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Posted on Saturday 27 November 2021 @ 20:16 by Lieutenant Liodra & Captain Melody Jones & Commander Seklar & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan & Admiral David Jackson

Mission: First Contact
Location: Experimental warp craft/USS Merlin
Timeline: MD4 1000
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Experimental warp craft

"I think this is close enough," Bob said as he watched their position relative to... to whatever it was they were approaching. I'm slowing to sub-light speed."

The small craft slowed but continued its approach. Bob checked his readout. "This can't be right, the contact is reading as metallic, power generation is off the scale, whatever it is it's enormous, almost a hundred times bigger than we are. What do you make of these readings?"

"Look at the thermal biospectrometer!" Taron said in disbelief. "This can't be working right!"

Bob looked out of the viewing window, searching the starfield for the object. "There. There it is!" He frowned, which turned to an expression of disbelief "What...? Is that... a spacecraft?"

"Look... The readings show that there are things moving in that... whatever it is!"
Taron was hunched over, pulling up the different scanning devices they had and his infrared detector was going wild.
"Over a thousand readings excluding those two large readings at the aft of whatever it is!"

USS Merlin Bridge

Morgan watched his panel and noticed an object on an approach vector. " Captain! Reporting contact at heading 237 mark 41. It appears to be a primitive spacecraft that has just dropped out of warp. Scans do not detect any weapons that would be a threat to the ship at this time, The ship matches no known type in our database. Orders Sir? "

"Extremely primitive," Seklar noted from one of the engineering stations, "it contains a warp engine, but not of any known design." He studied the image on the viewscreen for a moment. "The vessel does look rather elegant," he noted in afterthought.

Liodra was feverishly working the science console running whatever scans she could to get some idea of what was inside the small craft.

"Two life signs sir, the biochemistry is highly unusual but they would appear to be carbon-based life... most likely of Humanoid form!"

Melody was listening to her officer's reporting with growing excitement. "An unknown vessel, primitive. A first contact? And not just that? She glanced to Rejal. "Could this be their first contact? Worth a look, eh Number one?"

Miles grinned at Melody, "Yes ma'am, hopefully, we don't scare them too badly, the Merlin is a tad bit intimidating."

"Helm, alter course to intercept, one-quarter impulse." She looked back to Morgan "Keep the shields down, for now, Let's start this with a show of good faith, and scan all communications frequencies. Let's see if we can talk to these people."

Morgan Nodded. " Aye Sir! Hailing frequencies are open. "

And Mathias just watched and monitored the scans of said craft. And that is all that he is doing. Just keeping watch.

Experimental warp craft

Bob was still staring out of the window when one of the readouts caught his attention. "It's altered course, it's heading straight for us and it's slowing."

A crazy thought went through his head and he activated the radio. "Hello? Can anybody hear me?"

"The magnetic flux created by that thing is collapsing our FTL bubble... If we lose it then it will take us a full four rotations to reinstate it!"

Taron was feverishly channeling power back to the engines, trying to bolster the bubble for fear of it completely collapsing.

USS Merlin Bridge

"Captain" Liodra called from the science station. "I think they are attempting communication. I noticed a tight beam signal emanating from the craft unlike any form of signature we currently use in Starfleet. I've honed in on it and I have channeled it through the universal translator. It is processing now but it is recognizing syntax and phonology... Would you care for me to put it on speaker?"

Miles moves up to behind Liodra's station, "Yes. I think we'd like to hear what they have to say."

There was a burst of static over the comm system which suddenly resolved into "Hello? Can anybody hear me?"

Melody clapped her hands together. "Match our carrier to their frequency and lock on."

"Triangulating frequencies," the chief engineer echoed, "locking on." He looked up. "Though I remind the captain that I am not a communications officer... I am an engineer." He gave her a mild smirk as he said that, before turning back to his station.

Gregor shook his head and input the information. " Frequencies are matched and we have a clear strong signal. "

Melody cleared her throat. "My name is Melody Jones, Captain of the USS Merlin, representing the United Federation of Planets. To whom am I speaking?"

Experimental warp craft

"My name is Melody Jones, Captain of the USS Merlin, representing the United Federation of Planets. To whom am I speaking?"

Bob's eyes went wide as he heard a female voice reply. He looked to Taron. "She sounds important." He paused a moment, then replied. "My name is Bob G’Har. I represent the planet of Ocronia. This is the first flight of our experimental ship equipped with faster than light propulsion." He nudged Taron in the side "Go on, introduce yourself."

Taron swore in a less than dignified manner before clamping hand hands over his mouth knowing that the communications system would have picked up his words and sent them over to the Alien craft.

USS Merlin Bridge

"Captain, I am detecting some problem with their FTL bubble, and there is some deterioration from it due to our magnetic flux. We may need to adjust our distance." Mathias spoke up, looking a bit concerned. "Perhaps a change in the harmonics could keep it from collapsing?" he suggested.

Melody nodded then turned her attention back to the comm channel. had heard someone say something over the comm. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite copy your last transmission. Also, we've picked up some fluctuations in your warp field, do you require assistance?"

Bob frowned. "Our warp field? Do you mean the drive bubble? Yeah, I suppose we could use a hand."

Melody looked at Mathias and Seklar "Commander, Lieutenant, can you beam over there for a face-to-face introduction and perhaps stabilize their warp field. Since we're causing the problem, I think it's only fair we solve it. Also, extended an invitation for them to come on board the Merlin so we can get to know them a bit better."

"Aye Captain," Mathias replied, rising from his station. He looked at Liodra. "Will it be allowable in having Lieutenant Liodra man my stations whilst the Commander and I will be off the ship?" then looking at Melody.

Melody nodded in approval.

"We can certainly go over there and assist them," Seklar agreed, "though I would advise against them seeing too much of our far more advanced vessel."

"I appreciate your concern Commander. I assure you, we won't overload them with too much of our advanced technology. You and Lieutenant McPhee, report to the transporter room."

She activated the comm system. "Stand by Mr. G'Har, I'm sending some of my people over to assist." Melody said over the comm channel.

"Well, you better hurry up," Bob replied, wondering how they were going to do that.

Experimental warp craft

He turned to Taron. "How do you think they'll come over here? Do you think they'll have smaller support craft or ..." his voice trailed off as he heard an unusual sound behind him and he turned to see two people materialized out of thin air.

Out of seemingly thin air, two officers appeared in the alien craft. "Greetings," Seklar said, though he was wary for their response, keeping his hand close to his phaser, just in case. "I am Commander Seklar, Chief Engineer of the USS Merlin. This is Lieutenant McPhee." He gestured to the male beside him. "We are here to repair you're... faster than light engine."

"How did you do that... and how can we understand you?" the younger of the two men said with a very perplexed and confused look on his face that almost matched the intensity of the awe and wonder he was feeling at being able to speak with an alien.

"We have the capability to translate people's language." Mathias responded, "However my friend here will be going to take a look at your FTL bubble and figure out why it is fluctuating." giving a friendly smile.

Bob's mind was racing, trying to comprehend. He nodded and pointed towards the engine control panel. "Please, be my guest. I'm guessing that, to a culture as advanced as yours, this must look pretty basic." He frowned as he realized something "You two.... you're different species. are you from the same planet?"

Mathias shook his head, "No, we are not from the same planet." he responded, "I'm human and he is Vulcan. Can you tell us about your planet? What is your planet's name?" Mathias decided to find out what he can, whilst Seklar worked out the difficulty with their FTL drive.

Taron remained quiet, respecting his chain of command in this area, and allowed Bob the chance to proceed with first contact... Had they even been prepared for this, it certainly hadn't been in his training at the ministry of astronomy and space as they were being readied for this mission.

Bob took a deep breath, trying to keep his nerves in check. "Our planet is called Ocronia. It's in a star system not far from here. We've been sent out by our people to survey the nearby star systems and to see if anyone was out there. Looks like we found someone." He added, managing to smile.

Seklar listened as he went to check on their engine, which in his eyes was extremely primitive. "Indeed you did," he answered dryly as he looked over your shoulder. "I have made some minor adjustments to your engine to balance it a little more. You should be able to maintain your warp bubble now. Unfortunately, I cannot give you the specifications to our engines, but I have made the adjustments I am able to, without compromising your level of technology."

Mathias smiled at the name of the planet. "It sounds lovely. Our captain would like to extend an invitation to you to visit with her on our ship. Would you be interested in doing so to further our first meeting?" he took a look towards Seklar, "Thank you Commander." he responded. Then turned to regard Bob. "She is rather desirous in meeting you two."

Bob's eyes went wide "Yeah We'd love to see your ship and meet your Captain. I take it she was the one we spoke to over the radio?"

Mathias nodded, "Yes that was our Captain you spoke to. Therefore..." Mathias tapped his communicator badge. "Captain they are willing to meet with you, when you are ready, they are prepared to be beamed aboard."

"Excellent. Standby for transport"

Bob looked to his co-pilot slightly nervously then back to Mathias. "What does she mean by transport?"

"It is how we arrived here," Seklar explained, then turned to McPhee. "I am not certain we should transport them to the Merlin, we have the Prime Directive to consider, and exposing them to more advanced technology may disrupt their natural evolution and technological development."

Melody, who had been monitoring the channel came over the comm curtly. "Thank you, Commander, your objection has been noted. Standby for transport. I'll be in the transporter room to greet you."

Bob grinned. "I'm ready when you are. Are you ready Taron?"

"Shouldn't one of us remain with the ship sir!", Taron said turning all formal for the first time with his superior since the voyage had started.

"Come on, I'm sure the ship will be fine without us for a short time. Don't you want to see this Excal..... extremely advanced starship of theirs?"

Taron thought for a moment then replied "Oh ok then." He quickly powered down the ship's systems and added with a grin "Let's go."

Mathias looked at Seklar, "The captain had directly given a command as to having at least one of the representatives to go the ship. This was before we even came aboard." the ginger-haired 2nd Officer remarked. "It will be as she commanded."

Tapping on his com badge, "Transporter room, four to beam up!" Mathias commanded.


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