beck. "And the troops would love to help you as well." He smiled a little. "Although in those cases, you would have to relinquish control to us."

"That is precisely why I have come to you Major. In the last few weeks I have been more a hindrance than a help when it comes to fire arms... I want to learn from the best... even if you do dodge the inevitable!" the last part of the statement directed at the Lieutenant sat before her. "Next!"

Pearl stepped up for it was her turn, "Doctor, you didn't do too bad last time down on that planet. Like what the Major and Gunny said we'll be willing to help you out on different matters."

"The Major and I may not have got of on the best footing but I know you and this team are the best on the ship... I have a lot of catching up to do after my being taken prisoner and incarceration and I believe you to be the ones best equipped to help me. Thank you Corporal... Sergeant Berk isn't it... If you would!"
She allowed Bijoux to move from the chair and motioned for the final person to take the seat.

Pearl moved for the next person.

Scarlet gritted his teeth but managed to hold back an audible sigh. With McPhee already requesting additional training, this was becoming a thing. Maybe he should get it over with all at once and have an officer specific boot camp.

"Alright Doc. We'll come up with a plan and adapt it to your needs and requirements as we go."

"Thank you Major... And Sergeant Beck" she said having been corrected. "You are as fit as a... erm... Human musical instrument, I forget which one!"

Pearl replied, "Its fit as a fiddle, Doctor," giving a smile.

Beck bristled at the unintentional demotion, but kept cool. He knew the doctor didn't mean anything by it.

"Actually, ma'am, my proper rank is Gunnery Sergeant. But you can call me Gunny. " he said politely.

"Gunny it is, apologies. I have not been in the company of Marines before, I meant no offence!"
Anya snapped the tricorder closed having already gathered what she needed from Major Scarlet on his visit to sickbay. "Thank you for your time and next time you are due a physical, save everyone some time and effort and report to sickbay!"
She cast her eyes around the group, linger a moment on the Drakur fellow for a moment longer than the rest.
"I will leave you to it and I look forward to hearing from you about the upskill training."

Pearl gave Anya a thumbs up, " I'm all for it." giving a smile.

Scarlet nodded and held his tongue until the Doctor was gone. Then he motioned for the Marines around to come close.

Drakur followed the unspoken order, standing at ease and awaiting what his CO had to say.

"Next time the Doc needs one of you, go to her. Because the next time someone gives her reason to come and disrupt things, she'll be taking them back with her." Scarlet said quietly. He looked at each one and made sure he was being heard. He had to deal with the Doctor and play nice, but that didn't mean he wanted her in their business all the time.

"Yes sir. It won't happen again sir." Drakur's response was earnest, not dismissive. He didn't want to disrupt anything for the marines, and having medical poking their nose around wouldn't exactly help anyone's situation. He knew that he needed to assimilate properly to the entire crew if he was going to continue his service on the vessel.

Pearl watched as Anya left then took a look at Scarlet, Gunny and Redragon. "Right, I'll get back to my scrub detail." Pearl stated, turning to leave.


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