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A railimaf face

Posted on Saturday 27 November 2021 @ 17:27 by Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Lieutenant Hamish Teague

Mission: First Contact
Location: The Runabout USS Columbus
Timeline: MD7 1000
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"Hello Amelia...."

The very pregnant woman with dark hair who was still holding a knife to Sansa's throat rolled her eyes

"I know you're from the mirror universe." Sansa continued in a quiet tone.

Amelia was taken aback momentarily but covered it well. She looked at her closely. "I don't know you but you look familiar. Who are you and who's with you. And don't lie to me!"

"My name is Sansa Draxx Jones. Lieutenant Teague is with me."

Amelia's eyes went wide with recognition at the name. "Jones! You're Melody's daughter. Oh! This is too good." She said, a plan starting to form as well as a wicked smile on her lips. "And you're with Teague? Would that be Hamish, that soulless drug runner?"

"He's a good man," Sansa replied with a resolved look on her face.

Amelia studied her reaction. "Whew I come from he's a drug dealer and a sadist. Always trying to get out of his cousin's shadow." Something occurred to her as she studied her face. "You've got the hots for him. Hmmm, Could be useful." She mused

Sansa gave nothing else away and just shrugged. "Look, since you're here why don't I get you some breakfast?" Sansa offered pragmatically. "Someone in your condition needs to eat."

Amelia looked at her for a moment, trying to work her out. After a moment she placed the dagger back on her belt but drew a phaser with her free hand "Fine, but you should know while I've been back here I've disabled many of your security protocols and your long-range communications so don't try anything." she said sitting down at the table but keeping her phaser trained on her. "And get Hamish back here. I'll feel better when we're all together."

Sansa went back to the replicator and finished preparing breakfast, now for three. While she was putting food out she tapped her comm badge "Hamish, it seems we have an unexpected guest. Would you like to join us in the aft compartment?"

"Us?" Hamish looked back towards the aft area. Who could be there besides Sansa? He stopped the runabout and headed to the aft area, to pause for a moment with a lot of questions running through his mind. "Erm who are you?" just starting at the very pregnant woman who had a phaser trained on Sansa which was directed towards him as well. "What an interesting surprise."

Sansa continued putting out breakfast as she explained as casually as if she were telling him the weather. "Hamish, this is Amelia Fox, the mirror universe counterpart of Commander Amelia Fox of the USS Andromeda. From what my mother has told me she impersonated a Starfleet officer, tried to commandeer the USS Andromeda, tortured a number of its crew, then infected an entire planet with an unknown disease and attempted to hijack the Merlin as well before selling out all of her associates and escaping."

Amelia actually seemed pleased as Sansa rattled off her list of offences "Don't forget I sold a Planet Killer to those Cetea fools, kidnapped your mother and, I've killed a number of people while I've been in your universe."

"Oh! My apologies," Sansa said as she sat down, indicating a chair next to her for Hamish. "So what brings you here?" She asked Amelia.

Amelia ignored the question and fixed her gaze on Hamish "I'd rather know what you think you're doing in Starfleet Teague? You know the Hamish Teague I know is a drugs smuggler, gun runner and a low down sneaky son of a bitch. You know I bought this knife off him?" She said smiling, indicating the knife on her belt.

She paused as she dug into the breakfast Sansa had laid out with relish, at the same time keeping a phaser trained on Sansa. "Right now I need somewhere to hide while I have my baby you, Hamish Teague, you are going to provide protection for me."

Hamish sat down near Sansa, then he stated, "You know, you could just put that phaser down and concentrate on eating. I won't be killing a pregnant woman even if she is an evil person. 2. You say I have a counterpart in the other universe who is just as amoral as you are? I don't think anyone can be as awful as you are. 3. Just how did you get here on this runabout? Did you just transport yourself here?" the scientist took a good long look at Fox. "A drug smuggler and a gun runner. You don't say." giving a half smile.

“And not to be trusted.” She added taking a drink of the orange juice Sansa had put in front of her. “You trying to kill your Cousin like my Hamish is? She looked back to Sansa and blinked a few times “You know he’s a bastard and he’ll never lobe you…. Love yoube.” She said frowning as her speed has started to slur and her head started to spin. As realisation dawned she aimed her phaser at her “Oh you bitch…..”

Sansa gave her a small smile “Yeah, you should have been watching me. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt the baby. But, my mom did warn me about you and…. well.”

Amelia raised the phaser but it dropped from her hand as Sansa quickly got up and caught her falling head and lowered it gently to the table. She looked at Hamish “Let me get you some fresh orange juice, there’s a lot of sedative in that one. Secondly, we should put her in a stasis chamber until we get back to the Merlin. Then we can get back to breakfast?”

"I highly agree with doing all of that. And Sansa, what she said is totally wrong, I do love you and I will continue to love you. What will you be telling your mother? I feel it is very important that she and your father know about this. However, I may have to spend some time in the brig for what happened." making a slight joke. "But it would be worth it as you saved someone. Someone rather precious." Hamish said, holding out his hand towards Sansa.

Sansa took his hand and gave it a squeeze. "I think my mother will be ok. It's my father that might kill you." she added with a smile. "Before we left the Merlin, mom told me all about Amelia here, what she had done, and that she was in no way to be bargained with or trusted for that matter. It's a pity that someone so beautiful could be so ruthless. Come on." She said standing "I'd feel a lot better when she's secure in the stasis chamber. I'm not sure how long that sedative will last, what with her in her current condition. I'll get the feet... You can have the heavy end."

It didn't take them long to get Amelia secured in the stasis chamber. Sansa led the way back into the aft compartment. "There. She'll be safe in there till we get back to the Merlin." She took the tainted orange juice back to the replicator and came back with two fresh glasses. "Don't worry, this one's ok." She said with a smile as she handed it to him. "You'll have to meet the real Amelia Fox. She's really very nice and she's expecting a baby too."

Hamish nodded, after he accepted the orange juice from Sansa, he placed it upon the table. He then walked over to Sansa and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him in a warm embrace. She'd hear his heart racing, and feel him press his lips on the top of her head. Murmuring, "Sansa... Are you okay? My heart seemed to stop when she had that phaser pointed towards you. You were magnificent and so cool under fire." he pulled back slightly placing a finger under her chin, tilting her face upwards to place a gentle kiss upon her lips.

Sansa's heart fluttered as he wrapped his arms around her. She managed to get out "I'm fine..." before their lips were intertwined in a kiss that started off gentle but grew more and more passionate. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled back slightly, her breathing heavy, her lips on fire as she took him by the hand and whispered in his ear provocatively...

"Breakfast can wait..."


Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine Specialist
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Hamish Teague
Chief Science Officer
USS Merlin


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