Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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CAG-XO: Personal Counseling Session 1

Posted on Thursday 6 April 2017 @ 22:23 by Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
Location: Starbase Medical Outpatient Housing deck 52-185
Timeline: MD 28: 0800 Hours


===== Starbase Deck 52 - Private Room 185 =====

Sav was sitting in a rocking recliner, knees up to her chest, as she gently rocked back and forth. Her head hurt, her insides still hurt, her skin still crawled with Ants everywhere, and she just had an army of nurses with a doc finish their evals and making sure she had something to eat.

Earlier, when she woke up screaming at 0530 hours, there had been a nurse right there to help calm her down and get her freshened up. She did not remember the nurse being there. Last memories were of Melody's face tucking her in and telling her to rest. Yesterday had been a hard day for Caleb, Melody, and Counselor Dasoda Azai. Doc Azai was a special trauma counselor, trained in psychic imprints and having a powerful mind as she was half Vulcan and half Betazed. She broke the imprints as Sav relived from when she was captured to when she was released back to college.

As Sav had to relive through that entire experience, fresh nightmares of what happened abounded, and one of those is what she woke up from. Fortunately, the stresses upon her only resulted in a little bleeding from her surgeries, and hence why the Doc was called in to make sure everything was going okay. That army of well wishers had only left after making sure Sav had used the facilities, showered, exercised gently, ate something, and was now relaxing in her chair with tunes playing about. What Sav didn't know was she was in a suite and the anteroom had two nurses on standby for anything needed.

Melody had come straight over to Sav as soon as she got off duty. She had stopped by her quarters to pick up a thermos containing some of that special stew Sav liked so much. She passed through the ante-room and paused as she came through the main room door. "Hew Sweetie, how ya feeling?"

Sav was looking at her teacup and trying to think if she wanted to drink of it or not when a shadow fell near her. She looked up, and was pleasantly surprised to find Melody standing there. Her face brightened as she exclaimed out, "Melody, Hey Girrl. T'anks fer Droppin' in."

Melody came over and gave her friend hug. "It's no trouble. I whipped you up a fresh batch of that Schtarksian stew, I know you like it."

Sav churred in remembering sharing of the stew with Melody in Melody's quarters on the Merlin, in the just recent past, yet, it seemed so long ago. She whispered out a "T'anks. Justa not hungry rahght now."

Melody placed it on the table next to her and spotted the half empty cup and asked, "Not a problem Sweetie. Would you like the rest of this?"

Sav nodded and accepted Melody bringing the cup to her muzzle so she could sip. She still had her arms wrapped around her legs as she just did not feel like moving from that position, yet. Then she realized she was really thirsty after the first couple of swallows and brought her hands to the cup to finish it off. She let Melody take the cup from her as she asked, "T'at wasa good. Ahnot'er pahlease?"

"Sure thing Sweetie." Melody popped over to the replicator and came back with a full cup and gave it to Save'ena. "Still with the swamp dialect I see?" Melody joked and put on a posh accent "You'll have to remember how to speak properly when you return to duty young lady."

Sav churred in light humor. They both knew that Sav's speech patterns would be funny for a while as her brain healed from the intrusion by the endoscope to remove the Transporter beacon that had been in her long term memories.

Sav froze in remembering that insidious device. If anyone had ever locked onto it and transported a tiny bit of blood there.. poof to her long term memories. If a larger amount of blood, poof Sav. What saved her was her tails natural ability to block scans of her, preventing equipment from picking up the transponder.

Melody noticed that Sav had got a far away look on her face, seemingly lost in the past. She gently placed her hand on hers. "Hey, you still with me Sweetie?"

She blinked as she realized she was lost in her memories again and she focused on Melody. She reached out both hands to grab Melody's into hers, staring intently. She came out of herself and now sighed, saying, "Sorry.. sorry.. wasa t'inkin' about trahnsponder in me heahd." She shook her head a little to clear it, but did not let go of Melody's hands. She churr smiled and now asked, "Wat brings yah tah mah ahbode, Girrlfrriend?"

Melody smiled at her "Why, to see you of course. I came to see that you were recovering ok and if there was anything I can do for you. Also Counselor Azai wanted me to come. But I would have come anyway just to see you."

Melody sat down in the seat next to Sav.

Sav's muzzle and eyes showed pleasant surprise. "Reahly? Counselor Azai wanted yah tah talk witha me? Is this asa friend or asa XO?"

"As a friend I believe."

Sav sighed in pleasure as she relaxed. Then she shuddered and began quickly rubbing her legs and then arms, saying, "Darn Ants... aurgh..." She stretched out her legs in a light bend as she began rubbing over her arms and belly. "Mel.. wouldya rub me legs? Pahlease, justa this once? Ah need help with me ants..." Sav was now very glad it was Melody there. Even though she was in a pajama gown and panties, she still felt self conscious about her body and how she looked from all of those surgeries performed on her.

"Sure Sweetie" Melody lent over and started rubbing Sav's legs.

The light trembling went away as the onslaught was taken care of, for now. Sav churred in gentle humor and said, "Tanks fer t'at. Mm'kay, whatya wanta talk about? Umm, Ah guess, now t'at Ah can tahlk, ya can ask anyt'ing burnin ona yer mind, heh."

As she rubbed her legs, Melody hesitated. "Counselor Azai recommended that I should get anything out in the open that was hanging over my head and I feel I need to tell you this. Please...... don't think less of me." A slight tremble crept into her voice.

Sav's head tilted as she looked at Melody. She was confused at Melody's words and emotion. She had been expecting a flood of questions about what, how, why, but this wasn't that. She churred gently and replied, "Melody, yah hava been witha me, supportin' me, t'rough t'ick ana t'in... whena yah should've ran fer t'e hills. Ah will nehver, nehver, t'ink less of yah. Pahlease, go on."

As she spoke tears stared to appear in her eyes "Do you remember that incident in your quarters with Wolf. He was asking you questions and this........ different personality emerged. I......I........." Shed faltered, unable to get the words out.

Sav sighed, then realized this would be as good a place as any to start with. However, what she did remember would just cause more questions. At least, this time, there was no psychic imprints stopping her. She told Melody, "Yes ana no, Melody. Ah remember Wolf pressin me, ana t'en everyt'in went black, ana t'en Ah had a nightmahre ahbout bein bahck in dungeon ana had tah fight tah free meself. Next ting Ah knew ah wasa stahndin ina front ofa Wolf ana you were not t'ere." She watched Melody, hoping that helped alleviate Melody's concerns, but it didn't.

Suddenly, Melody burst out into full blown tears "I Slapped you! Twice! That's why Wolf beamed me out of your quarters. That's why I was under house arrest for that time. Wolf said I couldn't tell you the truth in case it caused a relapse. It's been killing me having to lie to you all this time...... Oh Sweetie " she choked out between sobs "I thought I lost you. I couldn't loose you..... I just couldn't. Please..... Don't hate me." She finally buried her face in her hands.

Sav blinked in surprise at this admonition. She did not remember the slaps. Not by Melody. But, in her dream, in her dream, she remembered being struck, and having to fight to overcome the slave mentality that was trying to overtake her. She moved out of her recliner and moved over to Melody, ignoring the flareups of pains inside of her. She took Melody into her arms and stood there, rocking gently back and forth. She now said, "Ah don't hate yah, Ah don't hate yah. Nehver, ehver t'ink t'at way, pahlease. Yah probably sahved mah tush, fer sure."

Melody felt better as Sav's arms enveloped her. She managed to stop herself crying and slipped her arms around Sav. "Saved you? How?"

Sav gently kissed the top of Melody's head and said, "In dungeon, Ah was faced by anot'er version ofa me, but cahlled 'Uniqueria'. Sheun wasa trying tah absorb me, become me, ana as Ah fought, her handler stepped in ana slapped me, causin me tah fight harder. Whena slapped agin, Ah surged t'rough Uniqueria ana went after handler... ana t'en, ana t'en, Ah was ata academy graduation, ana t'en ah wasa seein Wolf ina front of meun agin. Ah have no rehcollection ofa yah slappin me, but ah do know ifin it wasn't fer t'e handler slappin me ina me nightmahre, Ah might nota ehver broke free, ayuh."

Melody managed a chuckle "Well, I'm glad it helped Sweetie." Melody felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She continued to hold on to Sav when she heard the door open and Counselor Azai walked in.

Dasoda Azai had already checked in with the nurses in the Ante-room to catch the scoop on what had happened with Sav through the morning. That reaction, the nightmares, was more in line with what was expected as Sav's psyche dealt with what had happened with her. She was glad to hear that Sav's friend, Melody, had stopped by. But what was unexpected was walking in to find Sav, on her feet, comforting a sitting Melody. She about charged into the room to get Sav back to sitting when she remembered the note from a Dr. Galeraz Zephyr about Mephetian Racial Profiles and their need and desire to help others when issues arose. So, she slowed down to move over to where the two were. She almost chuckled as she saw the ear and tail movements and knew the Lieutenant already knew she was in the room.

Sav heard the door open and footfalls approaching. Now that the toxins were leaving her body, her senses were reawakening and right now were sharper than normal as her body worked on protecting itself. She churred out, "Greahtin's Counselorr Ahzai. Sorry fer bein up, buttah Melody needed a lovin' frriend fer a bit."

Melody added, "Come on Sweetie, I'm ok now. Lets get you sat back down."

Dasoda moved over to help shift Sav away from Melody and sit her back down into her easy chair. She shook her head, "I know you need to get up and move around, but the key words are, move around. Just standing there puts undue stress on your surgeries, so don't do it. And why you have the easy chair. When sitting, lean back so your body can have less stress on it." She turned to Melody, "So, next time you're needing her to console you, make sure to lay back on a bed or couch with pillows behind. Got it?"

Melody nodded and let out a "Mmmmmmm." She was thinking her.................and Save' bed.................

Dasoda sighed and turned to Sav. She opened her mouth, then shook her head. "Bathroom, now, Girl. I can feel your body complaining even while your focus is on Melody to help her. Go."

Sav got up and took small steps and went into the back bedroom and on to the fresher there.

Dasoda watched her walking, then sighed as she nodded, saying to nobody in particular, "Straight line, no swaying, no stumbling, good." She turned back to Melody and said, "So, how is it going on getting Sav to open up about her past?"

Her question snapped Melody out of her daydream. "Sorry......Yes. She seems able to talk about what happened to her now without braking down in physical pain, which is good, yes? I haven't really asked her much yet but normally when she used to talk about the past her entire tone would change. I can ask more questions if you like?"

Dasoda mused with a hand at her chin and replied to Melody, "On your first question, maybe, maybe not. I would expect her to feel some phantom pains as she just relived everything yesterday. She might be hiding it from you as she was consoling you." She sighed, then continued, "Melody, something you need to know. Mephetians have a need within them to help others when issues arise. Moving from one person to the next in need of help probably helped Save'ena keep going with everything that happened to her. So, in helping you, she was probably ignoring any pains or issues with herself, just like she was ignoring her need to relieve herself."

This statement hit Melody like a splash of cold water. She was rather shocked and felt bad, thinking she was impeding Sav's recovery or worse, causing her pain. "I........ I Didn't realize that, I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?"

Dasoda gently laughed, "Not really, except to try to not bring up anything about you and to focus on Sav and her issues. It's hard to do, I know, but can be done."

Dasoda continued, "Then, about her tone and questions, Melody, her tone changes were due to the imprints taking over to force her to say what they wanted. She is now free of them and so free to talk about what happened. So, yes, please, ask more questions. She has been forced to hide everything for six, long years. We need her to open up and get talking so her mind and body can heal."

This made Melody feel slightly better, knowing she could do something to help, not hinder Save'ena. "I want to help Sav anyway I can. I got a feeling that something was causing her to lie, I also got the feeling that she was fighting it."

Dasoda raised an eyebrow, then realized what was happening. "Oh, you didn't know. Those lights that were focused on the emotional Sav in the middle of that nasty dungeon room? Those represented the psychic imprints. I was in the background, helping Sav to break them down and then to get rid of them. There were five lights, and thus, five imprints. They are gone now. And, you're right. She was constantly battling them, and as she is telepathic herself, even though hers is stunted for some reason, she was able to retain her memories. Now, we need to support her."

Melody nodded thoughtfully "I understand."

The fresher door opened and Sav came back out to the table near the kitchenette. She sat down to her tea and said, "Everything went fine. No fresh blood or pains from going, so Ah ama healin' justa fine rahght now." Sav took a sip of tea, then focused on Melody. "Are yah feelin' any betteh, Melody? Do yah need tah talk to Counselor Azai while she is here?"

Melody smiled at her "I'm fine now Sweetie, just fine. How are you feeling?"

Sav snorted out in humor as she replied, "Physical report not good enough for you, hmm? Tah answeh yah, though, Ah am feeling good t'at yah are feelin lahke yah chipper self, once more." Sav looked over Melody and took a couple of sniffs just to make sure Melody was okay and not lying. She now remarked, "My sense of smell is coming back, as well asa me touch ana sight. Tis good, tis good."

Melody sat back down and put a supportive hand on Sav's arm. "Do you want to talk about anything Sweetie?"

Dasoda managed to not move or groan out in exasperation. Instead of asking about Sav's past, she put out an open ended question that would let Sav immediately deflect and go back to helping and being there for Melody. And, from what she came in on, Sav would be remaining focused on Melody's needs for the rest of the morning. So, Dasoda just shifted to show she was listening and waiting for what Sav said.

Sav churred gently out, "Sure. How about a gettin' each ofa us a cup of t'e stew? Me light meal ata six isa gone." Sav focused her eyes on Melody and drew in another breath, then asked, "Sure yah be okay, Melody? Counselah Azai be havin a good ear ta listen wit'."

"I'm fine Sweetie" she replied as she opened the thermos containing the stew. "You know you can talk to us about anything, ok?"

Dasoda stood up and said, "I'll be taking my leave right now." She smiled to Sav, "I'll be back by after lunch to check up on you and ask some questions." She looked at Melody, "You're more than welcome to come back at thirteen hundred hours if your schedule allows." With that said, she turned and left to let Sav and Melody enjoy the stew.

Melody brighten "I'm sure I can be available."


Lieutenant Save'ena A. Tillatix
CAG / Uroboros Squadron Leader
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Dasoda Azai
Traumatic Injury Counselor


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