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Posted on Saturday 30 April 2022 @ 22:23 by Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Chief Petty Officer Evie Forde

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Crew Quarters, Deck 20
Timeline: 0000 Hours
2490 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Evie hadn't long got home. The day had felt like a long one and she had been on the late shift on the bridge and felt like she was tracking the stars, not the movements of the fleet or such like. She was thankful for one thing and that was that she wasn't on the night shift. She hated that, it always drained her like and then trying to sleep during the 'day' was even worse as her roommate was never on the same shift as her.

She threw her jacket over the back of a chair and rubbed the back of her neck. A small clearing of the throat gave her a startle as she turned to face her roommate, apparently they were still up... or Evie had woken them as she came in.

A muffled sound came from the other bed, and a head peered out from beneath the blanket, a drawl could be heard, it was Daisy "You know, the cows can hear you from a mile off." the blanket moved further down to her shoulder as the bleary eyed brunette from North Carolina, squinted over towards Evie. "Are you okay?"

"I'm not that loud." Evie protested in her almost too cheery Irish lilt. "You just are too light a sleeper... honestly I could come in here on my tippy toes and you'd swear I was bringing home a party." She laughed and threw a seat pillow at her.

Daisy barely deflected the pillow, then laughed. "What's for breakfast did you bring me my offering? As in a doughnut?" giving a sleepy cheeky grin. "it will help me get back to sleep, and I promise I will put my ear plugs in this time."

"Breakfast?" Evie asked making a frowny face. "Daisy, its midnight..." she said walking over towards her. A small fragrance filled the air, an aroma of baked goods. "But yes, I did get you something nice." she said waving the doughnut and walking backwards just to tease her out of her warm bed.

As Evie stepped beside the table there was a small rumble that gave her pause.

The scent of the pastry got Daisy out of her bed, putting on her fuzzy rabbit slippers she walked over to the table. "You are the best room mate I've ever had." the girl said with a smile. "Ooh love it. Thank you." reaching out to take the delectable morsel. And then things went awry.

The small rumble was placed at the back of her mind as Daisy got up and reached for the doughnut. However the whole room began to spin, and not in that 'I have had too much to drink' spinning. The ship was hit with such force that the furniture moved, flew at speed towards the walls, the ceiling and both Daisy and Evie.

Evie flew backwards and bounced her hip off the desk and spun towards the wall. "Daisy!" she yelled trying to grab her for anchoring them both. She'd hoped the weight of them would plant them, but it was a long shot.

Daisy grabbed hold of Evie and they were sent flying, landing on the mattress, then it landed on them. Once things were done, the bedding tangled around them and the doughnuts scattered and whatever else that was loose. Daisy groaned holding her head, "Evie are you okay?" she was missing her slippers now.

From underneath the mattress there was a groan in the not so melodic voice of the Irish woman. "I don't like this ship anymore." she groaned. "I think I have doughnut in my hair..."

"I'll try to find out what is going on." Daisy reaching to find her communicator. "Okay I do not know where it is, the communicator, Do you have yours nearby Evie?" working to untangle the blankets from their legs.

"Mine was on my jacket." Evie said peering out from under the covers. "And it was... over there." she said pointing to the now empty chair beside the fallen table. "I'll try and get out..."

Evie tried to untangle herself from not only the bed covers, but the entanglement of herself with Daisy. As she wriggled herself free she fell onto the ground with a bump. She rubbed her hip, the same place where she'd hit herself earlier in the twisty twirly moments before.

Daisy moved herself to a seated position, then crawled over to where she thought she could find her commbadge. She tapped on it, it chirped and she said, "This is Crewman Daisy Knight, is anyone there? What has happened?" there as no answer, and she looked with concern towards Evie. "This isn't good, maybe there is something wrong with my comm badge."

Evie looked outside and could see little specs of what looked like dust floating by. She thought to herself it must be debris of some kind as given the vibrations of the ship 'space dust' wouldn't usually get this close. Outside their room they could hear small groans and moans of other crew, some shouting for help. "I don't think it is just your badge." Evie begrudgingly admitted.

"Well isn't that just peachy." Daisy muttered, "Okay looks like we're going to have to find out what is going on with the ship and the others." the latter part speaking slightly louder. "Okay change clothing and then go see if we can get out of here." the woman moving over to where she could change into something more practical. Jeans tee shirt, runners. It didn't take long for her to get changed. She paused to look mournfully at the smashed doughnut, "We will have to get more of those later." then she chuckled. "Okay let's see about opening our door."

Fortunately Evie was already in something appropriate. Luckily for her she had found her uniform jacket and put it back on but leaving the front undone, a bit of a casual look but she didn't think it would really matter right now. Looking down she still saw one whole doughnut and broke it in half, her taking one piece and passing it over to Daisy. "I suppose we'll need to keep our energy up, and the spirits do often provide for us when we are in need." she said referring to her own beliefs from the stories she was told in her youth.

"Ah thank you kindly." Daisy accepting the half of the doughnut. She walked over towards the door, it not opening so easily just on a scant two inches when it stuck. Daisy frowned slightly. "Looks like going to have to help out the door to open." taking a bite of her doughnut, chewing it up then finished it off before she wiped her hands on her pants and took hold of the door. Placing one foot on the frame and her hands on the door she pulled on it, the door opening a bit more.

"I know you need to be kept well fed Daisy... sometimes I think you think I'm your mammy." Evie joked even now as the situation seemed tense and dark. "You know there is a manual release at your feet?" Evie asked teasing her a little bit.

Daisy looked down and laughed, lowering her leg and then knelt down to pull the manual release, opening the door wider." Well strike me pink, I forgot it was there." she exclaimed. "This does make things just a bit easier." And the door was now open. "There you go, mummy." giving a wink to Evie.

"Shut up." Evie bantered back. "No more doughnuts for you." she added before popping her head out of the doorway. The hall was clear, but they could hear the muffled moans of crew and by the looks of the hallway it could have done with a little housekeeping. "Halls clear, but it sounds like there are zombies out there... and I've watched old tv..." she hinted a little fear of the unknown as the lights then cut out a bit and she let out a little yelp.

Daisy looked at Evie, "Hey no zombies on this ship, I don't like that idea," giving a shudder. "I do not like horror films at all, especially dealing with zombies. " she headed towards the nearest quarters, stepping over some debris and pounded on the door. "Hey are you okay in there?"

"Open the freaking door and let us out!" came the muffled yell.

"You know there is a release lever near the door." Daisy shouted back.

"Where, I can't see it."

Daisy rolled her eyes, and looked at Evie. "Looks like we get to open there door."

Evie rolled her eyes. "Why is it in a disaster that cripples technology people forget they can do things themselves?" She asked rhetorically. "Cal, see if that's you in there... that's not where you sleep!" She half yelled through the door.

She caught a confused look from Daisy.

"What?" Evie paused. "He's got a bet with Hotdog, one of the fighter pilots, to see who bed a whole deck first." She thought for a moment to leave him in there, but that wouldn't be fair to subject a woman to more of his company. He wasn't good in a crisis, hence the panicked shouting from behind an easy to open door.

Evie pulled the cover from the hatch and cranked the lever to open the door. Tiny eyes began to peer through and the sounds of him gasping for air like the big idiot he was. "There's nothing wrong with the air ya eedjit (idiot)." She said turning to Daisy to emphasise his stupidity and her exasperation.

Once the door was sufficiently open Cal gasping for air, stumbled out into the corridor and said " I need mouth to mouth please I am dying here."

Daisy snorted at that, "Really? If you are dying you'd not be pleading for mouth to mouth. Get over yourself dude." rolling her eyes towards Evie.

Cal grabbed Daisy's leg "Please I need it!" looking up at her desperately.

Daisy shook him off, "What the heck Cal, enough!"

"Can't fault a guy for trying." Cal finally said with a wink and a smile.

"You're lucky you don't get foot to arse, Cal." Evie commented eyeing the man up. She scoffed a little knowing he'd picked the wrong deck to try his bet out on. Although, she did think her neighbour had better standards.

For a moment he eyed Evie up and down, a sly smirk forming on his face as his mind drifted into what ever Godless world he lived in.

Daisy just shoved him back with her foot. "Knock it off Cal, she's not into you, but we're gonna need your muscles to go look for others who may be having trouble. And I am talking about your brain. I know you've got one so let's get moving." the woman stepping over him and heading down the corridor. To the next door where she could hear some pounding. Apparently though, the ones down there seemed to have round the release latch for their door and were coming out of their quarters.

It was Evie's turn to smirk. Daisy always protected her, like a big sister of sorts. Evie had always attracted those that wanted to look out for her. It wasn't a bad thing most of the time but she rarely ever had to do anything she didn't want to and always knew in situations like the one that just happened people had her back.

She waved some of the new group over then turned to Daisy, "Do you think we were attacked?" she asked. "We didn't even go to red alert..."

"I don't know if we were attacked but, it just wasn't anything good. I suggest we try going somewhere to find out what is going on. Could go to the bridge, could go to operations, could even go to Engineering. Or we can actually head to sickbay to where we can help out if there are injuries." Daisy offered up her different suggestions.

"I don't think I'd be much help in Sickbay, the sight of blood makes me feel sick." Evie said as a shiver ran up her spine at the very thought of it. "And I suppose they wouldn't want a random Ensign and me showing up at the bridge when everyone is in crisis mode... maybe we just do our thing on this deck and make sure everyone is alright?"

"I think that is a great idea, and I forgot you didn't like the sight of blood." Daisy replied.

The others were in agreement with Evie's idea. "Okay so assign us which way to go, Evie." one of them piped up.

Cal said, "I choose to go with Evie!" giving a grin. "you know we all split up into groups and go check out this deck then go to the next one?" waggling his eyebrows at Evie.

"No... I hate the stuff." Evie commented to Daisy. Blood was awful, it was life sure, but just its texture, its form. No thanks for Evie.

"Oh no I'm not assigning anyone." she laughed. "I don't have any authority for that, but if we each work our way around the deck and meet up at the other side having checked every room then I am sure we will be fine... and the more people we get with us, the quicker it will go." Evie beamed, as she was a little proud of herself. She was surprised the officers weren't taking more charge... she was only a Crewman after all.

"Cal, you can come with me but stop wiggling those at me." Evie said lightly slapping him on the shoulder. "They give me the creeps... "

"What you don't find them sexy with I wriggle them? I am here for one thing and I aim to get what I want. A night in your bed." he quipped.

Daisy just groaned at his blatant attempt. He acted like he won't accept the word no. She sighed and turned to the others. "Okay lets get going and see to the rest." She directed her next words to Evie, "I'll see you in about an hour or so okay?"

"Yeah, if I come back without Cal you can't ask questions." she joked with her friend. Cal had gone a little out of earshot. "He is relentless, and I LOVE how he thinks he is getting anywhere when he is sleeping with half the deck." she rolled her eyes.

"C'mon beautiful. People aren't going to save themselves, not now that I am out." he grinned.

Shaking her head Evie moved towards Cal and away from Daisy. Quietly she could be heard saying, "You know I got YOU out? When you were having that panic attack..." she words faded as they headed for the next door.

Crewman Evie Forde
Intelligence Specialist - Strategic Operations
USS Merlin

Crewman Daisy Knight
Science Personnel
USS Merlin


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