Mission Briefing
Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
Academy Days


  • Starbase 501

  • Speed:
  • Docked

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Mobile Site Skin

    Posted on Thursday 21 July 2016 @ 10:08 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

    Hey Guys,

    I did some looking around and I found a skin for use with our site that has been made to work on mobile platforms (ie your phone). I'm not going to change the main site, however, this skin is in the system.

    Once you log in, scroll down to site options.

    When you click it you'll see 3 boxes, change them all to Continuum and click save.

    After that you're set, when you log in from you're mobile device it'll fit a lot better. If you want to change it back just follow the steps above and select Dark Frontier :).

    Currently I'm not able to have it automatically choose which one depending on your device due to how Nova (the system the sites on) works. But, if you're on your mobile device a lot this should at least help :)



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    Category: Website Update