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The pitter patter of future feet

Posted on Friday 17 July 2020 @ 22:58 by Lieutenant JG Ricardo Draxx & Commander Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: The Jone's quarters
Timeline: MD1 2000
884 words - 1.8 OF Standard Post Measure


Melody, Draxx and Sansa were just finished off their evening meal. Melody was relaxing with a glass of wine and Sansa was clearing the table. With her wine glass in hand, Melody stood and went over and sat down on the extremely comfortable sofa and made a 'come hither' motion with her finger to Draxx.

Draxx grabbed his own glass and joined his wife. His eyes followed Sansa, Melody spotting a look of sadness and regret that to be honest she was seeing a lot of lately. More so since the revelation of a Godding now being Sansa’s girlfriend.

Sansa finished clearing. "I'm going to get ready. I'm meeting Hayley this evening."

"Ok Sweetie. You two have a good time." Melody responded before turning her attention back to Draxx. She had an inkling of what might be bothering him but decided to ask him.

"Hey there. What's up mister?"

“Nothings up. Everything’s fine,” he said fooling no one. He took a long sip from his glass.

Melody looked at him deadpan. "Come on, something's up! Now spill! Before I set my highly trained ninja hedgehog on you and you know, I will."

"You know how they say romance is dead when you get married," Draxx said, "I really didn't think it would be all that fast. Honestly getting your hedgehog to do your dirty work for you ..." he said jokingly.

"Hey! She's a professional." Melody replied with a grin. "And not above sinking her tiny teeth into your tender flesh now spill! What's up?"

"Ok .. well its just I never got to ... you know see she her grow up. Really do the dad thing. Have all the memories. And now she's dating. She's really grown up. I feel … I feel like ... like we should have another baby," he said suddenly.

Melody's mouth fell open and her eyes went wide as she just looked at him for a moment. She tried but her mouth wouldn't make sounds. She had anticipated why he was upset, she had not anticipated his solution.

"You don't want more kids?" Draxx asked.

Her brain finally re-engaged her voice "Sure, of course. Why don't you just jump my bones right here?" She laughed, but it was a hollow sound, tinged with sadness. "Draxx.... I'm not sure......" her voice faltered and her eyes started to well with tears "I'm not sure it's possible for me to have a baby that ages naturally.... after what happened when I was ..... The Borg.... Caroline said it was some leftover compounds in my bloodstream." Her shoulder started to shake and despite herself, her resolve that she normally maintained was crumbling.

She wiped her eye. "I'm sorry," She managed to get out. "I don't normally get like this."

Draxx pulled her into a hug. "Its okay baby. I understand. Maybe we can find a way to make it safe. I mean I'm not saying we need to do it right this minute. Although I'm never adverse to jumping your bones. Its something to check into right? Is that okay?"

Through her tears, Melody let out a proper laugh. "And they say romance is dead." She snuggled into him and kissed him. "You're right it something to look into and I..... We will. If there is a way, I promise I'll try it. I......It's just that....." she struggled to put into words what she was feeling. "I'm ...... I'm scared Draxx."

"Well don't be. I'm right here with you. I'm always right here with you Mel," Draxx said. "That's part of this marriage thing you know."

"No, it's worse than that.... I'm scared that if I can't give you a baby....... you wouldn't stay...."

"You really think that? You completely changed my universe. Before you, I was a really miserable person. You and Sansa make me a better person. I would never leave you," He said pulling her face up to look at him. He lifted his hand so she could see the ring. "For better or worse, till death do us part. I didn't say those words lightly."

She nodded feebly. "I know.... I shouldn't think that but I know you want to raise a child, to hold them, so watch them grow up."

"If we can't do it biologically we could look at adopting? or surrogate or something. There are other ways," he said softly.

She looked at him. "You... Are a good man and I love you and there are times when It seems like I forget that so I give you permission to remind me and, you can say "I was right."

Draxx could hear red alert in his head at that comment. He was sure it was a trap. "No really that sounds more dangerous than the attack hedgehog me saying I was right."

She slapped him gently on his arm before kissing him passionately. "Don't let that go to your head mister and I wouldn't abuse the power that I have bestowed upon you. Use it wisely." She added as she kissed him again. "Now, what was that you mentioned about jumping my bones?" She asked innocently but with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Well Mrs Draxx," he took the wine glass off her, "We do have our quarters to ourselves right now. Lets use that time wisely."



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