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Sav Musing about When Marriage will Occur

Posted on Friday 26 March 2021 @ 07:35 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix


Sav as waiting in her quarters for Miles to show up so they could go to Supper together. As the XO, he was usually very busy till 2100 hours, but Sav didn't mind. She loved helping him relax, and enjoyed the personal time together when Miles wasn't too tired, now that he knew she could accept him via Greece and France, as the Terrans were want to put it, and she enjoyed it very much.

===== Lieutenant Commander Tillatix Personal Log =====
===== Direct Access Initiation Mode Terran Date Stamp 1800 Hours October 7th, 2395 ====

Hello log, it has been a while. I guess I don't do these logs enough. Needless to say, a lot has changed since the last one. Miles has asked, and I accepted, to be his wife. I am now a fiance, and enjoying it. Miles got a nice surprise in that while he is larger than most, I can take him, and enjoy it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am saving myself for marriage, it is in other ways I can take him, and he found out a Mephetian secret of females for males, and he loves it.

I am wondering, though, when he is going to ask Melody to marry us. I want to consummate our marriage with him, and there is a good chance I can bare a child with him as Cardassians are known for their ability to get other races pregnant. I want to be a mother, and thumb my nose at Diostros in spite for what he did to me. I am becoming a wife, a mother, despite what he pulled. While he has been untouched, those surrounding him have come under scrutiny, and many arrests have been made. I am pleased at this. I do not wish any to go through what had been done to me.

On my beau, Miles is... he just is. He has stuck by me despite my nightmares, my out-lashes, and even when one of the dungeon psyches tried to take me over, he helped me to overcome that personality and absorb it, with Hayleys help. Those goons, those officers with a grudge who jumped us during dancing, helped bring out that personality. I.. am glad Uniqueria appeared as she is no more, as she is now me, and, I can understand better of the why she had been there. Miles is so special for accepting of me, and I love him so much for it.

Of course, with his experiences, and being unusual in the 'male' department, meant that most females couldn't really handle his uniqueness. I am a Mephetian Female. Our males are larger than most, and not typical, so... you could say it was a match to be.

Anyways, I am just so wishing for the marriage. I am hoping it will happen after this mission. I really, really want to consummate my marriage with Miles and desire children with him. I want to bare the heir for his family. Just... Kitlings, it is what any marriage and motherhood is bout, the kitlings. Okay, enough spamming for right now. I love my life. Heh, I bet you never thought you would get a chance to store those words, eh?

===== Direct Access Lt. Cmdr. Tillatix Personal Log Termination ====

Commander Save'ena Tillatix
CFCO/Bridge Command Specialist
USS Merlin


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