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The New Collective

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    New Counselor - Friends from the past Pt 1 of 2

    Posted on Wednesday 12 December 2018 @ 19:03 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi
    Edited on on Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 21:11

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: CFCO Quarters
    Timeline: 23950827 - 2130 hours - Research Base Dock for Merlin Repairs


    The Merlin had taken a Borg Cutter beam and was now docked at the Research Base to get repairs. As the base crew and engineering personnel were involved, it was down time for those who could be spared. Thus, Sav was relaxing in her quarters, resting up after having fully immersed herself into the Merlin earlier.

    Sav was sipping some tea while lounging on her couch. While Merlin was a Sector Flagship, and one of the larger ones, Sav's quarters, due to her also being considered a diplomatic representative, even though she didn't think of herself as one, were more like a visiting dignitaries suite. She was reading her Mom's then latest Romance Book from six years ago, 'The Round Up at Homestead'. She was giggling at the antics between the widowed Ranch owner and a new older cowhand, trying to show they were not interested in each other while everybody around them knew they were.

    After things had calmed down from the bridge earlier and Caroline had, had a moment to settle in she figured she should go see Save'ena. The walk wasn't far and it didn't feel too late after having had a chance to upack. Caroline rang the chime.

    Sav got up from the couch and headed for the door while wondering if it was Kachiko coming back to continue opening her old presents with her. Heck, the L'Tandrey duffel bag with the other three presents and the gold embossed card were still waiting. However, when she got there and opened it, it was Caroline. She churred out in pleasant surprise, "Caroline, it's so great to see you. Come in, Come in. I was just reading a Romance Novel... it's pretty good, but I am Biased because of the Author."

    "Oh spill the beans then, who is the author. I love a good romance novel," she grinned as the alien let her into her quarters.

    Sav churred in pleasure as she stated, "Koreanna Tillatix, my mother. She goes by the pen name of Kora Cearcee (See'air'see). She is well known, at least out in the frontier areas." She showed Caroline the couch, easy chair, and chaise lounge. "Pick wherever you would like. Did you want something to drink? I have my tea set at the ready."

    Sav proceeded to get Caroline comfortable. She had questions, but would wait until she felt comfortable as the host.

    Having already spoken to the 'new'/old Counselor, Caroline Miller, Kachiko returned to her quarters briefly to change back into her usual comfortable all-black uniform, the blacked out commbadge, rank insignia and Type-II Phaser giving the tiny woman a bit more of an ominous look. Still, she had unfinished business in Save'ena's quarters. More gifts to open, and she figured that the sweet young lady could use Kachiko's emotional support as she went through the rest.

    Shortly after the Counselor arrived at the Tillatix homestead, Kachiko rang the announcer at the hatch.

    As the chime sounded out into the room, Sav looked at Caroline curiously, saying, "Huh, somebody else?" She got up and went to the door. As it opened with her presence, she saw Kachiko on the other side, dressed in her typical garb. However, as Kachiko had been in loungewear earlier, Sav's first thought was 'duty needs'. She smiled and said, "Kachiko... umm, XO, what brings you here? Am I needed on the bridge?" Sav didn't know Kachiko had stepped down from being XO to become the Marine contingent commander full time.

    Kachiko shook her head, "No hon. I could be called back to work at any second, so I figured it best to be prepared."

    "I wanted to finish with your gift opening, Savvy," Kachiko smiled up at the two-tone furred fellow Commander. "Reiko-chan is taking a nap, so we've all the time there is for now."

    Sav visibly relaxed. She would have hated to have sent Caroline away so quickly. She turned aside to let Kachiko in, saying, "Oh, cool, that sounds really good. Umm, we have to clear it with my other guest though, Caroline, uh, Commander Miller is here catching up."

    After Kachiko was let in, Kachiko stepped in and paused as she briefly spied the 'new' Counselor, "Miss Miller. I gather that you and Sav are close from your time aboard before?"

    "Yes, we were friends. Mainly through my best friend Melody who was ….. closer .... to Sav at the time." She got the sense this lady was very protective, perhaps even cared for Sav the same way Melody had. "I was also her physician and participated in several surgeries to help Sav." Caroline told her.

    While Caroline was talking to Kachiko, Sav motioned Kachiko to take a seat where ever she wanted. She felt a pang of longing for Melody at the mention of her name. Melody, who was in command at the time of the crew disappearance, was still missing, as far a Sav knew. She.. was finally to a place to start a little more intimate exploring, but the lady who wanted her and loved her was not around. She threw off these thoughts as she sat down to be fully in the now with her guests.

    Turning to the Mephetian, Caroline added, "I am glad to see you are recovering well. I know Galeraz is onboard and will have kept a close eye on your recovery. I plan to visit him next. I felt with your comment on the bridge, that you seemed …. to think me dead. I ought to come see you first Save'eena."

    Sav blushed lightly, then nodded, "Well, kind of. The entity we encountered transported all crew away, well, except for Sierra and I, thank you tail, and none were being found, anywhere. I was at the bottom of that ocean in cyrosleep with Sierra for six and a half months until rescued. Umm, that also means I am six months behind in recovery, by the way. Anyways, I think I might have written everyone off as Dead, well, those I couldn't account for. David Scarlet is here, he left for advanced training right before we got to the Lazarus Star. Maybe, that is what happened with you? You got off in time and I didn't know it?"

    "I was wondering that myself earlier," Caroline replied. "As I explained to the XO the paper trial of my move is at Starfleet commands side. I am unsure why the Merlin seems to have me listed as missing in action."

    Sav sat down, churring, as she answered, "I am so happy that is the case. And, heh, Chief counselor now. Doc, have Ah got stories fer yah." Sav is still secretly unsure as she remembers the last missives from Medical to Melody on the bridge showing Caroline was still there up to the disappearance... or was it from someone acting on her behalf? She still remembers Melody's voice coming over the speakers until it was just gone in telling everyone to abandon ship.

    Sav glanced at Kachiko, then back to Caroline and asked, "Kachiko came here ferun openin' mah gifts from Academy. Weun already opened ones from College graduation, one ova which was t'e romance novel Ah ama readin. Soo, umm, did ya want tah stay ana open them witha me, us? Always more fun witha more gals."

    "I'm sure you have plenty you need to talk about and we shall get some sessions arranged in the proper setting. Meanwhile I would be more than happy to stay and see you open your gifts," Caroline smiled at her. It meant she got to stay longer with her friend, although she did feel somewhat like a third wheel with the XO turning up. But also it gave her an ideal opportunity to observe the XO who in their earlier conversation had really peaked her interest and concern that she was somebody she really had to keep her eye on.

    Sav dug out the three presents and Gold Embossed Card from the Academy. One present was large and heavy, one was midsize and heavy, and one was clothing box size and rather light. She decided to open the light one first and save the card for last. The light package was from her Academy Roommate, M'Katerina. She giggled lightly, "Poor Kat. She tried to get into some girl play with me, but couldn't understand why she could never cross 'the border' with me, while I would please her. Well, I finally showed her, and well... anyways, I can only guess what she got me."

    Sav opened up the gift to find red racy lingerie with a card. The card read, 'Hey Girl, how ya doin'? I don't know what happened in the past to make you as you are, but here is something for you to wear to realize your one beautiful lady, everywhere, no matter what you think. I am open for a Caitian G4 Marriage with you if you ever want. And, no matter what you think, yes, I would LOVE to explore your treasures you refused from me all our time together. Lates, Kat.'

    Sav turned a light red as she handed the card over to Caroline to read first and then unfolded the lingerie. It was a thong and bra lacy affair with cutouts so that they did not cover any of the intimate bits. Sav blushed furiously as she shook her head, "Yeah, this is Kat all right. Heh. What do you two think? Definitely put away till later, eh?"

    Caroline smiled, "What you do in your spare time and personal life Sav'eena is your business. It is beautiful though. Expensive no doubt for that sort of lace also."

    Kachiko didn't react visibly, other than a faint smile, "Sav, sweetie... my late wife was considerably more daring at times. You don't need be embarrassed as such around me."

    Sav nodded to the 'expensive' part, and then turned even redder from what Kachiko said. She churred lightly as she folded the lingerie up and set it aside. She had over six years of being an automaton wing-man without a thought for anything such as what the lingerie hinted at. She wore a small smile as she looked over to Kachiko, then Caroline, and finally back to the presents before her. Time for the next one.

    She opened the large heavy package from Marshall Kenathau. She showed Caroline and Kachiko the tag as she smiled, "He is the IPA Marshall who rescued me." She shook her head, "He also sponsored me to go to the Academy. He didn't need to get me any gift." She opened the gift and gasped. Inside was her custom Synthetaur, a beautiful wood and crystalline affair, fixed and tuned. Her hands shaking, she gently brought out the Body, then the Fret Board and Head and Moog Module. She churred out in pleasure, "The Ashata's got this for me when I was tested and found to have talent. Mr. Thompson had slowly taken it apart piece by piece in front of me to show my past life was going away to never return. And.. and... here it is."

    Sav put the pieces together, each one making a satisfying click and chime. She found a fresh L'Tandrey power pack in the package and put it in. The crystalline circuits scintillated in the light. Sav churred as she cradled the synthetaur and shifted it to play a couple of chords. Harmonic back beats sounded out as she strummed through chords for 'Sunlight' by DJ Sammy. The music sounded out in the room as Sav sang a few words. "Sunlight...... I'm drifting away somehow, by the presence of the morning sun, I'm falling into the night, as I can see you, shining bright.... Sunlight." Her voice sounded very similar to Andrea Britton, but with more lilt to Sav's voice along with an exoticness behind it due to her churrs within her chest and muzzle to form the words. She let the music fade and turned off the sythetaur while still cradling it within her arms, rocking back and forth, whispering, "Thank you" over and over.

    Caroline had never seen such an instrument before nor heard the song Sav started playing. However she knew something was wrong when her friend was suddenly holding it close and rocking. "Sav," she slowly approached her friend placing a calming hand on her shoulder. "What's happening? Are you okay? That instrument seems to be stirring up a rather emotional reaction in you."

    "I unfortunately have absolutely no ability to play musical instruments. Reiko does, however. I imagine she would love to hear your singing, Sav. There's no need to hold it in, hon. You're among friends here," Kachiko told the Mephetian.

    Sav nodded, a few tears in her eyes, as she answered, "I'm fine.. more than fine... I'm... overjoyed." She looked up at the two, her eyes bright, whiskers twitching, while her ears were in full cupped forward, as she continued, "This is my personal gift from Grand Duke Ashata when I was tested on my psi by their family's Honored Secundarea in High School. I was asked if I wanted a gift, and while I asked for nothing, Duke Ashata Chen saw my synthetaur cobbled together from starport scraps and gave me a Court Synthetaur, just for me." Sav swallowed a lump in her throat as she continued, "I... saw.. Mr. Thompson dismantle it piece by piece to show me my happy times and past were over as he waged mental warfare with me in his slave dungeon. He had it carted off to be burned to cinders... but, he must have kept it realizing its worth... and now its back, thanks to Marshall Kenathau. A precious moment of earlier happy times is back to me.. it's just... " Sav wasn't sure how to put her feelings into words, so she finished with , "just precious to me, tis all. Sorry for worrying you."

    "Thats okay," Caroline said softly. "Its my job as your friend and your new counselor."

    Kachiko remained silent, just nodding in agreement with the Counselor.

    The word 'counselor' still hit upon Sav like a ton of bricks, causing small tremors through her body. While she was doing better, it had only been 9 months, her time, since the psychic implants trying to rewrite her past were removed. She was glad it was Caroline as her new counselor as Caroline had seen the direct physical affects of what had befallen her before the surgeries. Still, she was shaking slightly as she gently gave Caroline the unusual Guitar to check out as she took the next present. It was from her family.

    The blond doctor studied it up close. It was beautifully crafted. She passed it to the other woman so she could inspect it closer.

    Kachiko took the interesting instrument gingerly, blue eyes looking the device over a moment, before gingerly returning it to Save'ena.

    Sav accepted it and set the Synthetaur aside. She now opened up the next present and found what looked like a sculpture of a geode type rock base with crystalline flowers growing from it. She cried out a little 'oh no' as she suddenly began stroking over the flowers and tracing their petals. At first, nothing happened, but then the flowers began to create small scattered light within as they also began producing violin and chime like sounds. Sav released the breath she was holding, saying, "They're still Alive, they're still alive. Thank the Creator, they're still alive." She held out the living crystalline flowers to show the two ladies. As she did, she began to gently touch the petals to learn their notes in order to play music with them.

    As Sav played tones, she said, "These are from the crystalline fields back on the L'Tandrey homeworld. They live via the harsh sunlight, and when they are tuned to a family, live by that families auric energy. They are symbiotic, needing energy of the host to live while giving tunes and sight pleasure in return. They must have been dormant and had enough energy by being near me. Now... I can have something in my quarters to remind me of family, and home back in the Protectorate. You like?" She now handed over the flowers to Caroline to check out.

    "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I have never seen flora like this," She wondered if there were studies on any medicinal properties. She had set up a plant and herb garden on the Merlin before leaving. Her interest in natural remedies had not escaped her upon changing profession.

    Kachiko had watched Save'ena toying with the odd plant, finding the description of the plant unusual. Suddenly, she felt a need to commission a study into the plant & flowers, to study how they absorbed 'auric energy.' Unfortunately, very little was understood about the psychic ability of telepaths and others with unusual inherent abilities. The plant could possibly offer a starting insight into that. But that was for later. Right now, it was time spent with Sav and finishing opening her Academy presents.



    Counselor Caroline Miller
    Chief Counselor
    USS Merlin

    Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi
    Company Commander
    USS Merlin

    Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    CFCO/Bridge Command Specialist
    USS Merlin


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