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A debriefing with Melody

Posted on Monday 2 May 2022 @ 21:22 by Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Hamish Teague

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Chief Engineer’s office
Timeline: MH 0830
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Melody had rested for an hour or two. Draxx was looking after the boys for the moment so she had called Hamish in to discuss his recent mission with Sansa after her cryptic comment earlier.

“Ah yes Lieutenant, come in and have a seat. So, shall we talk about the mission to get the Humpback whales settled into their new colony? How do you feel the mission went? Any complications?”

Hamish had come inside at the call from Melody. He took a seat and regarded Melody for a moment or two before he responded, "It went.... well. The whales are very happy in their new home, one thing that Sansa can resoundingly agree. It was magnificent and so beautiful." he paused not quite knowing what else to tell the captain. "Sansa and I are getting along quite nicely, I am no longer such a... awkward mess and am no longer jealous about her accomplishments. Plus... on our way back we got ourselves a surprise visitor, an unwanted visitor. Sansa called her MU Fox. Such a wicked woman. Sansa was able to bring her into captivity with some clever quick thinking. You have quite the daughter there, Captain. She is so wonderful." a dreamy expression was in Hamish's eyes.

Melody managed to remain remarkably calm. "Sansa captured her you say?" Melody let out an impressed whistle. "Her name is Amelia Fox. She is the mirror universe counterpart of my friend, the XO of the Andromeda. Among her accolades are murder, extortion, kidnapping, poisoning a planet, arms dealing, impersonating a Federation officer, attempting to commandeer two federation starships and selling a planet killer to a rogue group of So'Na. Has she given birth yet?"

"Sansa basically drugged the orange juice whilst Fox was occupied with eyeing me." Hamish gave a shrug. "No she hadn't given birth yet, she was in stasis when we came here. So her birth should be taking place when she is brought out of stasis or she is delivered whilst she is unconscious." Hamish stated. "I was not happy that she had decided to arrive when she did, but Captain, Sansa was amazing. Also, any further talk about our mission, I think Sansa needs to be here."

Melody nodded and called out into the main engine room "Sansa! can you join us in here?"

A moment later, Sansa walked in looking rather subdued but cheered slightly when she saw Hamish. "We just lost Engisn Ricky. He was killed while repairing the ODN line to the antimatter containment system."

She let that statement hang for a moment as if in silent acknowledgement of his sacrifice before she came to stand next to Hamish, slipping her hand into his as it hung by his side. "You wanted to know how the mission went?" She asked, smiling once again, seeming to draw strength from Hamish.

Hamish gave her hand an answering squeeze, it seemed that he and Sansa were becoming even more connected in a deeper way. He also paused to lower his head in a moment of silence, offering a silent prayer of thanks to that brave man.

Melody also acknowledged Ensign Ricky's sacrifice and also the bond that had formed between Sansa and Hamish. Answering Sansa's question "Yes please, it sounds like you had quite an adventure."

Sansa then went to explain to Melody their travels on the Sant Maria had gone, how they had discovered Esme in the necklace that Hamish had given her, and how they had taken her back home. She omitted the part where Esme had joined with Sansa permanently to save her, for now at least. She went on to how the whales had been successfully introduced into their new environment and how one of the females has given birth. Then she concluded how on the way back mirror Fox had dropped in unexpectedly and how they had managed to subdue her and place her in stasis.

Sansa spoke with her usual flair and wit but there was something else. She seemed more relaxed with herself, more at ease. Something Melody also picked up on.

Hamish listened to Sansa, noting even more of the changes within her, he also was noticing that Sansa sounded a little bit like Esme, or rather almost a harmonious duet. "Sansa has proved herself more and more with the innate skills she has where the Whales are concerned and even in a diplomatic detail as well."

Melody took all this in. Well, sounds like your mission was a success. Hopefully, once we get the ship back in one piece we can all sit down together. Thank you, Sweetie, would you mind giving me and the Lieutenant here a moment?"

Sansa nodded "Of course Mom." She came over and kissed Melody on the forehead before turning back and giving Hamish a kiss on his cheek before heading back into engineering.

Hamish gently caressed her cheek and gave her hand a squeeze before she left the engineering office. He turned back to Melody with a smile.

"You two certainly seem to have grown very close during this trip?" Melody observed, remembering the friction there had been when he first came aboard. "While she will always be my little girl, Sansa is now a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions. She seems a lot more at ease with herself, more relaxed. It looks like you've had a very positive influence on her and as long as she is happy, I wish you both every happiness."

"She and I have settled our differences, and she's been a positive influence on me as well. It may seem to be a sudden change of heart but... I just can't see myself not having her in my life. I don't think I could bear losing her, she's... she's one magical person." Hamish smiled bashfully.

Melody smiled. "Yes... she certainly is. I suppose it's her father now you just have to win over," she added dryly. "Thank you for your report Lieutenant and well done on your mission. Once we've got the ship sorted out we'll sort out what to do with Mirror Fox. Dismissed."

Hamish rose to his feet and gave a salute a bow. Then chuckled "Thank you Captain Jones." then turned to leave the engineering office.

Sansa was standing by the door to the office when he came out and immediately wrapped her arms around him and drew him close. "So, how did it go?" She asked.

"It went well enough, she's not going to kill me. Also... I didn't tell her about your change. That will have to be you to tell her, in a more private place, and after we get the ship to safety." Hamish responded. "Well, now we need to go see what else we can do around here." giving her a kiss on the forehead.

Sansa nodded and picked up a medical kit. "I've had some basic first aid training so I might as well make myself useful. Stay safe my love."

"Indeed I will and actually Sansa wait for me, we can pool our skills together!" Hamish gave a laugh, "And we can check on Mathias first."


Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine biologist
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Hamish Teague
Chief Science Officer
USS Merlin


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