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The Day to Day of a Marine Wife

Posted on Thursday 18 February 2021 @ 18:03 by Chief Petty Officer Marika Beck
Edited on on Friday 19 February 2021 @ 10:50

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
Location: Family Quarters, Deck 11
Timeline: Current
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Marika sighed as she took in the small family suite they'd been assigned. It would do. Enlisted family quarters weren't the biggest on ship, but they were nothing to complain about either. She looked at Wyatt, who had already claimed his room.

"I like this. " he said. She laughed.

"You would. You're in space, which is what you wanted, isn't it? " she asked. He nodded.

"Well, the sooner you get unpacked, the sooner we can go look around the ship. Is there any particular place you want to see? " she asked.

"The bridge! " said Wyatt. Marika shook her head.

"Now you know we already had this discussion, Mister. The bridge is no place for a little boy. Especially now that we're about to depart on a mission. " she said.

"I know. But you asked me. " he said simply. She had to admit he had a point there. Although she didn't say it out loud.

"Anywhere else? " she asked.

"I want to see where you and dad work. " said Wyatt after giving it a moment's thought.

"We'll have to talk to dad about the Marine HQ areas, but I'm sure I can sneak you into where I work. As soon as I report in. " she said.

"Why didn't you report in earlier? " he asked.

"Because I had to make sure you got your medical checkups, registered into the school, and then I had to check our quarters. " she explained. Wyatt nodded.

"We can go do that now, if you want. Promise I'll behave. " he said. She smiled and patted him on his head.

"I know you will. Come on. Let's get me reported in and we'll go grab something in the ship's lounge. " she said.


Beck, Marika, Chief Petty Officer


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