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Last but by no means least...

Posted on Tuesday 12 July 2022 @ 21:07 by Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Nir’anyar

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Obervation lounge, USS Pegasus
Timeline: 18H00
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After the meetings with the Chief Engineer and meeting the new flight officers, there was one more person she had to see.

"Well number one, I think there's one more person we need to see before we can finish for the evening."

Mathias chuckled, "Well such is the life of being in command, but I am intrigued to see who else we will be meeting with." as he settled in for the next part.

Melody tapped her comm badge "Will Lieutenant Nir'anyar please report to the observation lounge on the USS Pegasus."

The doors parted to the conference room as Anya started "I'm already here sir... I have the reports regarding the extent of the damage in sickbay and the full requisition order that needs your approval for replacement equipment and medical supplies. Captain Haistro has wiped us out with that colony he's setting up on the planet below his station!"

Anya approached, extended a PADD to the Captain and smiling at Mathias as she went. "I also wanted to discuss with you about Ensign Zirvell if I could steal a moment of your time?"

Melody smiled. "Ahh Lieutenant, please have a seat. I'll fill you in on the latest development. Commander Rejal has resigned his commission, he departed back to Cardassia on a shuttle a few hours ago. Commander McPhee here is now our first officer and you..." She paused for dramatic effect "Are our new Second officer. Congratulations."

"What!" she stammered trying to process the torrent of information that had been flung at her. "When... What?"

Mathias's smile grew even broader, "As of right now, I think that is a smashing idea and Anya, I mean Lieutenant Nir'anyar, I believe you can do the job. You have shown that you have the qualities, and honestly, you can do this." the newly minted XO giving Anya a look of confidence.

"Captain?" The PADD, still in her hand, was entirely forgotten while she attempted to wade through an entirely new ocean of confusion.

"I entirely agree with the Commander's assessment. I think you've got some great potential and will make a fine second officer. Now, we have much to discuss. The merlin will be undergoing a major repair and upgrade while we're at Deep Space 21. I've already gone over the details with our Chief engineer. The crew will be given extended shore leave for the duration."

The Benzite nodded, slowly and deliberately still wondering if this was a practical joke but she followed suit and took a seat, finally remembering about the PADD and sliding it over the table top to it in front of the Captain.

"Aye, and great plans to be had or hopefully some good plans for the shore leave." Mathias remarked. "What sort of plans will you have Lieutenant?" he was curious about it.

"I've been approached by Lieutenant Commander Reynolds on Deep Space 21. He has asked if I might be free to assist setting up the field hospital on the colony they have planned on the planet below the station... It looks like an idyllic world so I thought why not make it a working holiday!"
Her mind also racing with the prospect of having to familiarise herself with more of the bridge operations such as tactical and navigation.

"Commander Reynolds, is he related in any way to Captain Reynolds who saved SB 308? Captain Reynolds is a hero, as well as his crew for saving us from the terrorist setting bombs there." Mathias commented.

"I believe they are brothers!" Anya offered, a little unsure herself.

Mathias nodded, he then pulled out his PaDD just to check and his eyes widened, "Oh they most certainly are brothers, twins in fact. I hadn't a clue on this. I need to brush up on who is who on different matters."

"Well make sure you get some rest as soon as Starfleet is taking this opportunity to refit the Merlin with some cutting edge and experimental gear and we'll be field testing it for them," Melody added with a smile. "Speaking of getting some rest, I better go and make sure Draxx is ok, I left him looking after the twins."

"Refitting the Merlin, would like to see what they are doing." Mathias said wistfully. He looked at Anya. "You and I are in the same boat, finding ourselves in new roles and part of a command team. I wasn't expecting this and I don't think you were expecting it either. I look forward in working with you and the captain here in this capacity."

"I had best have a meeting with Kyhl and let her know she may be taking on a little more in sickbay!" Anya said, still not completely believing that the Captain wanted her as the ships second officer, especially given Caroline's rank and command experience, or even Commander Seklar for that matter, and could she give them orders despite being only a full two ranks lower than them. Perhaps she needed to make a list and catch the Captain in a quiet moment.

"That sounds like a good idea Lieutenant." Melody said "We should be reaching Deep Space 21 tomorrow morning and who knows how long it will take for all the repairs and the refit. I'll make sure all the relevant information is made available to you both. Now if you'll excuse me" She added standing "I think I've got some hungry mouths to feed."

"Sir, before you go... I would like to discuss Ensign Zirvell!" Anya was on her feet to catch Melody before she could leave.

Melody paused, "What's on your mind Lieutenant?"

"The Ensign has been through so much in the last few months, his work is exemplary, he has transitioned from being in stasis for an extended period into a time outside of his own... He has to deal with me as well... I would like to ask if we could look at promoting him?"
Her tone was tentative but laced with hope.

Melody thought for a moment, glanced at Mathias then replied "If you think his work warrants a promotion I'll let you deal with that knowing that you have my full support. Think of it as your first command duty as second officer. No objection Number one?"

Mathias had a thoughtful look when the subject of promoting someone came up, this Zhirvel, he'd not really had much exposure to the ensign. He did see Anya's desire to promote the nurse. "If you feel that he deserves the promotion then so be it. I've not really spoken to him much since he was brought in, however, he best be making certain he upholds his new rank, in good stead. I do know that you do have good instincts Anya." giving a warm smile.

"My thanks Captain!" and she already had an idea of how she wanted to present the young mans well deserved promotion.

"Speaking of promotions, there is one other person I would like promoted as well. That is our Chief of Security, Ltjg Gregor Morgan. During our emergency, he went above and beyond to help others get out of their situation and get to safety. I propose that he be made a full Lieutenant."

"Request granted Number One." Melody replied with a smile. "Now is there anything else?"

"That is it for me." Mathias replied with a grin. He now also had someone to surprise with a promotion, and wondered how he was going to go about it. "With your permission, I have some preparations to make before we get to our next stop." rising up from his chair.

"Nothing from me sir... and I need to get back to personal requisitions for sickbay and placing orders for new supplies... Starfleet are wanting to install a new EMH... I intend to fight this to the grave. Be that mine or theirs, we shall see!" Anya said with an edge to her tone.

Melody wagged her finger at Anya. "Now, now Lieutenant. Don't look a gift EMH in the mouth. Voyager would have been quite lost without theirs. They can be a valuable addition to the medical team."

"Personally, I feel that it should be Anya's choice as to the style of EMH that we may end up getting. There are those who maybe uncomfortable with having an EMH treat them." Mathias raising his hands as to not really having much to say in that aspect. "Also it is your ship as well, Captain."

"Hmm", a sound she made deep at the back of her throat to match the deadpan expression the Benzite Doctor was sporting. "They can also be argumentative, stubborn and opinionated... There's only room for one person like that in Sickbay and thats me!"


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USS Merlin


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