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Posted on Monday 18 July 2022 @ 13:12 by Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Major David Scarlet
Edited on on Monday 18 July 2022 @ 13:14

Mission: Revelations
Location: DS21
Timeline: MD 1400
1433 words - 2.9 OF Standard Post Measure

His wedding was going to be soon, and Mathias was really behind in whatever plans he was needing to do. He'd not gone to check on David, since that filament hit the Merlin. He stared at himself, shaking a finger. "Go find David and go talk to him." Not only was he a bad friend, he was also a bad XO already. Grimacing at himself then giving a bit of a sigh, he went to go find Scarlet. He paused just in front of a turbo lift door and tapped on his commbadge. "Major Scarlet er David. What is your location, do you have time for a conversation?"

"Professional or Personal?" Scarlet growled back over the comms. He was sick and tired of having people in his business and he didn't need yet another lecture. Especially from McPhee.

"Er" Mathias paused wondering why David was being so grumpy. "Its a personal conversation. Want me to bring a bottle of whiskey so we can have a drink and converse?" He waited hoping that he'd get a favorable response.

Scarlet clasped his fist around his comm badge and ripped it from his uniform. For a moment he had his hand drawn back to toss it across the room but stopped himself. "Whiskey yes. But you leave your damn opinions at the door."

Mathias turned up carrying two bottles of whiskey and two glasses, and pressed the chime once the door was opened, he said, "I bring gifts." holding up the two bottles. "And what were you talking about opinions? I don't have any right now for what ever subject you are talking about."

He'd stopped hiding the cane by this point. He was his curse and he wasn't going to make others feel comfortable about it. He stood there in the doorway, scowling as Mathias spoke.

"Come in." Scarlet said finally as he shifted out of the way and limped over to the chair he'd been sitting in. Using the cane and no small degree of balance, he managed to push it around to face the rest of the room instead of the blank wall that contained his thoughts.

Sitting down heavily, Scarlet put his hand out for a glass.

Mathias settled down in a nearby chair and pulled over the small end table placing the two bottles of whiskey on it along with the glasses. He opened one up and poured a full glass and handed it to Scarlet. "Here you go. " the poured one for himself. He took a sip after letting it breathe and sighed in contentment.

"Don't worry not the fake stuff, this is the real thing. Anyway to the conversation I wished to have." Mathias reached up and scratched an itch which was bothering his ear. "I am getting married in a few days, and I'd like you to be my best man. I know short notice but I really would like you to be the best man there."

Scarlet down the whiskey in one gulp. He closed his eyes as he felt the comforting warm go all the way down. Slowly he opened his eyes and processed what Mathias was asked.

"You want me to stand at your wedding." Scarlet stated. His voice held no inflection and his face was an emotionless mask. "You want me to stand." He reached for the cane and pressed on it as he shakily stood up. "At your wedding?"

Scarlet attempted to stand ramrod straight as he usually did. But this time it was warped. He had to lean heavily on his cane, sloping his shoulders. "Damn it Mathias I can barely stand at all right now and you want to put me on display?"

Mathias slugged back his drink, then stared at David. "What the hell happened David, and I hadn't noticed the cane until now. I do not intend on putting you on display. If you don't want to be the best man then okay." he frowned, knowing that he sounded selfish but David lashing out hit a nerve.

Scarlet frowned and sat back down. Hard. He let the cane drop to the floor with a clank as he reached for the bottle and poured another. "During the filiment. Injury that I didn't notice. I'll be fine eventually."

He took a sip this time and studied the glass as if it contained the answers of the universe. "I've been dealing with pity and annoying doctors since it happened so I'm tired. I thought that was what this conversation was going to be about. I'm prepared for a fight Mathias. It's not you."

Reaching over Scarlet grabbed the bottle Mathias had been using and held it to pour another for the man. "Don't let my mood ruin a damn good drink."

"Wait, David Scarlet is having a pity party and I wasn't included?" Mathia poured himself another drink. "Hmmph. I recall a certain Major who chewed me out and snapped me out of my self destructive party when my arm was injured. Do you remember the tongue lashing you gave me? That was a riot." Mathias flashing a smile. "Snapped me out of my mindset."

Scarlet's grip tightened on the glass as he brought it to his mouth. "Opposite. I want to be left alone and people can take their pity and shove it up their collective asses."

"I've served this long with no issues and I can keep serving with no issues. Last thing I need is for some scalpel jockey to take away what I have left."

"Take away what? Your injury and to keep you from having something to grumble about? David, get your head out of your ass and wise up. I am not going to pity you for your er so called injuries and quit hanging onto it as you are scared to let go. Hell I know of a man who was so angry about his father he kept his anger and gave it a name Frank. He was scared to let it go and it stood in the way of him moving on in his life. There will be plenty of things later on to grump about. Just get your crud together." Mathias slammed back the drink he held in his hand and then poured some more in his glass.

"I need you to be there David at my wedding, my best friend, my best man. Don't stand me up!" Mathias slammed his palm down on the table, making the bottle of whiskey jump slightly and the liquid inside slosh around. "Are you going to be some weak little person crouched in a corner crying cause someone is trying to take away a broken toy you can't let go of? Or are you going to get up there and fight. Your choice, Major."

Scarlet's face twisted into a mix of pain and shock. He stared at Mathias in silence as inch by inch the anger took over. His hand tightened around the glass and he was almost shaking as he slowly and deliberately put it back on the table.

He stared Mathias directly in the eye and his voice was a low growl. "Get the fuck out."

Mathias knew he struck a nerve, and he had just stated it how it was. David didn't want pity, he probably didn't need Mathias to growl at him, but sometimes a person needed some sense knocked in them, whether it be verbal or a damned punch in the jaw.

"Oh don't worry, I'll be leaving your quarters." Mathias stood up then leaned over the table to where he was nose to nose with David. "Get off your ass and do something." he growled out. "I'm not always nice and this is one of those days." he moved to straighten himself upright. One more hard look into David's eyes, Mathias turned without another look and left.

The door slid shut only a second or two before the glass shattered against it. Scarlet stared at the mess for a moment as the scowl disappeared from his face.

Soon he couldn't see much and just ran his rough fingers through his unkempt hair. His body trembled as his mind raced and repeated the last few days over in his head.

After what seemed like forever, Scarlet glanced down at the cursed cane and tapped his comm badge.

"Scarlet to Ch'rehron. Do it."


○●● Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

* Major David Scarlet
Marine Company Commander
USS Merlin


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