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The Rams Head

Posted on Monday 4 October 2021 @ 02:16 by

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By the Gods!! I am looking forward to begin construction on the Rams Head and get her up and running. It will be designed on a quaint English country side pub. Nothing to big or fancy, Just a place where one can go to unwind with a few friends and play a few friendly games. If we had an outside I'd put in a horseshoe game and lawn bowling.

We can get what we need from the ships stores or replicate it. Another project I'm going to have to work on is programming in my mum's recipes into the replicator for some good authentic English fare. Some stews and mutton, fish and chips and plenty of other choices to be washed down with a pint or three.

i can hardly wait to get this project done. I'm as giddy as a school lad waiting on Father Christmas. Busy day tomorrow, so I might as well get some sleep with dreams of Mutton and gravy dancing in my head.


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