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Penny for your thoughts

Posted on Friday 9 October 2020 @ 19:16 by Commander Caroline Miller & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: Race against the machine - Joint Mission with USS Andromeda
Location: USS Andromeda, Ready Room
Timeline: MD9 1900
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The crew of the Europa that was assigned to the Merlin was all aboard and had been given quarters, and the Andromeda and Merlin were proceeding to Starbase 308.

Melody had just finished her duty shit and had beamed over to the Andromeda with a bottle of Aldebaran Whisky to share with Captain Reynolds.

Melody had seen Amelia on the bridge and suggested getting together after she had seen Jonathan. She pressed the door chime to the Ready room.

Jon wasn't expecting anyone. Eddie was with his mother and True was at her quarters still getting together things to move in. He stood up and said "come,"

Melody entered. "Good evening Captain. I thought we could share some of this." She held up the bottle. "Aldebaran whisky, 2235. Not replicated. A very good year.

"Well that's a nice offer," he mused. "I might join you for one drink. My girlfriends joining me later so I better not have too much."

As she poured, she mused "Definitely an interesting mission. Didn't go exactly as planned but the outcome was successful." She handed him a glass "Here's to cheating death for another day."

"And being able to stare it down another day," he nodded clinking the glass offered to hers.

"Please take a seat," he indicated the couch. "Anything frayed or scratched True has a cat,"

"Thanks," Melody said as she sat. "I'm used to things been a bit... chewed around the edges. I have a pet hedgehog." She went onto explain. "Has the crew of the Europa settled in ok?"

“As well as can be. Most are in shock,” Jon said honestly. He should know. He could personally sense a lot of it.

"I bet they weren’t expecting Captain Keading to pull a stunt like that. It took me a bit by surprise I must say." Melody said as she took a sip of her drink. She could understand why Vern had done it but still, to sacrifice your own ship. "Has there been any communication from Starfleet Command on the subject?"

“I had to report it but nothing I’ve heard back. Most likely they will want to speak to him direct,” Jon answered. “I should have of expected it. Every interaction with Vern he was like ... “don’t leave me out of any action.” I wanted to put it down to him trying to impress me and his sister but .... he really did want some danger and action.”

Melody let out a short laugh. "What's the old saying? Be careful what you wish for?" She drained her glass and refilled it before offering the bottle to Jon. "We still have some repairs to complete but they should be done by the time we reach Starbase. So not only do we have the Ceta who think they have a claim to a Planet Killer but also the Ferengi. I read your report on the planet Villanueva.

It says there were dozens of these devices there and we know the Cetea know the location of this planet. You don't think the Ferengi do too? Do you think that Amelia's mirror counterpart had something to do with the Ferengi?"

“I’m certain she did, the crazy woman. She seems to have sold every secret to everybody. I think she’s going to be causing us headaches for a long time to come,” Jon said with certainty.

“How do you know Fox then?” He asked allowing her to top up his glass. He was going to attempt to match her. He had heard of Captain Jones’s high tolerance in his own grapevine.

Melody got a funny little smile on her face as she reminisced. "We met when we were both at the academy. I was on leave in Austin, hanging out at this.... questionable watering hole when I heard raised voices coming from a nearby table. I'd seen Amelia on campus but never had the chance to talk to her and there she was playing poker with some Redneck, a Boslick and a Bolian. She was winning, which the other three didn't seem to take rather well as the next thing I know, the entire table was upended and all three of them were on her. She was doing rather well, I believe the Bolian went through the window followed by the Boslick. The Redneckcaucgh her off guard helped her to follow. I only felt I had to step in when he pulled a disruptor pistol on her" Let's just say it pays to tread softly and carry a phaser. Managed to save the winnings." She added with a grin before draining her glass again and refilling. She offered the bottle to Jon.

Her expression turned serious. "You could be right about her Mirror counterpart. We did a high-resolution scan of the debris. We couldn't pick up any organic residue... but that could be a result of the engine overload. We did detect an odd energy pattern, extremely week. We couldn't identify it. But there was nowhere for her to go..."

“That we know of,” Jon said darkly. “I’m going to bet money she’s not dead. No thank you captain, I certainly can’t match your pace and don’t want a tongue lashing from True,” he said gently.

Melody nodded and re stopped the bottle which was about half full. She placed it on his desk. "I'll leave the rest of the bottle with you. For a special occasion."

“Yes I’m familiar with her poker face,” he chuckled at her story. “Nice to know she honed it years ago.”

"Carved in Marble I believe the term is." she chuckled "I've only been able to win one or two hands against her." She stood. "I'll let you get home, I don't want to be the one who gets shouted at by lieutenant Keading either.

Also, I was going to treat Amelia to dinner when she finished her watch. Captain, I was thinking that we should get everyone together for a bit of a celebration before we part ways. Let them blow off some steam, they deserve it. What do you say?"

"I think that sounds like a damn good idea," Jon agreed.

Melody smiled. "I'll make the arrangements. Good night Captain."

“Good night,” Jon said rising from his seat, “And thank you for the excellent whiskey. I’ll look forward to the celebration.”

Melody acknowledged with a nod of her head before she stepped out from the ready room onto the bridge.

Amelia looked up. "You timed that well I've just finished my shift," she said as the next watch started ti take their stations.

"Fancy that," Melody replied. "Come on, let's get something to eat."

"Sounds good to me, I'm famished." She called to the duty officer "If anyone needs me, I'll be aboard the Merlin." The duty officer acknowledged as Amelia followed Melody into the turbolift and spoke to the computer.

"Transporter room 1"



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