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Clearing the Waters

Posted on Thursday 26 August 2021 @ 07:18 by Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Major David Scarlet

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
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His hair was still wet and he had only partially dried himself before changing out of his swimwear and into some regular clothing. Wetness was still showing through the gray shirt as he walked down the passageway and stopped at the door.

Scarlet pressed the chime and waited patiently. He had to at least try to make this right.

"Who is it" came a quick and clipped response over the comm prompted by the chime sounding in her quarters.

He sighed heavily before pressing the comm button. "It's Scarlet. I need to talk to you."

"I have nothing to say to you". is all that came back over the open channel.

Scarlet just sighed. "Well, I have plenty to say to you."

He tried to ignore the crew who stared at him as they walked past.

"Starting with an apology." Scarlet said, for once not through gritted teeth.

There was a long pause but the line remained open, Anya was mulling over what he had said. Part of her just wanted him to go away but then again having him cringing infront of her was also appealing... and in truth she felt she owed him an apology for her reaction in the Physio clinic.

Without another word being said the line closed only to have the door slip open but Anya was not in sight. Instead she was curled up on a chair staring out of the large window watching the warped stars blink by. She remained silent.

Scarlet walked in slowly, studying the quarters and finally resting his eyes on Anya. The door slid closed behind him and he walked over and sat on a nearby chair, also facing out into the star field.

"What I said earlier was uncalled for and inappropriate." Scarlet said after a long pause. "I can't take it back as if it never happened but I can apologize and try to make amends."

"You have no need to apologise Lieutenant... David!" she said softly not moving her eyes from the starfield. "I on the other hand should. I shouldn't have blown up like it did and I am very sorry for that!"

He shook his head and grinned for a moment. "Your actions were founded and most likely a long time coming."

Scarlet looked over at her and shrugged. "I'm not exactly the most tactful person so I accept your reaction as justified. You wouldn't have blown up if I hadn't said what I did."

"But how where you to know and without Caroline on board at the moment the crew will be looking to me as a grounding and stabilising force... How can I do that if I'm allowing my emotions to get the better of me!"
Tears where threatening to fall as salty water filled her eyes. She dabbed at them with her fingers nimbly wiping away what could still turn into a cascade. "I was planning to speak to Caroline about this... Maybe I left it to long!"

"We're not emotionless automotons." Scarlet said with a shrug. "Having emotions and dealing with them and the accompanying issues will make you more approachable." He almost smirked at the irony of that statement coming from him.

"Regardless of your reactions to what I said," Scarlet continued. "I shouldn't have said what I did. It was unprofessional and frankly, mean spirited. You're not the only one who could use some Miller time right now."

"I just hope we can find her!" Anya mused for a moment, allowing her mind to wonder to everything she and McPhee had uncovered in their probing of the data packet Caroline had sent over. To say it was disturbing her would have been an understatement and perhaps it was also lending fuel to this fire she was struggling through.

"We will." Scarlet said firmly. While on the surface his relationship with Miller might seem contemptuous, he did have a respect for the councillor and what she was trying to accomplish.

"Lieutenant... David... Could we perhaps start again and see if we can get off on the right appendage this time... Is that the earther saying?"
Even if she still didn't like him, she had to respect him for coming down her to clear the waters and attempt to make amends.

"You don't learn by ignoring the past." He said with half a grin. "How about we just move on and drop the hostility. Save it for the enemy so to speak."

"Thank you for hearing me out." Scarlet said after a short silence. It was hard enough to apologize and doubly so if the person was still mad.


●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin

* Major David Scarlet
Marine Company Commander
USS Merlin


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