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A potential new way to travel between the stars

Posted on Sunday 14 May 2023 @ 21:55 by Captain Melody Jones & Commander Seklar

Mission: Where no one has gone before
Location: Observation lounge
Timeline: MD1 1500
1939 words - 3.9 OF Standard Post Measure


Standing in the observation lounge, Jack was reading over the pages of notes he’d put together for this presentation. While he was sure his project could work, convincing his fellow officers would be the first of many steps to get Starfleet and maybe even the Federation to put resources towards. He knew this would be an uphill battle as every civilisation through the galaxy relied on starships for practically everything, so asking one of them to replace those ships with a long range transporter could be quite the challenge. Taking a deep breath in, Jack looked out the window at the stars flying by as he waited for the other officers he’d invited to arrive for the meeting.

Both Mathias and Hamish walked in, their faces filled with curiosity at the meeting called by the new Chief of Operations. "You've got my interest, and can hardly wait until the others get here to find out what you have up your sleeve." Mathias greeted Jack.

Hamish quietly took a seat until the meeting commenced.

Not sure why he had been called, Seklar walked in and took a seat as well.

Turning to the arriving officers, Jack gave each of them a nod, "thank you all for coming. We're just waiting for the CO to arrive then we shall start" he said before he moved over to a wall console and started to check his presentation. "um, actually before we start, how much do each of you know about the Iconians?"

At this moment, the door opened and Melody walked in, studying a PADD. "Apologies for being late, I was just going over some system analyses." She sat down "I didn't mean to interrupt, this is your show Lieutenant, please continue."

With Melody walking in, Jack figured he’d save question time for after he’d laid everything out, “actually never mind, I’ll just jump into it” he told the others before he tapped a few control which reduced the lighting levels with the exception of what amounted to a spotlight at the head of the table and started his presentation.

Stepping into the light, Jack put his game face on before starting, “thank you all for coming. The reason I called you all here today is to present to you an idea that I have come up with for a new method of transportation and hopefully at the end I could acquire your assistance with the final stages of my project” he said before he tapped a few commands into the control panel infront of him. After a moment, a projection of a circular device appeared floating above the middle of the table between the gathers officers.

Giving them a moment to look, Jack continued, “this is my idea for a network of long range transporters that in theory can teleport anything from organic to inorganic materials from not only one star system to another but potentially one quadrant to another. This is achieved through the creation of a micro wormhole that connects two of these devices through which we send a transporter signal, allowing an object or person to travel light years of distance in mere seconds rather than months or even years”

Mathias raised his eyebrows at this, and also was even more intrigued about this idea. "In essence we go through that in order to get to another place in a shorter time, almost like an gate like what come of the ancient races have done before?" taking a good look at the circle that was being shown.

"And what happens if one of those wormholes fails?" Seklar asked, leaning forward a fraction, "say we transport a person, and mid-transit one of them malfunctions, or worse, is destroyed? What happens to the signal?"

Giving a nod to Melody, Jack looked over at Seklar, “I’m not sure. That’s why I asked you all here. I believe my project is ready for the practical testing phase, but I haven’t had a chance yet to actually build one of these to see if the micro wormhole is stable enough to send a communications frequency through, let alone a transporter pattern. On paper, my project is sound, but there may be situations I haven’t accounted for or as you pointed out Commander, outcomes that we don’t know of. So, if the four of you are willing, I would like to ask for your assistance in the construction and practical testing of my long range transporter. Although I like the idea of it being a ‘gate’. Hmm”

"I've had a look at the Lieutenant's research so far and it looks promising." Melody interjected. "I've given him permission to use the ship's resources and crew, duties permitting of course."

"I like this idea, and hope to be a part of this as well. Both for science sake as well as the artistry of the design. Count me in." Mathias responded with a smile, and giving Jack an approving look.

"thank you Commander, Captain. I appreciate your support. I know this is a strange project and ultimately nothing may come of it, but I believe this could be a very useful technology for colony logistics and emergency aid supply"

"That does make sense." Mathias remarked. "A gate way in order to make things be more easier to get to." the XO shifting in his seat as his eyes grew distant, thinking of the possibilities.

"And if my system works the way I think it will, we could even use it to travel between galaxies once a gate is established in that new galaxy"

"And how much power will that consume?" Seklar asked, "how is safety ensured as we will be transporting an entire ship's complement of people, a wide variety of species, genetics and personalities, not to mention the vessel itself and all technology aboard. How will such a wormhole be powered, and maintained?"

“A standard anti-matter reactor should be enough to create and maintain the wormhole, at least according to the maths. As for the safety of the people, our current transporter systems already have those protocols in place so all we’d need to do is copy and paste. The transporters are one of the several technologies that my system is based on.”

"Well it most certainly sounds like a viable plan to work on. After all years earlier the development of the transporter system, the designer and those who worked on it, had been scoffed at. And now, we utilize that technology as if we were going into the next room to get something from the kitchen or the bedroom. Now here is another innovative idea. I am liking the sound of it. " Mathias remarked.

Hamish spoke up, "When do we get to start to work on this? I am very interested. And would love to be a part of this."

"I'm going to have to look for a space large enough to work on it. I think one of the cargo bays might be the best place for it, so long as we can clear one of them out without causing any issues." Jack answered as he looked to the captain, "we could use one of the holodecks, but I'd rather have somewhere to work that is a little easier to repair if something goes wrong"

"I believe cargo bay 4 is currently vacant Lieutenant and I must admit I'm curious to see your results," Melody replied. "As I said before, you can recruit whomever you wish as long as it does not interfere with their duties."

“Cargo bay 4 will be fine. Alright I’ll start writing up a list of personnel and have them submitted to the appropriate department heads. I’d also like to coordinate with Jupiter station on this if that’s alright”

Seklar just shook his head, considering the idea extremely dangerous. "I recommend not using any human subjects until you are absolutely certain you have looked at every safety aspect."

Looking over at Seklar, Jack gave a confused look like he’d just heard Seklar speak in some ancient tongue, “um, you do realise that’s what the battery of tests and experiments are for right Commander? The transporter itself went through decade of testing and field operations before a person went through it. I expect this protect will be even more scrutinised as it will effectively replace the need for Starfleet ships to travel between planet side Starbases”

"The lieutenant isn't an idiot, he's thought this out thoroughly." Mathias replied to Seklar. "I do understand your feelings of caution, Commander, however I've got faith in Lieutenant MacGyver and his ability to workout details before things are put into action. He is very meticulous." then Mathias added. "its not anymore dangerous than working on an experimental engine for a shuttle in the holosuite as what you have been doing."

Hamish just listened tto the conversation, knowing full well there wasn't any love lost between Mathias and Seklar.

Seklar shot the XO an almost withering glare. "My objections to who wants to pilot that vessel have been well noted. Additionally I have never implied the lieutenant to be an idiot. I do however advise caution, there are plenty of dangers involves."

"I will reiterate, he has studied over the pros and cons, besides, the captain has shared her interest in what he proposes. And has given her approval. Lieutenant MacGyver, has already stated he will be cautious." he looked towards Melody as well as Jack. "Captain, much like those who had started the journey for us to be able to fly out here amongst the stars, there were risks. Beginning from the great Leonardo Da Vinci, and Galileo Galilei in Italy, Christiaan Huygens in the Netherlands, and Isaac Newton, to the Wright Brothers who had studied those great scientists. They took precautions but they also had to traverse the uncertain and at times dangerous grounds. Therefore," he looked at Commander Seklar. "Your cautionary advice has already been duly noted. However I will also say, best not to dim the fires of creativity either."

Holding up his hands in an attempt to regain some for of control, Jack spoke using as authoritative a voice as he could, “thank you all for your input. I will submit personnel requests to each department head and to the XO for further discussion. I appreciate the concerns brought up by Commander Seklar and will be sure to double check everything before any practical tests are performed”

Seklar simply nodded in acknowledgement. This was all he needed, the reassurance that his engineers wouldn't be exposed to unnecessary risk. "You may only select from the experienced engineers for your project," he informed the man. This way he sought to protect the younger and less experienced people under his, wasn't it?

"any recommendations are more then welcome Commander, Please send me a list of personnel you deem appropriate. That goes ditto for everyone else here. The more help I can get the faster I can get this little project to the testing phase" Jack said as he looked around to the gathered officers.

"Well then we have path to follow, and that will be taken care of. For now we adjourn." Mathias replied.


○●● Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
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