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The Admirals Second Stop

Posted on Tuesday 23 November 2021 @ 18:09 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Kyhl Ch'rehron & Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Ensign Zirvell Khen

Mission: First Contact
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD4 0900
707 words - 1.4 OF Standard Post Measure


The call had come down from the bridge that the Admiral who would be standing in for Captain Jones during her maternity leave had arrived and after stopping on the bridge was now having a quick tour of the other facilities. Anya had called her small team together for a catch-up and to make sure her people were all together in one place, she had even called her second and ships head of surgery Doctor Kyhl to the main sickbay ready for the encounter.

Zirvell felt a little off in the new uniform, which was so different from the one he had worn only... well a short time ago. To him short, anyway. He tugged at the collar of the custom-tailored jacket which accommodated his neck ridges. "Good morning doctor," he greeted, almost cheerfully.

Kyhl walked in and gave a quick wave to Nurse Templeton. She joined the others and waited for Anya to make her announcements. Kyhl was glad Anya had found her place on Merlin and in Sickbay. It suited her. Personally, Kyhl still preferred to be hands-on instead of dealing with reports and files.

The group was starting to gather around the main sickbay display so she moved across hoping to use this time also to hand out the duties lists.
"Good morning everyone. Apologies about calling you together with such short notice but we have a number of items to cross of the list and the Admiral who is overseeing Merlin while Captain Jones is on maternity leave is on his way to inspect the facilities. Firstly, we have a new addition to the team, Ensign Zirvell Khen... make him feel welcome and if someone could oversee his familiarization with the sickbay systems I would appreciate it!"

The young Cardassian gave an almost shy wave at the introduction. "Hello..."

Before anything else could be said they were interrupted by the doors parting.

"And this is Sickbay..." Melody was saying as the doors opened and she led David in. "Which is a good spot for a rest methinks. Admiral may I introduce our Chief medical officer, Lieutenant Nir'anyar. The lieutenant is in the process of taking her bridge officers exam."

David smiled and extended his hand "A pleasure Doctor."

Anya was somewhat taken aback by the Captain saying she was in the process of taking her bridge officers exam. In her own mind, she had already written that off as a nonstarter given her performance on the bridge, none of this was reflected in her expression, only a quick darting of eyes from the Captain and then back to the Admiral.
"Admiral, a pleasure to meet you, and please do call me Anya. This is Doctor Kyhl Ch'rehron, our chief Surgeon and my second and this is our Chief Nurse, Ensign Zirvell Khen, new to the ship and this decade!"

Kyhl gave a quick nod as her antenna flicked in acknowledgement. "A pleasure to meet you Admiral."

"Sir..." Zirvell said, part of him wishing he was invisible for the moment.

The Admiral nodded thoughtfully. "Likewise Doctor. I've always said that the Medical team on a starship is one of the most important. The engineers may keep the technology running but it's keeping the crew fit and healthy that's just as important." He stopped in front of Zirvell "You're Captain Fredricks long lost son? Your father must be overjoyed that you've been found alive and well."

Word did spread fast.... Zirvell nodded slowly, not at all happy with the amount of special attention he seemed to be getting. "Yes sir, he certainly was." He gave Anya a sideways glance, silently pleading for help to get attention away from him.

"Admiral, would you care to inspect the facilities?" Anya pitched in, aware of young Zirvell's discomfort.

"Yes, excellent idea Doctor. Please lead the way." The Admiral replied.


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

Admiral David Jackson
npc Jones

●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin

Ensign Zirvell Khen
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●● Lieutenant Kyhl Ch'rehroni
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USS Merlin


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