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    A Tactical Meeting

    Posted on Saturday 4 January 2020 @ 01:01 by Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding & Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem

    Mission: The New Collective

    Rio had just finished unpacking and getting used to his new quarters. He had to readjust the temperature and turned off the heat. The cold of space felt like the cold temperatures he was used to. He rearranged the furniture and replicated a few things to make it feel more like home. Satisfied he wanted to take the time to get to know the Chief of Security. If he recalled correctly which he always did, she was a Terran named Hayley Godding. He went to his desk and activated his terminal and manually inputted the command to locate the mistress of safety. Thankfully she was on board in the security suite so he made his way there.

    After about five minutes Rio arrived at the security suite and was in front of the armory. He inhaled quickly before he entered after having to press his palm against panel.

    Hayley was doing one of the things she regularly elected to do herself, conduct a full inventory on the armory. In this case, this was where the majority of the small arms were stored along with the more heavier ordinance used in specific circumstances. Ordinarily, the marines would handle heavy lifting when it came to heavy weapons, but her armory was stocked with a small number of the bigger weapons on the off-chance they were needed. Once she was done in here, the next task would be to visually inspect and account for every torpedo on board. Whilst the computer kept track of such things on a day to day basis, there was a precedence aboard the USS Enterprise in the 2260s whereby a forged entry in the computer had led the crew to believe they had fired a torpedo when in fact they had not. Since that time, all tactical department leads conducted a visual inspection of all torpedoes aboard on a monthly basis.

    Since the majority of the crew were on leave and the armory was not a high-traffic area, Hayley was a little surprised to hear the doors open and an Andorian male walk in. "Good Morning, can I help you?" She asked.

    Rio smiled showing off his too white teeth, "Hello Mistress of Safety. I'm the new Strat Ops chief and I managed to bump into our CO on the station's shopping promenade. She would like me to liaise between your department, the marines, and our fighter squadron. So I came here to get to know you and offer my services to you."

    "Ah." Hayley said, nodding. "I'm Lieutenant Godding, welcome to the armory." She said, gesturing around the room.

    The room was decently sized. On the back wall were racks holding various types of phasers. A locked cage to the left held heavy ordinances and a door on the right led to the phaser range. The pair were near a work table.

    "So, I wanted to know if it was okay if my department and yours could participate in joint training exercises? Also, I was hoping you could help me set up a secondary tactical console on the bridge one that directly communicate with the TIC?"

    Hayley leaned back against the work table and folded her arms across her chest in thought. "The Auxiliary consoles can be configured on a mission-by-mission basis, so you can easily slave one of them to act as you see fit. They're designed to be easily customizable depending on the users requirements and access level. That's the joy of LCARS Commander, it can do pretty much anything you want it to, providing you have the necessary clearance to do it. In theory, I could route helm control to my console, or operations, or engineering. You could theoretically run the entire ship from that terminal over there on the far wall if the CO or the XO routed primary functions down here."

    "As for the joint ex, what did you have in mind sir?" She asked.

    "I was thinking if it was okay with you that my team could participate in all of your training drills. I don't want them to get used to just being glued to a terminal all day. I have some gifts as well I just need your permission before I beam them aboard. " he said with a smile.

    Hayley pondered this. "You sure about that one sir? Your guys are strategic operations officers, not security personnel. I don't mind them tagging along with weapons training and melee combat proficiencies, but I'm not sure they'd benefit from some of the other workshops we do."

    Rionuj smiled, "Of course. Combat training will be great. And whenever you need extra help keeping us safe, my team always has your back. So, about the gifts..."

    Hayley rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Send me a complete list of what it is you want brought aboard, I'll have it checked and then we'll see about putting them aboard, alright?"

    Rionuj produced a PADD from his plant's pocket and offered it to Hayley. "I called in a favor or three and if you approve I will have your entire armory or a portion of it replaced with the newest top of the line phasers. They all auto-modulate and have targetting assistance. A couple hundred pulse assault rifles. The newest stun batons from Vulcan. And a dozen or so heavy ordinances. I also have access to replicate the newest combat armor, for standard duty shifts and combat hardsuits."

    Rionuj spoke fast and perhaps was a tad too over eager.

    She accepted the PADD and raised her eyebrows. "These phasers haven't been officially released yet. How on earth did you get your hands on them? Plus what in the galaxy are we going to do with eight shoulder mounted Orion plasma launchers?!" She laughed as she saw the look on his face, keen and hungry for approval. "You're a weapons nut, aren't you Commander?"

    The Andorian grinned, "You have no idea Lieutenant. The PADD lists my contacts for your own investigations and I'm a black badge that's why I have access to this. And this Andorian likes to share."

    Rionuj chuckled and stretched his arms widely. "So, if you need help getting gear and supplies or if you need my combat skills I'm ready. My job is making sure our ship and crew are capable of completing whatever task Command wants of us. If that means getting information about a culture, understanding their combat tactics, tactical forecasting, fighting, collating and analyzing data, piloting, or getting the best supplies I will move stars to make it happen."

    Hayley chuckled. "You're what my father would call a 'scrounger', Commander." She said. "Someone with the ability to source something from anywhere at any time." She smirked and waved the PADD under his nose. "Providing nothing here his illegal and it doesn't get the ship into danger, I'm happy to support your little 'hobby' of yours." She handed him back the PADD. "Although what scenario you believe we'll need a Hirogen Spear Gun escapes me, it really does."

    Rionuj chuckled and pocketed the PADD. "Enjoy your trip to Risa and I'll keep the Merlin safe while you're gone."

    "I wonder exactly how much trouble it'll get into whilst in space-dock, Commander." Hayley chuckled. "But I appreciate you keeping an eye on things."

    "Anytime, it was nice meeting you Lieutenant. Have a great day!" Responded the Andorian before he swiftly and quietly left the armory.

    This JP brought to you by...

    ●○ Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    USS Merlin

    ○●● Liuetenant Commander MRionuj ch'Anidem
    Chief Strategic Operations Officerr
    USS Merlin


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