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Important Items, Please Read

Posted on Sunday 3 June 2018 @ 07:45 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey All,

I was researching for a project today and some of that research crossed back into simming :). So, I added some information to the wiki and came across more information I'd like to bring to everyones attention [[yes, I have shiny thing syndrome, want to distract just put something shiny in front of me :P). Anyways, I digress.

The items I want to bring to your attention are these:

Now, the first item describes what we look for in the bios [[and even gives the code if you'd like to add rank images to your bio.

The next items are the sim promotion guidelines. These are what we use when we are looking at promotions. Doing it that way allows us to promote evenly and fairly. In an effort to be transparent as we can we put the items we look at here.

50 things to write about is there to help you get log ideas if you're struggling to find something to log or just have writers block.

Finally, Average ages is the one I added tonight. One thing that gets run into a lot in simming is appropriate age for the rank. You end up with 19 year old flag officers and 20 year old Captains. So, what I did was I looked into the average age for each rank at where a purported former US Air Force Colonel listed where each rank was age wise, give or take. With his information, and a few tweaks of my own to fit better here, Now, this is not ridged, even in real life he did state he knew at least 2 E9's that were in the 17-24 range. However, I do ask that you try to be at least close to the age ranges listed. This does count with having an updated bio, which is a requirement on all promotion levels. If you would like a special exception for character age , for example your character was allowed in at 16, then just let us know and make sure reason in your bio.

Now, you may ask what does it matter? We pretend to fly around in starships, realism is already gone. Well, even though we do even the starship aspect has its roots in real world science and scientific theory. Age vs rank is kind of the same thing, it is a real world element we bring into the game to add that spin of realism to it :). So, please don't think that an attempt to be controlling, it just enhances the game and keeps away from superhero syndrome, where every officer gets to Captain by 25, JJ isn't directing us, after all (to much? :P).

Before I get hurt I do like those movies too ;D. Anyways, please, check out those links.



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