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Mixed feelings

Posted on Saturday 9 October 2021 @ 16:52 by Captain Melody Jones
Edited on Saturday 9 October 2021 @ 17:08

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Captain's log: Mission day 3, 0700

It's with mixed feelings that I make this log entry. Sansa has just departed last night on the USS Santa Maria with Lieutenant Teague and Fay to help settle what hopefully will be the first group of Humpback whale colonists. I must admit at first, I had my reservations about Sansa acting as a host for Fay but in the long term, it has given her a great advantage, and has helped her focus her career path. I'm very proud of what she has chosen to do, even if it eventually means she does not join Starfleet. I was upset to see her leave the Merlin and I am missing her. But she's a young woman now, capable of looking after herself and making her own choices. That being said, I will feel better when she is back on board. I know Draxx will definitely feel better when she is back on board. She was very upset when Hayley left but she seems to have recovered just fine now and I'm picking up something going on with this Lieutenant Teague. I'm sure Draxx will be grilling him once he gets back.

Thanks to the injections devised by Caroline and Starfleet Medical, Sansa's brothers and coming along just fine and should be ready to make an appearance in another couple of months. I'll be going to see the doctor later on today to make sure the boys are ok in here. Still craving the carrot juice and boy, do I miss my morning raktajino. Draxx really wants to be there for the birth and I really want him there too, I don't know what I'd do without him. He finally gets a chance to do the things he missed out on with Sansa. Don't get me wrong, he adores her and she will always be his little girl but he does regret not getting the chance to play with her as a baby and watch her grow and learn from him. It's also my regret that she grew up faster than she had to. Still, she's happy and healthy and beautiful and quick-witted... Just like her mother.

While the primary reason for my doctors' visit is the twins, I'm also concerned for our Chief medical officer who has isolated herself after the incident where she almost destroyed a planet. I've also heard some whispers on the underground grapevine that her attitude towards the crew has... well let's say her bedside manner has started to slip slightly. Let's see if we can't fix that before it gets any worse.

Caroline is another who's got something on her mind and I've got a pretty good idea what it is. I'm going to talk to her about that this morning.

Our current mission is a welcome change from getting shot at by Borg and having to negotiate peace treaties between mortal enemies, just pure exploration. The reason we're out here. We should be arriving at the first star system in a couple of days.

Sansa should be back with us well before I go into labour and Admiral Jackson is coming to assume command while I'll be on leave with the boys. At the moment I'm planning to spend most of my leave on the Merlin with Draxx. I shall be taking him off active service so he can spend time with his boys. Sometimes, being the Captain does have its advantages.


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin


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