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I wish I could Fly (Part 2)

Posted on Tuesday 31 August 2021 @ 22:35 by Captain Melody Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan & Gunnery Sergeant Alexander Beck & Chief Petty Officer Marika Beck

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
Location: Ptiná colony
Timeline: MD12 1200
3894 words - 7.8 OF Standard Post Measure


******BRIDGE - USS MERLIN******

Captain's log, supplemental. After a failed attack on the colony and our away team by another faction of Ptiná, Harleen has taken several prisoners. I've deployed additional medical staff and a marine detachment to secure the area and provide medical assistance. We've also attempted communicating with Mr Rython, who appears to be the leader of the other faction. Unfortunately, he was not forthcoming with information. I'm slightly disturbed by Harleen's statement that she would get information from the prisoners by any means necessary. I'm hoping our away team can try and smooth the waters between the opposing sides and also try and find Commander Miller, who appears to be caught up in this conflict.

Melody was pacing the bridge now, ignoring the pain in her lower back and her swollen ankles. "Hail Mr Rython again. Maybe we need to give him an incentive to talk."

The officer at tactical responded "Aye Captain. The channel is open.

"Mr Rython. This is Captain Jones of the Merlin. I should inform you that your attack on the other colony was unsuccessful and several of your people have been captured. I once again offer this ship as neutral ground for negotiations. Please respond!"

An image appeared, with a winged man wiping his lips with a napkin. "Yes.. I am done with my dinner. Now, what was it you wished Captain Jones? A parley, a diplomatic meeting on your ship? Oh and you are referring to our exercise in showing what we can do? How did you like our display?" giving a nonchalant shrug. "So you captured some of my people. They must have not done their duty-" he was interrupted by someone coming in and whispering to him. He looked sharply towards the viewscreen, then whispered back to the person. "Well then, perhaps we can do business with each other. And what sort of guarantee do we have that you won't do us any harm?"

"You have my word that non of your people will come to any harm." Melody replied, trying to put him at ease. "I assume from your change in demeanour that you have been informed of what has happened and I can assure you that the away team on the surface will ensure your people are not mistreated. Also, we are looking for of my officers, Commander Caroline Miller. We have reason to believe she is on the surface. Do you know of her whereabouts? Would you be willing to meet on board the Merlin with Harleen to bring an end to hostilities?"

"I suppose I should meet with you and...Harleen" there is a definite sneer to his voice when he said the woman's name. "As for a Commander... what was her name again? Caroline Miller? I've not heard of that name at all." Rython remarked. "I am willing to meet though and perhaps can find a reasonable way to help you out in your search. How do you know that Harleen isn't telling you lies that she doesn't have this Miller person hidden away."

Melody frowned slightly but kept her tone neutral. "At the moment I don't know that for certain but I'm going on good faith at this point. I'm glad that you're willing to meet up and open a dialogue. Please stand by."

"I shall be waiting for your signal." Rython responded.

Melody turned to the tactical officer. "Get me the away team."

******Ptiná colony******

While Miles understood Harleen's anger and wrath, he hoped to temper her last statement, "Harleen, I know we haven't been here long, but may I and the diplomat we brought with us join you in speaking with these attackers. The fact they failed in their attack may open a door to communications, and from what you said, it's not totally clear if they were attacking you and we were collateral damage or the other way around."

Marika stepped up to Miles's side. "I'm Marika Beck. I'm fully authorized to speak for the ship and crew. " she said respectfully.

Gregor placed himself between the locals and the invaders as to keep the peace. He would interpose himself between any revenge seeking hothead and shut it down quickly. Gregor glanced at the woman that he rescued from falling. " Last time I saw you, you were falling straight towards the ground, you doing alright? " He asked with concern in his voice. Her group may have attacked them and he wanted to know why. Besides, there was something about her he found interesting.

The woman looked at Gregor, her eyes narrowing, filled with fright, and rage at this interloper being here. "You have interfered with how things should be. Your people have come to enslave us."

Mathias looked over towards those who were put in a safe zone as in being held prisoner but getting treatment. He was saddened by what had transpired.

Sav was within the safe zone. She was continuing to help out with treatments so the doc could take care of those worse off. Her phaser was very safe as she had removed its power cell for just in case a prison decided to reach into her sash to try and grab it. However, she was also paying attention to anyone coming near the prisoner/treated as from what she could tell, the two sides truly did not like each other.

Gregor looked at the woman and sadly shook his head. " I don't know who told you we'd enslave you, but it's a lie. We don't enslave people, We'd rather be your friends than fight you. Nor do we go out of our way to execute people, your people are being treated for their injuries and treated with respect as well. Why waste good supplies on people you intend to kill? Why treat them with respect? "

He let his words sink in for a few before asking another question. " Do you think I would have hurt myself trying to save you from hitting the ground if our purpose was to enslave or kill you? " He smiled at her and extended his hand. " My name is Gregor, and you are...? Would you be willing to talk to us at least? Perhaps we could clear up this misunderstanding. "

The woman spat and stared at Gregor. "Are you trying to woo me?" an eyebrow raised towards him.

Gregor cocked his head to the side a bit. " I tend to prefer to become friends with a woman first before I do any wooing. What I'd really like to know is why did you attack us? We have done nothing to you. We were simply meeting with some of the local government when we were attacked, we didn't even know you existed until the attack came. We have not harmed or threatened you in any way. Could you please explain to me why you attacked? "

'You are intruders." The winged woman replied to Morgan, "Though... perhaps I can offer some information that may lead you to the one you are looking for?"

Gregor looked surprised for a moment. " If you know where she may be then please tell me. She is our friend and we would like to bring her back to us safely. " he looked at the woman. " you never did tell me your name, it would make this conversation easier on the both of us. Let me ask you a question. If one of your friends were taken from you, would you not go to help them? Just as we have done? So does that make us intruders or concerned friends and rescuers? "

Gregor stroked his beard and smiled warmly. " back on my planet we have pictures of people like you in some of our books, they're called angels. If you'd like I could show you a picture of one, perhaps it may show you that we're not so different from you and would like to get along with you. What do you think? "

The woman looked at Gregor and tilted her head to one side, "Perhaps at another time."

" I understand. " Said Gregor. " But you said that you might have some information that may lead us to our friend, would you tell me please? " Gregor nodded as he noticed that he was wanted elsewhere. " Excuse me, I am needed by my superiors. Perhaps when this is over, maybe we could share a cup of tea if you'd like to. I don't mind making new friends and would love to learn about your culture, and I could tell you about mine. The choice is all up to you, and I will respect it. "

"I do not wish to talk at this time, I will not betray my people nor my leader." the woman turning away from Morgan.

Anya approached, looking haggard even for her Benzite features. She slid up to Commander Rejal, a PADD in her hand with everything she could make out of the area she would be heading for.
"Everything I can find out about the medical facility I told you about... I have informed Lieutenant McPhee and Ensign Bumble and they will transport to our location... I need to request the presence of Lieutenant Morgan if I may... I have no idea what we may be beaming into!"

Miles took the padd, and then visibly paled, "Oh crap. I can see why these people wanted her. Thank you Anya, and keep this quiet until we need it would you."

Just then Rejal's communicator beeped. "Jones to Rejal. I've managed to open communications with the leader of the other faction and they're willing to meet on the Merlin with Harleen to negotiate. See if Harleen will agree to the same, hopefully, she will then beam up as soon as possible. Bring Chief Beck with you, I'll need her diplomatic skills. Have you made any progress down there?"

Miles looked around, "Yes mam. Morgan seems to be speaking with one of the fallen aliens, and Beck is speaking with Harleen, I will ask her if she will join us on the Merlin now. Anya has done a terrific job in treating not only the away team but also working with Harleen's people. Let me get back to you."

Sav saw Miles looking around so she discreetly waved to him, and when catching his eye, pointed to her ribs, then him, trying to have him remember to get checked out. After her 'reminder', she went back to keeping watch over the treated patients to keep them safe, as well as keep everyone else safe from them.

Miles saw Sav's motion, and nodded, silently thinking, "This would be a great time to have telepathy."

Miles walked over to Harleen and Beck, "Miss Harleen, would you be willing to visit our ship. It sounds like my Captain has reached out to whoever went these people to attack us, and they are willing to discuss peace, or at least open a dialogue with you?"

"Yes I am willing," Harleen said exchanging a glance with her advisors.

Anya watched Rejal leave but signalled for Morgan and Mathias to join her.
"Sorry to pull you away Lieutenant's, but we have another priority, I will fill you in as we go!"

"Sounds good, we'll come with you, doctor." Mathias replied, walking over towards Anya.

Gregor looked to Anya. " Lieutenant, our prisoners have been manipulated in believing that we are here to either kill or enslave them, whoever will be working with them should be made aware of that fact. New priority? I'm ready to go whenever you're ready. "

******BRIDGE - USS MERLIN******

Melody tapped her comm badge "Bridge to transporter room two, prepare to beam up Mr Rython from the other colony as well as Commander Rejal, Chief Beck and Harleen. The rest of the away team will be staying on the surface but Keep a lock them."

"Acknowledged bridge, standing by to transport."

Melody then switched comm back to the planet. "Jones to Rejal. We're ready to transport you on your signal."

******Ptiná colony******

"Acknowledged Captain, we're ready down here."

"What is beaming?" Harleen asked.

Miles grinned back at Harleen, "It is a fast way for us to move from one place to another. It won't hurt, but it will be an experience, just stand still for a moment."

Sav flicked her tail in a light pattern that read, 'See you soon, Dear', hoping Miles caught it before he disappeared in the transporter effect. She returned to guarding her charges, while also walking among them to see if any were awake enough to ask for water or being made more comfortable.

******BRIDGE - USS MERLIN******

Melody stood and went to the lieutenant at tactical. " Have the XO, Chief Beck and our guests brought to the observation lounge."

The lieutenant nodded and headed for the transporter room. She entered just as the transport cycle completed. She went up and addressed Rajel. "Sir. The Captain asked that I escort you and our guests to the observation lounge."

Miles had his game face on, "Thank you Lieutenant. Miss Harleen if you will accompany me, I will introduce you to my Captain."

The alien winged woman was stood rather still blinking heavily. Had that really just happened. One minute she had been on her beautiful island in the sky and the next she was .... well she had no idea but it wasn't home anymore. "That was ..... that was a very odd experience."

Marika looked at Harleen and smiled.

"It's a common reaction the first time a person is beamed anywhere. In the early days of the Federation many of our founding members found the process unsettling, but now it's the most common mode of transporting a person across short distances. " she explained.

"I can see the efficiency in it," Harleen commented.

Melody rose as the party entered. "Harleen, Mr Rython, welcome aboard the USS Merlin. I'm Captain Jones. If you'd like to take a seat, we'll begin. Chief Beck, up by me please."

"Yes Captain. " Marika said.

The alien woman walked around slowly her eyes looking out the windows at her planet below. "It is my first time in space," she said.

Rython looked out towards the stars, then turned his attention towards Harleen and Captain Jones. "Never thought I'd see the day to look at you once again, Harleen." he sneered slightly, for she was one he had wished long ago to be with and yet she refused him.

"Please sit." Melody said, indicating a chair for each of them directly opposite each other. "Now, if you could tell me what is the cause of this conflict?"

Rython gave a snort, "Please, it is none of your business. It is personal." folding his arms over his chest after he had taken a seat.

"It is personal for "you". It is history, ancient history for me. Our people have been at war on and off for a very long time. Centuries. Peace is always all but fleeting.

Melody frowned "Please, I want to help you resolve this conflict but I'm going to need some background information. Can you tell me anything?"

"This situation," she locked eyes with her lover from long ago. "What the hell did you do Rython? You stole their people didn't you? To try conquer us. Because you were not man enough to let me go. And your people were flying. Albeit briefly. Our people do not fly anymore Captain Jones. They haven't for a very long time. Evolution changed our abilities."

Her eyes flicked back to Rython again. "You have been messing with DNA. Admit it. Those poor test subjects. You have their deaths on your shoulders."

"I have not been messing with DNA, Harleen." His eyes narrowing, "Our people still have the capacity to fly, our evolution needs a helping hand and I did not steal their people." he stated firmly. "How dare you claim that, do you have any proof that I stole them?" holding out his hands.

Melody's comm badge suddenly beeped "Bridge to Captain. We're detecting very unusual seismic and volcanic activity down on the planet."

Melody frowned "What kind of activity?"

"Sensors are showing 3 previously extinct volcanoes have reignited and are on the verge of eruption. The planet's core is being infused with massive amounts of energy from some kind of installation where the away team is located. Captain, if this energy continues to build it won't be just these three volcanos, the planet's tectonic plates could be forced apart.... We're receiving a transmission from the away team."

"Acknowledged bridge. Keep monitoring and put them through here." She turned to the two aliens. "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

Harlem shook her head confused. She pressed her own communication device and started asking questions.

The translator only managed to get half the language as she was talking so fast.

“Meeeestre ….. blonde alien …. On an ancient…. Dfghhhj ….. ……

“Is your Commander Miller blond Captain?” Harleen asked as an image was suddenly sent to her device. She turned it around. The beast was huge and one … no two were upon it. One alien, one of them.

“No your not messing with DNA at all are you. If that’s what I think it is she has to have imprinted on that thing.

Rython gave a sharp look at Harleen, "She what? I had no idea that was in existence. " his eyes narrowed, "Sylvie"

Melody nodded. "Yes, Commander Miller is a blond." Not surprised that she had arranged her own escape.

Then another voice came over the comm system. "Anya to Merlin, we have a bit of a situation down here!"

Melody replied "We read you doctor. What is going on down there? Sensors are detecting an enormous energy source at your location that is destabilising the planet's core. Three volcanoes are about to erupt and the planet is on the verge of tearing itself apart."

"Captain, we have a situation developing! We have activated what we thought was a power source for the facility but it seems to have triggered the reactivation of some kind of planetary power source... It is linked directly to the molten core of the planet and it causing mass eruptions".

The line broke up into static for a few moments, the telltale rumblings heard around whatever was happening below. "Three of the larger Volcanoes have erupted producing pyroclastic clouds and forty seven smaller are not starting to go. The systems here are estimating that at least three million tons of basalt and ash will be ejected into the atmosphere... Sir this is a planetary disaster in the making... We are trying to fix it!"

"Standby." Melody stood. "Please excuse me for a moment. Number one, Chief Beck take over. See if we can assist in any way with medical and in the worse case scenario, evacuation." Before she headed for the bridge.

“Did … does that ….” Harleen started shaking a little as more images flooded her device from the planet below. “We have to evacuate. Rescue who we can. Captain, I implore you to help us and let us return. Our people need us.”

“Mistress the two on the beast … pulling people on it and evacuating …..”

Harleen turned to Rython her voice cold and shaky. “What have you done?”

Rython went pale, "I have not done anything at all." he was gasping for breath, feeling horror fill up his veins.

Arriving on the bridge, Melody headed for the science station. She put her hand on the officer's shoulder "Show me readings on the planet's core."

The young ensign nodded and brought up the sensor information. Melody studied for a moment before accessing the comm system.

"Jones to away team. We've confirmed your readings. Somehow, that station you're at is bombarding the planet's core with some kind of high energy plasma. Core temperature and pressure are rising. If you can't stop it, in less than 5 hours the continents will start breaking apart. This could lead to the disintegration of the entire planet. Do you require assistance?"

"Standby sir" Once more the line fell silent for a moment before the sound of a very worried Benzite Doctor came back over the comm-line. "Sir, at this stage any help you could offer would be appreciated... Also please keep a lock on the away team... we may need emergency transport at any moment!"

"Acknowledged away team. I'll see if our guests have any knowledge of the technology." Melody turned to the officer in charge of the con. "Keep this channel open and keep a lock on the away team."

Melody headed back to the observation lounge. "Ok people, we've got 3 volcanos that are erupting and in less than 5 hours, the continental plates are going to start separating. Our away team has found a control station that seems to be responsible. Do either of you know of this technology?" She asked Rython and Harleen.

Harleen shook her head wildly. “There were legends. Hidden in the history of places where our ancestors did atrocities. But we never found anything.”

"Sylvie had told me about a device... I thought her to be insane. She showed me an ancient text it will take both of us, Harleen. And two stones and something else." Rython no longer full of pomp and arrogance. "I am willing to do anything to save our planet our people. Did they find something there? Send us to the coordinates."

"Number one, you and Chief Beck take our guests and beam to the Doctors co-ordinates. Hopefully, they will be able to stop this disaster. Make sure you keep an open channel and a transporter lock on you. and be careful Number one."

“We will save our world Rython,” Harleen said, “or die trying.”

Miles seems to have been caught off guard by the idea of this beautiful world being destroyed, his head snaps around when Melody says his name. "Yes Ma'am. Beck let's go. I would also recommend prepping any shuttles or landing craft we are going to need on the chances that we can't get transporter locks on everyone."

Melody nodded in agreement. "Very good Number One, make it so."

"Yes Ma'am." Miles moved to a communication panel and keyed in a code. A siren beeped all over the ship. "This is not a drill. All personnel able and cleared to pilot a shuttle or troop transport head to the flight deck. We need to be prepared to evacuate a planet. Make it so people, Commander Rejal out." Miles looked over at Beck, "Let's get our friends to their world, and see how we can help salvage this catastrophe."


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

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Executive Officer
USS Merlin

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●●● Commander Save'ena A. Tillatix
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USS Merlin


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