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    Talking over dinner

    Posted on Tuesday 18 June 2019 @ 21:54 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant JG Ricardo Draxx

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Melody Jones' quarters
    Timeline: Current


    Sansa was busy setting the table for dinner as Melody was slaving over a hot oven. Melody was in good mood. She preferred to make special meals by hand and she enjoyed the whole cooking process.

    Sansa was also excited as she knew her mom was going to ask Draxx an important question. Nibbles was running around loose somewhere.

    Melody was making a Bajoran shrimp pizza just for him.

    Suddenly the door chime sounded. Sansa called out "I'll get it!" She went over to the door which opened. She threw her arms around Draxx. "Hey Dad. Dinner is almost ready."

    "Hey princess. You have a good day?" he asked. "Something smells good and familiar …." he commented. He was out of uniform in causal jeans and a shirt. He was even clean shaven.

    Melody took a moment to come over and greet Draxx "Hello there Sweetie, as handsome as ever. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Sit yourself down, dinner is almost ready. There is a bottle of spring wine on the table but look out, there be a wild hedgehog roaming. There's something we need to talk about."

    "Okay," Draxx said somewhat nervously. He picked up the bottle of wine and started opening it.

    Sansa, who couldn't contain herself any longer blurted out "Mom wants you to move in with us!"

    The cork suddenly went pop in his hand and flew across the room narrowly missing the hedgehog who then turned round and set a look on him that made him shudder. "Wow …. I mean yes …. I want us all to be together …. I've just never done that with a woman before."

    He went and retrieved the cork snapping his hand back from the creature quickly in case it decided to retaliate. Walking back to Melody he looked her in the eyes. "You have to give me some allowances. I'm likely to mess up sometimes, piss you off, be too messy or sleep too much or something ….. I know it. I'm bound to wind you up ….. but I really want this. Us to be a proper family, all together. You are the only woman I have ever felt this way about …. I …." he took a deep breath. He had never said these words before.

    "I love you Mel,"

    The pizza was momentarily forgotten as Melody came over and wrapped her arms around Draxx "With what happened recently with the Captain, it made me realize what's important. You and Sansa. I know you're not perfect but.... you're perfect for me. I love you too." she added as she stated kissing him.

    Sansa let out a small squeal of delight and clapped her hands. She quickly rushed over to the oven and got the pizza out. "I'll get dinner....... Ok you guys....... Get a room!" She added as Melody had not yet let go of Draxx. Nibbles was still looking him as if deciding if he was friend..... or food."

    Draxx came up for breath spotting the hedgehog glaring at him first, then noticing Sansa. "How's about we get dinner first?" he kissed Mel once more time putting his arm round her waist and walking her to the table. He pulled a chair out for her and then Sansa before sitting down with his two girls.

    "Is that Bajoran shrimp?" he said mouth watering.

    Melody smiled "It is. I thought I'd make something special for you." As she cut the pizza up she continued "I've been thinking. How about after this mission is over we take a vacation together, the three of us?"

    "That sounds great. Somewhere with some nice oceans and rivers for fishing," Draxx grinned.

    "Well theres a Bajoran colony within range of a shuttle craft. They might have some of your spiny fish. Also I understand theres some cabins available with a romantic lake side view," Melody told him.

    "Seems like you have put some thought into this red," Draxx laughed.

    Melody raised her eyes and eyebrows and feigned a look of surprise. "I suppose I have at that." She looked at Sansa, "Be a dear and feed Nibbles."

    "I'll do it," Draxx said simply. "I can't show fear to the land fish now I am moving in."

    Melody chuckled, "Don't worry once you feed her and run her belly. She will love you for life."

    Draxx shrugged, "Can't hurt that strategy worked a dream with you."

    Sansa went "Dad please,"

    Draxx just laughed and went to the replicator.

    "Hedgehog supplement 16 should do the trick," Melody said.

    Draxx nodded and ordered it. Grabbing the small bowl, he got down on his knees and placed it in front of the "Land fish". Nibbles smelling food, dove right in. "See we can be friends," Draxx said with a smile.

    Having finished dinner, Melody rose and held out a hand to Draxx. "Would you care to join me for a walk in the arboretum?"

    "Sounds delightful," Draxx said with a smile.


    Lieutenant Ricardo Draxx
    Assistant Operations Officer

    ●●● Commander Melody Jones
    Executive Officer
    USS Merlin


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