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Britannic to the rescue

Posted on Tuesday 19 April 2022 @ 20:24 by Captain Melody Jones & Captain Lukas Fredricks & Commander Seklar & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Nir’anyar

Mission: Disaster!
Location: USS Britannic main bridge
Timeline: MH00:00
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Captain Lukas Fredricks sat in his chair in the centre of the Rhode Island class, USS Britannic. He nursed a cup of tea, which he held with both hands with it resting on his lap. See his adoptive don't again after all those years has been priceless. He was grateful to his crew for allowing him the short layover with the Merlin so he could see him in person, even if it was only for a few hours.

"So, did anything happen while I was on board the Merlin?" Fredricks asked, looking at his first officer.

Williams, who was sitting in her chair going over a PADD of the new crew rotation shook her head. "Nothing out of the ordinary Captain. In Fact...." She was interrupted by a trembling of the deck which only lasted a few seconds but was very noticeable. At first, she thought she imagined it. "Did you feel that?" She asked the Captain, concerned.

Fredricks frowned before turning to his chief engineer, "Commander Akaar, any problems on your screen?"

"Plenty. The power grid needs realigning, replicators matter storage needs cleaning out... Do we still have that cadet on board?" the elegant southern Asian woman said, feverishly tapping her console. "Whatever it was it wasn't from inside the ship sir!"

Matthews looked up from the science station where she was stationed momentarily she had gone to go look at reading coming from there, a worried expression in her eyes. That didn't bode well.

Seeing the look on his science officer's face, Frederick's frowned. "What is it, Lieutenant Matthews?"

Lieutenant Commander Inimai Akaar, the ship's Chief Engineer turned her attention back to her board, running as many diagnostics and scans as her systems would allow but every indication still maintained it was nothing from within the ship.

Delon watched his commanding officer closely. He had known the man for at least half of his life and knew instinctively that when he voiced some kind of concern, it usually was justified.

"Sir, I detected what seemed to be a wave of energy, but before that, there seemed to be some sort of explosion nearby. I do not like this one bit!" Matthews exclaimed.

"Red alert!" Called the Captain as he grabbed the arms of his chair. "Mr Mercy, get those shields up! Any ideas where it came from?"

"Shields are up," the Romulan security chief confirmed, "sensors are trying to pinpoint the origin, but it's difficult. I suggest everyone hangs on tight, and we warn ship-wide for people to find somewhere safe just in case."

The XO was studying her console with a grim expression. "Captain! According to these readings, something has severely damaged subspace in this region. There are a lot of subspace distortions that have appeared. I doubt we'll be able to engage with warp drive until we can get clear of them."

"I will agree, no warp drive to be engaged, it's like a minefield we'd be flying into." and then Matthews gripped on tightly to keep from being thrown around like a rag doll. Holding her breath, April had fear in her eyes as the ship trembled at the impact of the wave. Then it stopped, gasping for air. "That was disconcerting."

"Damage is minimal Captain" Inimai called from the engineering console "But I'll be needed in engineering. Get me on the comm if you need me!"
The southern Asian woman said as she rose from her seat, indicating for a junior engineer to take her place not giving the option to anyone for her staying on the bridge.

Matthews looked towards the Chief Engineer, "Let me know if you need me there." She then looked at the Captain. "Now, what are you planning on doing sir?"

Fredricks listened to his officers. "Can you pinpoint where this explosion came from?"

The XO stood and approached the science station, looking over the monitor. "The explosion originated from the star system where the Merlin had reported that first contact situation." She turned back to the Captain. "They could need our help, Sir."

A wave of fear washed over the Captain. He'd only just got his adoption son back he didn't want to lose him again. "Helm, set course back to the Merlin, best possible speed. Number one, try and get a message through the interference to Merlin and see if they need any assistance."

"Captain, we're receiving an encoded transmission from the Merlin..." Williams reported. "It's from Admiral Jackson. There's been an incident. Something about a detonation... Oh!" Her face fell "An entire planet has been wiped out. No further details." The Merlin has been damaged but is leaving the system at impulse speed. They'll be heading to Deep Space 21 for repairs."

Williams made her way back to the command area and sat down next to the Captain and frowned. "Well, that was vaguely cryptic. What kind of detonation could wipe out a planet? The fact the admiral is not saying... I think he knows what's caused it and doesn't want to say."

Fredricks nodded, "Is he covering something up or just not wanting to broadcast what happened over subspace?" He said looking at Williams.

Williams frowned. "Hard to tell Captain. A detonation that powerful? If he did know, he certainly wouldn't want to broadcast it but also, if he didn't know... he also wouldn't want to broadcast his ignorance either."

5 Hours later

It was slow going navigating all these subspace distortions, even for the Britannic. Williams was getting impatient. She didn't like mysteries and he didn't like waiting. They had been picking their way around these subspace distortions for over 5 hours now. It was still going to take another 5 or so to reach the Merlin. Part of her was looking forward to seeing the Merlin. She had read about Excalibur class starships at the academy but had never been on one.

Delon had been monitoring things from his station when suddenly a transmission was incoming. It was very weak, his systems identified it anyway. "Captain, I'm picking up a distress signal," he announced, slender fingers already flying across his console to clear up the message insofar possible.

Williams immediately snapped to attention "On Speakers!"

After a loud burst of static, a female voice was audible.

"To anyone within the sound of my voice, this is Captain Melody Jones of the USS Merlin. This is a priority 1 distress call. We have been heavily damaged by an unknown event and require any and all assistance."

Willims turned to Fredericks "Now what?"

"We assist as best we can. Get engineering teams on standby and sickbay ready to receive any casualties." The Captain said looking at his first officer.

The XO opened a shipwide channel. "All hands this is the bridge. Code One Alpha Zero, ship in distress. Sickbay standby for casualties. Prepare search and rescue parties."

"Lieutenant Mercy, any other ships responding to the distress call?" Lukas asked, turning his head to look at his tactical officer.

"Yes sir." the Romulan responded smartly. "Sensors indicate the Iwo Jima is already en-route to the scene." He looked up at the man his father had served quite a number of years with, before he had opted to retire. "Insofar I can tell, they should be there within a few hours."

Fredricks nodded, "At least we'll have some support." He thought out loud. "Any indication of what has happened and why we can't use our warp drive?"

Stacy called out "Helm, What's our ETA at full impulse?"

The young ensign replied "Sir navigating these distortions is extremely difficult at full impulse. Another 2 hours, at best Sir!"

Lukas couldn't help but let out a frustrated sign. "Very well, Ensign. Get us there as best as you can."

April was monitoring the readings her face grim with resolve. She had been feeding the readings to tactical in order for them to get through the eddies and flow of subspace interference. It was slow going and nerve-wracking. Anything could happen something did happen.


Captain Lukas Fredricks
Commanding Officer
USS Britannic

Commander Stacy Williams
USS Britannic

Ensign April Matthews
USS Britannic

Lieutenant j.g. Delon Mercy
Tactical Officer
USS Britannic

Lieutenant Commander Inimai Akaar
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Britannic


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