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Posted on Thursday 26 May 2022 @ 12:59 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Commander Seklar

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Obersvation Lounge, USS Pegasus
Timeline: 16H00
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Captains log: Due to a complete life support failure, we have to abandon the Merlin. We are currently been looked after very well by the crew of the USS Pegasus. With the Merlin in being tow, we are currently en route to Deep Space 21 for extended shore leave while the Merlin undergoes an extensive repair and a refit. I've been in contact with Starfleet Command and they have given us an extensive list of new technology that we will be testing for them. Although I'm not on active duty at present, David has agreed to let me be involved with briefing our chief engineer.

Melody and David were sat at the end of the conference table waiting for Seklar. They had made sure everyone had got settled in on the Pegasus and been reunited with any loved ones before carrying on with duties.

Having been properly seen to by a medical officer, after a quick fix in engineering to at least return some of his hearing, Seklar had taken a brief moment to settle his children and reassure them that he was alright now, and would join them again soon. If there was anything in his life that was important to him it was his family. And more notably, his children because as far as he was concerned these days, he didn't have any other family. He and his father had not spoken since his departure from Cheron base, messages and calls had been left unanswered. Eventually, Seklar had stopped trying, also to protect his children.

Now feeling just a little refreshed, he walked into the Pegasus' observation lounge, feeling very much out of place. A guest, rather than it being home. "Captain.." he greeted. "Are you well? Is your family safe and settled?" He turned his head, inclining it ever so slightly. "Admiral..."

"Yes they're all safe and sound now thank you," Melody replied

David smiled "Have a seat please Commander. This is Captain Jones's briefing."

Melody picked up one of the PADDs on the table in front of her. "We've been in contact with Starfleet Command and brought them up to speed on the latest events. During our stay over at Deep Space 21 as well as repairs, Starfleet has planned a major upgrade to most of the Merlin systems including a new shield grid, new computer core processors, a new main deflector and installation of a quantum slipstream drive.
Now, most of these are brand new and untested. It will be our job to test them and make a full report. Here's a complete list of the upgrades." Melody placed the PADD on the table and slid it over to Seklar

Picking it up, the Vulcan's impassive features seemed to show the slightest hint of excitement over this. "If we are making all these upgrades, perhaps we should consider upgrading our weapons systems as well," he suggested, "as well as sensors." He offered the faintest of smiles. "With all these changes, would it not be easier to just select a new and more advanced vessel?"

Melody raised an eyebrow. “Well, Starfleet believes the Merlin has still got some life left in her and thinks it’s a sound investment to keep the ship on the cutting edge of technology.”

“Also they want an experienced crew to carry out these tests.” The Admiral added.

Melody took another sip of her coffee. “I do believe the weapons and sensor array are also marked for upgrades. Most of the work will be carried out by the staff at Deep Space 21. I think one of the major changes will be the quantum slipstream drive. I remember attending a lecture given by Admiral Janeway. Starfleet engineers have managed to perfect the technology but there’s still an element of risk involved.”

"I have every faith in Lieutenant Yoshida," Seklar answered before his expression turned thoughtful. "Quantum Slipstream is a dangerous technique," he answered slowly, "even if they have perfected it, it still remains not properly tested. There is still a lot of room for refinement and improvement." He looked up. "I do not recommend installing it onto the ship before we have done our own testing and improvements."

Melody smiled. “I’m afraid the installation of the drive has been decided by Starfleet Command but they’ll make available all the technical specifications and I’m sure you’ll be able to iron out any kinks we might encounter.”

"I am an engineer captain, this is what I do." And tinkering was what he loved to do. Yet as he spoke he had an air of pride about him that people didn't generally see.

Melody slid one of the other PADDS towards Seklar. “Starfleet has also given us another project. One I think needs your personal supervision. They’re giving us a shuttlecraft equipped with a new experimental drive that will make quantum slipstream look like impulse. They’ve called it The Phoenix Project. In theory, this drive folds subspace, making it possible to cross a Galaxy in the blink of an eye. I need you to finish the construction of this shuttle and conduct a series of test flights. I myself might be interested in joining you on one of these test flights.”

Now this was more up his alley and his expression changed to one of childish excitement. "Is it wise for the captain to join me? Surely, an experienced pilot is more... appropriate?"

David who had been taking a drink of tea nearly choked. Melody raised an eyebrow "I'll try not to take that personally Commander..." she then let out a chuckle, noting his enthusiasm for the project.

"The Captain here was rated as one of the top pilots at the Academy" The Admiral explained once he had recovered, causing Melody to blush slightly. "In fact, some of her records have not been broken... nor have many of her instructors recovered," he quipped.

"Thank you for that vote of confidence David..." Melody said dryly. "I'm a pilot at heart Commander. The faster the better. Once you've established the drive is safe and you're satisfied there are no risks, you can begin the test flights."

"In that case, I would prefer a pilot that is not the captain," Seklar clarified even though he had a feeling that this argument was going to be moot. "I am not a pilot. I know how to fly a shuttle, but that is where my experience ends." He tapped the PADD. "I will get on this."

"Again, I'll try not to take that personally," Melody said with a smile. " I'll think you'll find I'm not only good company but a competent pilot as well.
The shuttle and its components will be arriving after the repairs and upgrades are completed on the Merlin so there's no rush Commander. I myself am going to be visiting the planet of Ba'Ku with Draxx and the twins. You've earned yourself some R&R. I've been told the staff at Deep Space 21 are highly qualified and very diligent. I'm sure they'll take good care of the Merlin and we can inspect their work closely when we get back and look at organising a shakedown schedule for the new components, agreed?"

"It is not that I do not trust you as a pilot, I have no doubt in your is that you are the captain, and are indispensable." He paused. "I do not know yet what I will do with my time off, beyond spending it with my children." He purposefully did not answer her last question.


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
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[●●●●] Admiral David Jackson
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USS Merlin

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