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Self Development

Posted on Tuesday 7 February 2023 @ 19:27 by Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan

Mission: Revelations
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It was a quiet shift on the bridge, the ship still being in dry dock awaiting its launch window. Herself and Lieutenant Morgan the senior officers on the bridge. The lighting was low as the final system checks had been commenced on all systems. In truth, there was nothing for her to do even though she was the duty officer on the bridge which meant she was pacing. In sickbay there was always something that needed doing. It turns out command had equal parts stress and standing around waiting.

Her legs had carried her around the peripheral part of the bridge until she found herself standing by Lieutenant Morgan. He seemed a good sort but was one of the few senior officers she had very little to no time with. He never really seemed to need sickbays services so the pair had no time to just talk. In truth, something did need addressing and since the departure of the Marines perhaps he would be the best qualified to support her.
"Lieutenant... How are the weapon system diagnostics?"
Internally wincing at the awkward start.

Gregor continued to work but smiled and answered. " We're almost done. The targeting has been increased by 12.3 percent and the refresh rate of fire has been increased by a whole second. " He looked up to see the person he was addressing and leaned back in his chair. " It's not often we see medical personal on the bridge, Let alone the CMO. Is there something I can help you with Doctor Nir'anyar? I'm fairly certain that you didn't come here to talk to me about the weapons systems. "

"No, I'm here as the ships Second Officer... The Captain saw fit to ask me to take on the responsibility" she said, trying to beat down the swell of self pride she was feeling.
"That in mind however, I do have a favour to ask of you Lieutenant... if you are willing?"

Gregor sat back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest. " A favor Eh? " He said. " Ok, you have my attention, So lets hear what this favor is that you want to ask of me. "

"I'm a medical officer and my knowledge of away team protocol, more specifically hand held phasers. I'm not very practised and could do with a tutor!"
She gently asked, saying without actually saying what she was meaning.

" I believe I understand your request, and there is nothing wrong in wanting to learn how to defend yourself. The standard issue Mark 2 phaser is a wonderful devise, It can be used for heating rocks, cutting metal, several different settings for stun and of course to kill. Compare that to a disruptor which can be set different levels of power to kill and no stun settings. I'm just about done here, I can spare some time to instruct you in the proper use of a hand phaser, I believe I can find us an open holodeck to begin the lessons. "

"I have zero practical experience even aiming a phaser. Would we be able to fit in some practical tutoring?"
Pushing further and further out of her comfort zone.

" Don't worry to much about that. " He said. " There's a security training program in the Holodeck for beginners. The phaser you'll be starting with to train on is a holographic one, We'll have full safety protocols in place so there is no chance that you'll have any extra work in sickbay. We'll get you used to the handling and functions of a phaser before getting in some practice with a real one. But the simulated one feels and functions and reacts like a real one , so there will be no surprises when you get to handle a real one for the first time. "

"I appreciate it Lieutenant" she paused a second to consider knowing she couldn't leave the bridge at the moment, "Shall I meet you in holodeck five at fourteen hundred hours, my Duty shift will be over by then?"

Gregor tapped at the console. " Alright I've arranged for us to have holodeck number five from fourteen to fifteen hundred hours. That should give us enough time for basic instruction and some practice time as well. " He said with a smile.


Gregor waited outside of holodeck five for the arrival of Doctor Nir'anyar. Gregor knew the content of this program inside out, only the gods knew how many times he had to show a rookie that was fresh out of the academy some additional training to bring them up to a more acceptable standard. But this will be different
then with a security rookie. This was going to be for self protection and defense.

Her hands were sweating with nervous energy as she rounded the corner to reach holodeck five. She had handled a phaser before, not well but she had used them. Something about this however was throwing her back to the moment she caused the almost total destruction of the planet they recently visited causing an almost total collapse of a first contact situation. If it hadn't of been for the quick thinking of the Captain and the others with her then she would have been responsible for the death of an entire planetary population. In many ways this would be her confronting her fear of weapons and causing harm because until now she had not been in a combat situation.
"Lieutenant, thank you for this!"

Gregor smiled. " Not a problem, every starfleet officer should know how to handle a phaser in case of emergency. " He said. Gregor turned towards the door. " Computer, load academy basic hand phaser training and safety course. "

Enter when ready. responded the computer.

The room was dark with the exception of a single table with two chairs under a light source and six firing lanes with targets at the end.

Gregor walked in and sat down in one of the chairs and waited for Nir'anyar to join him at the table. There was a phaser sitting on the table between them. " First a few safety rules we need to go over. First, always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction. Second, never have your thumb on the trigger until your ready to fire. " He paused briefly. " This next one is VERY important. Third rule, Always be sure of your target and what's behind it. The last thing we want to do is hit the wrong target or accidently harm an innocent. And the last rule you need to keep in mind is Never shoot at anything that your not willing to destroy. It is always good to keep these rules in mind for your own safety and the safety of others as well. "

Gregor picked up the phaser from the table and handed it to Nir'anyar. " This is a non functioning model of the type two hand phaser it is the same exact weight and control figuration as a real unit the large one closest to you is the trigger. above that the small panel with two rows of eight lights numbered one through sixteen and next to it the up and down toggle switches. The up/down toggles are to increase or decrease the power levels. "

Gregor continued. Number one and two are for heat settings. One will catch wood on fire and two will heat stones for warmth. Levels three and four are for cutting. three will cut wood and stone and four will cut through refined metals, the stronger the metal the longer it will take to cut through. Levels five through nine are your stun settings from light to heavy stun. " Gregor's voice tone changed. " Levels ten through sixteen are your combat settings. Ten and eleven are wounding settings and not designed to kill outright, but if you wound a person enough times they will die. Levels twelve through sixteen are the settings that will kill a person. Level twelve will take one or two shots at the most to kill a person, level sixteen will vaporize them. in combat you'll have two hundred shots at level twelve before switching out power cells or one hundred shots at level sixteen. The higher the setting the more power it draws from the power cell. Do you have any questions so far? "

She made a mental note never to put a phaser above level nine after all she was a healer, do no harm being the major tenet of her life. She felt the weight of the phaser and found it to be surprisingly light, almost worryingly light given the devastation it could bring.
She listened intently though, she needed to know this to be the officer that the Captain seemed to believe she could be.

Gregor continued. " Just remember your not going to be perfect after only one lesson. To improve you'll need time and practice, just like anything else . "


○● Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin


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