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The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Research Station

  • Speed:
  • Full Impulse

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

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    Pt 3 of 3: Quandary - Crew Seeking Exploding Consoles

    Posted on Thursday 18 October 2018 @ 02:49 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant JG Marbim Rejal

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: USS Merlin - Deck 30, Engineering Support Labs
    Timeline: After Briefing on New Borg


    The computer now announced, ""Commencing simulation"". The surge hit into the causeway and flowed onto the next junction. The first buffer, now rated at spec, handled most of the surge but some got past. The next panel handed more and none made it to the third while the console continued to work.

    Sav grinned, "That worked for 30%. Now, how about a 50% surge?"

    "30 percent, ugh. Ok, lets see at what point these current modifications go awry.. Computer run the simulations with increasing power but run them slowly so that we can see where improvements need to be made before the blow-outs/ups occur, maybe something new will come up that we haven't seen or experienced before..." Miles will reach out and hold Sav's hand as the computer resets and begins running the program, "This is kind of like watching a movie in slow motion, especially since we don't know what the ending is," Miles will steal a glance at her mouth and teeth, "So how hard or easy is it to kiss you. I tried kissing a Klingon once, she almost bit my tongue in half before she tried ripping my arm out of the socket. That's how I met her cousin, my best friend from the academy," he chuckles sadly and quietly.

    Sav nodded at Miles' instructions. This was the way to do it, ramping up to see where the failure was and make sure that 97% was there for best possible. She jumps when Miles suddenly takes hold of her hand without warning. She settles down, though, as he continues to hold it and not minding her sudden flinch at his action. She nods at the movie comment, then slyly glances at him about the kiss, and then gets a 'Really?' look about the encounter with the female Klingon. She shakes her head, then says, "At least you got a best friend out of it without losing your tongue and arm."

    In the background, the computer says, ""Working. Starting at 35% power, working in 5% increments until 90% reached, then 2% until told otherwise. 35% surge now starting.""

    Sav opens her mouth to let Miles get a good look at her unusual teeth setup. The front teeth, instead of being two tearing teeth, were six needle like teeth in the lower jaw, and seven in the upper jaw. Next were the canines, larger and showing predator, and finally tearing teeth going back to crushing teeth, like most of the omnivorous sentients around. She runs her tongue around her teeth, then lets the longer tongue flick up over her nose before returning to her mouth.

    Sav now shyly says, "You noticed my unusual teeth, huh. Umm, well, they only come into play with a husband during, umm, practicing to create a kid, shall we say. I can explain it to you later, if we start getting more serious. Just, for now, well, a kiss is a kiss like most every other humanoid sentient... pressing of lips, closed eyes, breathing each others scent, feeling out our reactions.... then maybe a slip of tongue along lips, and when further dating, darting of tongues and trysting for tastes and scents of each other." She now frowns slightly, then asks, "Umm, that is... I guess, for humans, L'Tandrey, Mephetians, Caitians, and like... so, is it similar for Cardassians? Is there something special I would need to know about by your racial standards?"

    In front of the two, the computer concluded the 35% test. It was almost identical to the 30%. The computer stated, ""Commencing run at 40%."

    "Kissing, hmmm, Cardassians really don't kiss all that much. Most of our marriages are politically or monetarily based, with little show of emotions by either party. Thus why my first real 'dating' experiences didn't happen until I went to the Academy."

    Sav blushed as she mouthed out a "Wow". She shifted over to be more against him, letting him feel her body heat up against him. She churred gently as she said, "Well, I'm not in your typical dating experiences either. I mean, in college, I had your typical first dates and 'steady' dating before moving on, but it's expected in L'Tandrey culture to get dates for socializing in without going to intimate situations. On kissing... umm, Mephetians have up to five wives, typical three, while L'Tandrey have typical seven wives, maybe more if other races are involved. When your culture has multiple wives, umm, it is expected that kissing takes on a different type of meaning. I can brush lips to show hello or goodby to a female friend, can kiss more deeply for a good friend, sister, or mom, and if fiance or wife... umm, the kissing can get intense. Kissing for dating starts at brushing of lips, then more pressing, tonguing, and exploration, even to hot and heavy in later stages if fiance status is sought. Umm, any questions on kissing? And..." She blushes heavily, "Ifin yah want tah try with me, umm, weun could try a nice press kiss, just tah try as Ah have whiskers ana silky furr around mouth ana along muzzle... Ah have been told its different from furless races, ayuh."

    The simulation completed and the computer announced, ""Similar results. Starting simulation at 45%.""

    The computers' voice startles Miles as he realizes all he has been doing is staring at Sav's face, and features for the last few simulations. He smiles, guiltily, like a child caught taking candy. "Yes I would enjoy that very much, however, perhaps not here while 'mother' (nods at the computer console in the room) is in the room...Ok computer, lets make the panel a few centimeters thicker and add a tritanium reinforcement band around the outside to strengthen the console from breaking at higher pressures." He s still hasn't let go of her hand, and is now running his thumb over her knuckles and whatever other parts of her hand as he can reach.

    While Miles is feeling about, he can find extra tendons and what feels like hardened 'tubes?' between each of the bones in her hand. Inside those hardened 'tubes' it feels like there are curved bones inside, or maybe, curved claws hiding out within the hand.

    Sav had not really noticed Miles had been totally focused on her. She had been paying attention to the simulations and Miles, and had just thought he was looking at her when she looked over at him. She snorted out a laugh again at the mention of 'mother'. She opened her mouth to speak but the computer beat her to it.

    ""Several Centimeters would be outside of space and structure requirements. A couple of millimeters would be within parameters and allow for structural support of adding tritanium band. This would require a complete teardown and removal of the old console, replacing it with the thicker casing, and then rebuilding the console by module. Do you wish to continue?""

    Sav giggled and then answered, "Not needed, Computer. Create a clamshell of tritanium with molecular seams to go over the console riser, add it, ana t'en go tah 90% surge ana verify all changes hold. Ifin within parameters, go to typical max damage surge ofa 230%, pahlease." She smiled to Miles and said, "Ah saw that comin', asa Ah ama in Damahge Controhl. Pahlease be fahne, Ah don't expehct yah tah know little detaihls lika t'at." She moved closer to his neck, her mouth opening slightly, before managing to back away without acting on her impulse. She mumbled, "Sorry, Mephetian habit."

    If she's that close she's likely to catch the fact that he used a real shower, with some form of citrusy soap and is wearing a bergamot and something spicy as a body spray, that or he naturally smells that to getting that close he blushes, "No worries mi'lady your secret is safe with me."

    Sav churred gently at him calling her 'mi'lady'. As her senses had been coming fully back after being suppressed by the toluene poisoning for over six years, she had already caught his scents when they were in the briefing. She wasn't sure about the citrusy soap as that seemed more the realm of ladies soap versus mens soap, but the other smells were definitely to her liking. She, herself, did not have on deodorant as her natural smells were of a light background vanilla and cinnamon. Melody could not get enough of Sav's scent, and David had found it pleasant. Sav only hoped Miles did also.

    He does let go of her hand at that point and walks over to her console. "Computer when you run the next simulation, would you please make the entire console out of tritanium rather than the tripolymers we use now, as well, reinforce the buffers in the floor and at the trunk of the console if we are going up over one to two hundred percent normal levels." Looking back at Sav he says, "In watching these and seeing the damage on the bridge, I think part of the issue stems from the housing as well as the console and what's inside it. Alright mother, I mean computer, you may commence your simulations after implementing those changes."

    Sav nodded as he spoke to her, then she added, "Yeah, t'e main powah within t'e console would blow it out, ayuh. Now ina floor, witha reihnforced buhffehs, ita should be good. Weun might get away witha just t'at reinforcement without havin' tah replace entire riser housin... good call though, good call."

    The computer now states, "Changes completed. Running first simulation at 90% for baseline, then ramping to 230%. Commencing now.""

    He walks back over to Sav, picking up her right hand in both of his and while looking down at it asks, "so what were you going to do right then, before mom startled me?"

    Even though she was getting used to him now, his movements and picking up of her hand caused a slight flinch along her right side that jounced her tail, causing its long fur to cascade pleasantly. That expressive tail, along with her having a short muzzle, fur, whiskers, and expressive ears was a big reason behind her being targeted on Apollonia. She was exotic and unique. Then, her blush, which had been going away, got deep and easily showing again on her face. She snorts out in nervous humor, then says, "Umm... Ummm... L'Tandry Vixens ana Mephetian fems... ummm... like nippin' at t'e neck of males t'ey ara interested in, ayuh. Ahhh, was feelin' t'e urge tah nip ata yer neck ridges... tah drag mah teeth across ana use mah lips tah caress ovah t'at. But.. not sure how you woulda reacted.. so managed tah still mah urge, ayuh."

    He nods, "I've never had anyone express an interest in the sides of my neck, that sounds pleasant, exciting and exhilarating all at the same time." He pulls Sav close to him and in a very breathy voice says, "Why don't we be good little officers and sit in our chairs so we can see what kinds of damage we would take, and what would happen to the consoles and areas around us after these changes. Once we have this pegged down, I think we need to find something to eat as I'm begging to get a little 'weak in the knees' and would hate to swoon should you attempt to kiss me or anything..." He does have a playful smile on his face while speaking...

    Inwardly, Sav suppresses a scream as she tamps down her fears when Miles suddenly pulled her close to him. The outward effect of her sudden fright was her tail got fuller to protect her, its dampening energies covering up her life aura to sensors, its fur misting slightly to cover her scent, even as it got ready to dodge between her and her 'attacker'. As she knew in her unconscious that this was a friend and she truly wasn't in danger, it was because of memories, her formidable climbing claws remained sheathed. The full effect, though, to most males in seeing the fullness of her fur, her ears turned sidewise out, the whiskers fully back and quivering, was an exotic beauty before them.

    Sav swallowed to regain her composure, all the while remaining close to Miles to let her fears fade away with Miles not taking any further action. She sighed, then said to Miles, "Ah.. Ah am glad tah hear Ah ama first... Just... Just.. whena... whena Ah am more ready... ana weun have more dates... Ah would lahke tah try." She shivered gently in his hold as she realized she was not quite ready to be held like this, not yet, by a male. She gently turned her head to give his uniform a gentle kiss and said, "Ye.. yes.. let's sit in our chairs and see what happens next. After that, food, I think we both need some. I like stews with plenty of veggies and meat... what do you like?"

    "I didn't mean to uhm, whatever, I just did. Wow, your tail and ears, um, ya, sitting would be good." As he ushers Sav to her chair he sits in the one opposite her. "Well being Cardassian I enjoy Sem'hal stew with yamok sauce. My grandmother made hers with some vegetables that I'm sure were illegally imported from Earth. Thanks to my friend at the academy, I also enjoy several Klingon dishes including Targ Heart and Bregit Lung. I'm really not that fond of Gagh. I'd be willing to try what you're having as I enjoy many different fruits, vegetables, and meats. Now, what's your secret dessert, I understand everyone has one that they'd kill for. I found mine in a dive bar in London. It was something they lit on fire, to warm up I believe, but ate after the flames died out. It was very tasty. I think they called it pudding, but I haven't been able to get the replicator to make it correctly yet, so I must have heard them wrong."

    Sav listened to Miles intently, her body calming down now that they were separated by sitting in the chairs. She knew he meant no harm, but her body still reacted to the last six years and the dungeon instead of the dating before that nightmare part of her life. She blushed lightly while saying, "Umm, dessert, uhh, Mephetians don't really go for sweets that much. Umm, but.. Flan with a caramel sauce... oh, wait, an old-fashioned Irish Bread Pudding... awesome. On stew, my favorite is Schtarksian Stew. Its a stew made with horned rabbits, musk deer, and diggers for meats with various tuber roots, root veggies, and poke weeds for veggies, a stew base of oat and rye flours with dandelion and avocado oils, all served in a nice sourdough bread bowl. I have a recipe created by Melody for me for the replicator if you wanted to try that for lunch."

    "That sounds great. Both the stew and flan and pudding did you say. Most Cardassians do not share my enjoyment for sweets, I think I got that from my mother. Speaking of which, anytime you want to run these simulations computer would be great, I and the Commander are hungry."

    The computer replied, "The simulation for 90% surge in main power plasma stream is complete. First buffer destroyed, second buffer minor damage, some shrapnel within console, console 85% functioning, no damage to crew. Resetting consoles to baseline, running 230% surge.""

    Sav giggle churred as she stated, "Well, Sir Knight, Ah liked that damage... asa in, none. Now, a worst cahse scehnario, surge before plasma coupler blows, hence why Ah chohse it."

    Miles smiles at Sav, "No damage to crew is a win in my book. The other details can be hammered out later!" As he was going to speak....

    Sav's stomach growled out, but before she could say anything, there was a rumble at their feet, a loud noise from within the console, and then a cascade of noises with pings sounding out. The top layer of controls shattered and sprayed the two with glass and polymers. However, the console itself had no holes. Sav now peaked out around her tail, which had somehow appeared in front to catch the spray of glass and polymers. Her tail shook and the remnants of the console top fell out to the floor.

    The computer now said, ""Simulation Complete. First two buffers destroyed, power coupling destroyed, secondary buffer damaged. Shrapnel from second primary buffer created majority of damage inside console. First primary buffer created shock wave that thumped the top of the console to cause its damage. Console damage at 72%. Simulation complete.""

    Sav looked at miles and blushed, saying, "Mah tail isa protector fer predators on homeworld, ana as Ah was no sittin' on it, it could react to block incomin'. How did yah fare, Sirrah Knight?"

    With a worried frown on his face MIles clears off the 'shrapnel' and other debris from his console. He releases a long string of cursewords in Klingon, then sighs and stares up at the ceiling, "I had such high hopes. Ok. Computer record all the data, and make blueprints for what survives at 90%, and for what little survived at 230%. I will work on figuring out how to tackle that monster another day."

    Sav now stated, "Computah, created vent downcast pahnels along upper area near top opposite side ova crew. Take into ahccount pressure ova blast, ana would t'at have prevented console control surface from shatterin'?"

    The computer was silent for a few seconds, then answered, ""The vent panels would lessen damage to control surfaces and prevent complete shattering as in the just completed simulation.""

    Sav clapped as she said, "Yay!!" She turned to Miles, "Shall we wrap up these changes to propose to the Captain, XO, and Engineering, and then go get some of that Schtarksian Stew and Irish Bread Pudding calling our names?"

    "That sounds like a plan. You do realize that we may end up with some Engineering award for having come up with a way for consoles not to explode during combat and other situations, yes, and a bloodwine or two I think..."


    Commander Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Bridge Command Specialist
    USS Merlin

    Lt JG Marbim "Miles" Rejal
    Chief of Operations
    USS Merlin


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