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What hit us?

Posted on Sunday 3 April 2022 @ 19:47 by Major David Scarlet & Chief Petty Officer Johnathan "Jack" MacGyver & Lance Corporal Pearl Bijoux
Edited on on Monday 4 April 2022 @ 13:09

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Marine Area
1000 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure


Down in the Marine area, Pearl had been working along side Jack as they checked the damages from the Omega Explosion, which had decimated a planet. Things seemed to be working out well enough and Pearl called out "Okay Major see if you are getting anything yet, any feeds, that sort of thing?"

Just as she said that, everything went topsy-turvy. Pearl found herself knocked for a loop, being sent flying backwards as if a giant had reached out and slapped her a good one. She slammed into a bulkhead wall, then slid to the floor, being stunned.

As the ship seemed to tumble around them, Scarlet managed to grab onto the desk and wrenched his shoulder for good measure before being sent flying to the deckhead and then back to the deck.

He groaned and quickly tapped his combadge. "Scarlet to bridge..." Scarlet managed to stand up slowly and listen. "Scarlet to bridge..." Still nothing.

He walked out into the main area of the barracks and looked around. "Injury report."

The echo of Scarlet's words filtered its way through to Pearl as other shouts were heard, She groaned as she rose from the floor. Feeling some warm moisture trickling from her forehead, she reached up and looked at her hand. Blast she was bleeding, she called out, "Minor damage here at least for me."

Other calls were being sent out from those there in the barracks as other marines were picking themselves up from where they had been tossed. Well not all of them..." Sorenson!" came a shout, "Major, we've got a casualty!" the person who called out his voice tight with emotion.

Pearl looked to see if Jack were alright. "MacGuyver, are you okay?"

laying on his back not far from where he'd been working with Pearl, Jack gave out a groan before sitting up, "great, first I burn my hand and now I've got a potential concussion. Could this day get any worse" he said looking over at Pearl, "yea i'm ok, just give me a moment"

"Start triaging and get those who are well enough kitted out for hostile conditions." Scarlet called back. "Move any casualties to conference room B for now and we'll tend to them when we can." He motioned to MacGuyver. "Make sure he's patched up as well."

Walking toward Bijoux he continued. "I need you to open the armory and get kitted out. I have a plan for you and the fleeter if he's up to it."

Getting to his feet, Jack looked over at Scarlet, "don't call me that, I'm as much a marine as you are"

Pearl looked at Jack then at Scarlet, "He speaks the truth sir but yes lets get kitted out." Pearl answered, "Come on, lets get things ready." leading the way to the armory. When they got the equipment they needed, she looked at Jack. "Looks like we're going to be busy, and we can handle it." smiling, then headed back to where Major Scarlet was waiting.

By the time Pearl and MacGyver, a table had been dragged into the main area and covered in various padds. The lights flickered occationally and gave the room an ominous and dire feeling.

Scarlet stood over the table and was directing other marines and handing out padds. He glanced up at Bijoux and MacGyver and motioned them over. "Small recon teams spreading out from several small check points. We need to find out what happened and make contact with the rest of the crew."

He paused for a moment. "I'm staying here to organize and keep communication going. I need you two..." He handed them a padd. "Make your way to engineering and secure the area. Then report back. Understood?"

Taking the padd, Jack gave it a quick look over before nodding, "we'll do what we can"

Pearl nodded as well. "We'll do our best Sir and you stay safe." she looked at Jack. "Looks like we get to crawl into the depths of the jefferies tubes." taking a look at the PADD over Jack's shoulder.

"home sweet home. They can take you anywhere on the ship" Jack said as he looked through the ship's schematics, "I recommend we go through the shuttle bays, down to the science labs and through the cargo bays, that should save us a few decks of crawling"

"Well going to have to be prepared for whatever we're going to find." Pearl making a mental note. "And most importantly we're going to have to establish communications. I don't know if this ship has the emergency radios around. Some ships had them at one time before the comm badges came into mainstream."

“That doesn’t sound too hard, all we’ll need is a string and two cans” Jack replied

"What about the comms from a tactical kit? Those aren't routed through the ship comms. We don't have enough for everyone, but considering where you're going you should take one." Scarlet said firmly.

"Bingo that is what I was hoping to hear, brain wasn't quite clicking, fully." Pearl stated. She looked at Jack giving him a nod. "Okay, Major looks like you will be command central. And I think that you have the diagrams of the ship. We can call of where the damage is at while we crawl in the belly of the beast right?"

"That's the plan Princess." Scarlet said without looking up from the table. The usual pepper on her nickname was missing. Either he had forgotten or he didn't mean it disparagingly. "Keep comms open and move out."

Pearl nodded, "Be safe." and with that she crawled inside the jefferies tube and disappeared from view, followed by Jack.


* Major David Scarlet
Marine Company Commander
USS Merlin

>>>* Chief Petty Officer Johnathan "Jack" MacGyver
Operations Specialist
USS Merlin

Lance Corporal Pearl Bijoux
USS Merlin


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