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What now

Posted on Monday 4 October 2021 @ 23:03 by Lieutenant Marbim Rejal

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"Well, she's gone. Who I thought was the love of my life, and who I wanted to spend my future with has left. We'd had no argument, no disagreements, all I found was a note and the promise items I'd given her. She has also blocked my ability to communicate with her or her sister." Miles sighed, "Computer pause log entry." Miles moved over to his replicator and paused, not sure what to order, then he nodded his head, "Double strong Raktajino, hot." Once the drink was in hand he moved back to look at his now emptier cabin. She'd even taken the few trinkets she'd, hmmm, coerced was a good term, on Risa when they had R&R and attended Melody and Draxx's wedding. Taking a sip of his drink, Miles moved this weapon rack. His Klingon war spear and personal Bat'Leth seemed to call to him. It had been a few busy weeks and he'd put off his personal combat training regimen, in lieu of spending time with Sav. "Computer restart log entry." Following a small sip, "At this time, we have removed Savena Tillatrix from the role of active duty CFO. Another chapter closed in the books for the Merlin, and for myself. I will need to visit Caroline once she is ready for visitors. I am not sure where my Life will lead now, but I'm Starfleet will keep me on my toes. Computer end log entry."


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