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Posted on Friday 20 January 2023 @ 16:30 by Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee

Mission: Revelations
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD2? TBD
939 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure


It was evening, and the ship relatively quiet, a message arrived for Anya upon her Padd, the message was from Mathias. The message read, Anya will you meet with me on the holodeck, I would like your opinion upon a program that I have been working on. It is a special surprise for a certain someone, and I certainly need your input, thank you in advance, Mathias

Anya read the message, surrounded by the chaos that was sickbay, or to be more precise, her new sickbay. Crates scattered across every spare inch with nothing more than a tiny walkway through it all. She had sent Zirvell home, the man looking as if he needed a month of sleep. Perhaps she was working him to hard but she knew he could and would in fact be a welcomed additional to her Senior Medical Staff.
She read the message, yawning as she did but realised the holodeck was on route to her quarters.

She turned off the small table lamp, dropping the office into darkness, nothing but the spill of the hallway lights filtering in through the open doorway. She collected up her shoes, which she had abandoned on the sofa, as she padded her way through the office and into the hallway and on towards the holodecl.

The scenery of the holosuite program was that of a lagoon, the stars were gleaming upon the velvet darkness of the tropical sky. A warm breeze had the tops of the palm trees dancing gently, and the scent of white jasmine lightly perfumed the air. The gentle sound of ocean waves, could be heard as well. A table was set up a few feet from the edge of the lagoon, with two chairs and a candle inside a glass bowl, its flame flickering, casting a soft glow.

"Mathias... Are you here?" she asked gently, not wanting to shatter the tranquillity and peace that the program seemed to exude with little to no effort. It was beautiful and she a=guessed it would be a present for Caroline. "Mathias!"

There was a sound from behind a bush which had the blossoms of Jasmine, then a sharp intake of a breath, then from behind the bush there emerged someone, who was definitely not Mathias. He was dressed in a button up shirt, soft grey in color, black slacks and a pair of slip on shoes. In his hand the man who appeared held a long stemmed red rose, then spoke, "Uh sorry I'm not Mathias." he stepped closer to where the soft glow of the candle revealed who it was, it was Matthew.

She dropped her shoes to the floor beside her, still barefoot as she moved towards Matthew to accept the rose. "I thought you were shipping out?"

"It seems that I was shipped out, made it to my other job, then I was transferred to here right after I arrived at my other project. I was a bit shocked and also pleasantly surprised" He reached out a hand and gently caressed Anya's cheek. "I don't know why or how but, I am glad I am here." he stepping closer to Anya, "Do you mind that I am here?" having a concerned expression in his eyes. "And by the way it was Mathias that had told me to come here.."

"Why would I mind!" she slipped her hand around his waist and pulled him closer to her, pressing her cheek against his chest. Was this really happening?

He wrapped his arms around Anya, enjoying the feel of her against him. "I can scarcely believe I am here, with you once more in my arms." kissing the top of her head. "You excite me, you soothe me." he paused for a moment,just enjoying the moment. "I am sorry if I am being too mushy with my words. I felt like my heart was breaking when I had to leave."

"I felt the same... Are you saying you are assigned to the Merlin?"
She asked tentatively, not wanting to get her hopes up to much.

"Yes, I have been assigned to the Merlin." Matthew leading Anya to one of the chairs then he moved his to be seated across from her, no table between them. "I just.. oh pinch me as I am feeling like I am in a dream and am afraid to wake up from this beautiful dream."

Anya was at a loss. Joy seemed to be filling her but she was so overwhelmed she didn't know what to do. Instead tears started to spill, her sobs started to wrack her body as she pulled him close, hugging him in a release of emotion she didn't know had been pent up.

Matthew wrapped his strong arms around Anya, holding her close. He felt moisture upon his cheeks realizing that he to was crying. He kissed the top of Anya's head, enjoying the moment, and waited until her storm of tears had passed, then he remarked, "I've got temporary quarters for the moment until my more permanent quarters are assigned. Hopefully I won't be too far from you when it gets determined on where I will be sleeping. But if they are far from you I will just have to deal with it. All that matters is I am here on the same ship as you are." he then lifted her chin to where he could see her eyes and gently kissed her lips.

Matthew Teague
Corps of Engineering
NPC: McPhee

●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin


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