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    CAG Emergency Surgery

    Posted on Thursday 16 March 2017 @ 03:21 by Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD & Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Caleb Mitchell
    Edited on on Thursday 16 March 2017 @ 03:23

    Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
    Location: Starbase Medical Room 3725
    Timeline: MD13 - Shoreleave


    ====== Operating Theater 3725A - Trauma Ward =======

    "This way please," Caroline said as Sav got off the bed. She led her through to the suite Galeraz had got for them.

    Sav dutifully got up and went through the door by the monitors. She gasped out at the scene before her. It was an advanced Surgical Amphitheater, big enough to hold several teams of doctors, with special tissue growth chambers, and micro regenerators, minimally invasive endoscopes, repair nanites, holosuite forcefield instruments, and a surgery bed with the latest in surgical fields. Sav stripped down to her granny panties as she approached the bed. She stopped beside it, turning to face Caroline. She blushed, large, her entire body trembling, as she then dropped the panties. Inside was an overnight feminine napkin which showed three spots of spreading blood.

    "I know it looks frightening," Caroline said softly. She ignored the underwear that Sav was clearly embarrassed about and a colleague swifted them away, "But it's equipped with everything we will need and it's a complex operation. I'm not a surgeon by specialty. I have been learning a lot on board the Merlin as we are trying to fill that position. I will be in the room the entire time. It's going to be okay Save'eana."

    The blond doctor turned to Melody, "I'm sorry but it can only be medical personnel from this point forward. I know you're worried. I'll get someone to find you a nice room where you can wait if you want too and I will ensure you get some updates as we go."

    Melody sighed. She looked at Caroline "It's ok, I understand. Thank you, Caroline." She turned back to Save'ena "I'm not going far, Sweetie. I'll be close by, ok?" and gave Sav a hug for good luck.

    Sav shuddered slightly into that hug. The scene was surreal, and this was the first time since the incident that she had been hugged by anyone without the separation of clothing and she was afraid if more was seen by Melody, she would be running for the hills. She watched Melody go, then turned back to face the surgical suite.

    Sav slipped onto the surgery bed, gently crying at having so many people getting ready to see the results of the utter taking of her by another. She had never looked at herself once, not in the last six years since that 'incident' upon Apollonia, but knew nothing had been done to repair the damage done by him and what he wore to shred and kill her. Sav opened her eyes to mere slits as she looked at Caroline and said, "Please... don't laugh... don't be mad... I.. was pretty once... honest. I'm... ready to be shaved and marked for surgery."

    "You're beautiful now Save'ena," Caroline said gently. "And no one will be laughing at you. All we want to do is get you right."

    There was a beep at the Doors. Into the room came the first wave of multiple doctors, all prepped for surgery. Galeraz had managed to cull many favors from his dealings with various races in the Federation and Frontier Zones, and he used those favors. The Specialists were all female, and they were: Gastrointestinal, Reproductive, Urological, Neurologist, and Reconstructive Surgery. Each had two assistants with them and they rushed over to where Caroline was preparing Sav for surgery. The second wave of specialists coming into the room were an Anesthetist, Endocrinologist, and Vascular Specialist. They were by themselves.

    Caroline had calculated the drug doses needed to keep the patient under and was injecting her with a hypospray. "You are going to start to feel a little woozy and go under."

    Sav nodded a large blush upon her muzzle, face, and neck. She let the doctors move her arms and legs around where needed, knowing she wanted to be out for this as she remembered coming out of anesthesia once during the first time to feel the pains and tugging upon her internals when the mesh was put into place. it was not an experience she ever, ever wanted to feel again. She quickly went under, the Anesthesiologist coming to take over the monitoring and administration to keep Sav fully under during the course of surgery.

    Galeraz had stayed outside, waiting for Sav to be deeply under until he made his entrance. While his modified biobed didn't show 'nudie' picks, it did show full mapping in a grey scale pattern of health and he had seen the damage and realized why Sav was so afraid of him. Still, his expertise would be needed to help guide the docs on getting Sav's ligament and muscle structures properly attached into place so she would keep full functioning of her tail. He prepared himself at the station just outside the door, waiting for Caroline's signal.

    Caroline nodded at Galeraz to join them. She could also see now why Sav was twitchy around male medical staff. She had also been horribly abused. "I think we are almost there. I'll just decom and get my scrubs on."

    Galeraz, already in scrubs, just nodded to Caroline and said, "Go. I've got this until you come back. I have to setup the Mephetian Scans and Biological Physique patterns into the Tissue growth chambers for the other doc teams. I will be waiting for you, don't be long."

    ==== Starbase Medical Exam Room 3725 - in the Trauma Ward ====

    Melody was still stood in the scanning suite, tears stained her face. A young nurse walked in and approached her. She spoke softly to her "You must be Commander Jones. If you'll come with me please I'll take you to our waiting room."

    Melody let her take her hand and lead her into another room and she sat down in a large comfy chair. She felt rather numb inside. She just sat there, staring rather blankly at the far wall.

    ====== Operating Theater =======

    Having decontaminated and got in her own scrubs, Caroline walked back into the surgical area and made her way towards all the doctors. "Computer," she nodded at everyone who was poised ready. "Starting surgery 16:00 hours, today's stardate. Mephetian Female. All vitals now monitored."

    With the Mephetian out and the recordings going, the teams of doctors went to work. The Gastrointestinal team began shaving the abdomen from mons to midriff using a depilatory cream. The Neurologist team prepped a small area above the patient's left ear for a minimally invasive endoscope to be used to remove the transporter beacon implanted among the unusually structured brain folds. The Reconstructive team created a cast of the patient's nethers using quick setting polys, after clipping and removing several threads that were in the way.

    Galeraz, watching over the activity as he loaded Mephetian Physique information into the various data nodes for the surgical suite, stopped and quickly came over to the Nurse for the Reconstructive team. He took the container with the threads, saying, "I need those, thank you." He now turned to the Reconstructive team, "Save that cast, its evidence. And, yes, details for your reconstructive surgery are uploaded to your growth chamber. Be forewarned, Mephetians are more interconnected with nerves and a little differing structure than a Terran. She underwent more pain than you realize." He now took the container with threads to a diagnostic station, then returned to his task. The consoles beeped, showing the information was in.

    Caroline wandered over and looked over the readings.

    The diagnostic monitors showed the patient was down to near coma levels as needed for this type of surgery. Her vitals were low, but strong, in spite of the poisoning and foreign substances inside of her. Still, though, all knew this was emergency surgery as her readings were at 18% for several key systems within the young female's body.

    Galeraz waved to Caroline to come over to the diagnostics station even as he addressed the teams. "Greetings Doctors. Thank you for getting here quickly. I have updated all stations with Mephetian physiology so you now have reference points. If anything within that patient is suspect, we put it right according to the reference points, got it? And, we ALL take our cues from the Anesthesiologist on submerged state, as well as the Endocrinologist and Vascular Specialists who will be trying to clear out some of the toxins from the patients Endocrine and Lymphatic systems. She is soused in them, and they are partially covered by a neucleopeptide protein her body came up with to survive. We have to watch out to not release too much, and yet to release and flush, while the surgeries are happening to get rid of the source. Any questions?"

    The surgery teams, being all female, glanced back at how the young girl looked, then back to Galeraz and shook their heads. Galeraz nodded, "Let's begin."

    The initial cuts were made into the skin of the female as the doctors from the Gastrointestinal and Reproductive teams made the typical 'I' pattern to fully expose her internals to the surgery. The Neurological Team were making their incisions to get into the patients head to remove the transporter transponder beacon. The Reconstructive Team were busy with the growth vats in getting tissues ready to repair the external damage and get rid of that reminder to the patient.

    Galeraz turned to Caroline, "Okay, Nurse Tenearst cut the threads from the lower orifices, and told that team to save the cast for future evidence. I have the container with the threads at that diagnostics station. Would you mind performing analytics on them?"

    "Make sure you log everything," Caroline said as they were building a case to investigate what had happened to Sav.

    Affirmatives were heard from the team as they were working on the patient.

    The thread diagnostic showed the sytheduralex material was mostly gone upon the threads that had been sticking out of the patients lower orifices. They were coated in neucleopeptides of an unusual sort, though, that had dissolved the nylon material molecular bonds in order to 'cut' it to get rid of. Those same protein strands also bound up the toluene glue to help prevent it from being absorbed by the body.

    Galeraz stood beside Caroline, watching the results. He whistled low, then said, "Those peptides are amazing. Her body must have come up with that when the original poisoning was happening, and that slowed down the interchange to give her a chance to live. Her body had started to absorb the mesh, as it should, but stopped because of the toluene. She thought there was something wrong with her body without realizing it was actually very right."

    Caroline nodded. This was a patient unlike anything she or she guessed Galeraz had ever seen before.

    Disbelief mutters were heard over at the surgery team. They had just finished pulling back the third set of muscles and ligaments to expose the internal organs and found the tie points and the haphazard job with the mesh. One nurse grabbed a recorder to zoom in and record every detail before they would go back to work. Once done, the flurry of activity resumed. Mechanical cutters were brought out for working with the mesh as the Lasers would flash the Glue and create a hazardous environment for the doctors.

    The Urology doctor came over with a removed kidney and began work on repairing it. The Reproductive doctor came over with an ovary. Nurses rushed over with sample tissues from intestinal tracts, uterus, and bladder. Those went into growth vats to create repair tissues. The lead doctor, Commander Shanara Treaddy, came over to Caroline and Galeraz.

    "It is going to take several hours to get rid of that mess inside our patient. We directly recorded everything, but... " She looked back over at the patient obscured by the doctors, then back to Caroline and Galeraz, "Whoever did this should be lynched. We're treating the inflammation as we go while Doctors Malliard and Stuarts are doing what they can for the endocrine and lymphatic systems. Those are harder to get flushed. She is also needing a new left kidney as well as left ovary. We're going to rescue as many eggs as we can. Tissues are being grown for her other organs for repairs. I'm afraid even after surgery is over, our Mephetian will have to remain in the surgical suite until stabilized with better life readings. We need to get her above 50%."

    The doctors returned to their work. The new kidney and ovary were growing well, the patient was responding to the flushing, and the mesh was coming out easier than originally thought thanks to the peptide coating on it by the patients immune system.

    Twelve hours later, the initial surgeries were done. The patient was closed back up as the poisoned systems showed at 31% functioning from the earlier 18%. Doctors and teams were high-fiving each other as the final layers of the 'I' cutaway were being put back into place and healed. This time, they were going to make sure there was minimal scarring, and hopefully none with the care the patient was receiving. For the future surgeries, minimal size incisions would be used and the kidney and ovary would use the same egress.

    "Thank you everyone," Caroline said softly. "You have all been invaluable and you are quite right whoever did this to her, we will find them and bring them to justice. I'll keep monitoring her. I am sure with everything we have managed she will begin to heal and meet that 50% target in the next few days. Thank you again."


    Lieutenant Save'ena Tillatix
    CAG / Uroboros Squadron Leader
    USS Merlin

    Lieutenant Commander Caroline Miller
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Merlin

    Lieutenant Caleb Mitchell
    Cheif Counselor
    USS Merlin

    Dr. Galeraz Zephyr
    Xeno Doctor
    Station: Outpost 785 on Argelius II
    Visiting Consultant


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