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Somewhere in the ship

Posted on Sunday 29 May 2022 @ 20:17 by Lieutenant JG Kevin Bacon & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Deck Number Three
2330 words - 4.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Caroline had been in all places in the sonic shower when the ship started shaking. She was literally thrown out of the booth and sprawled on the floor when the lights lost some power darkening the room. She immediately found her personal medikit and took some scans. Satisified the baby was okay she grabbed some clothes and tried to contact the bridge, to no avail. She decided she was best placed trying to get to counselling and sickbay. Stepping out, panels down the corridor seemingly blown off she could see someone further down the corridor clearly on their way out or back from a shift who had also been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Right in front of a blown out panel.

"Can you hear me?" Caroline said approaching. "I'm going to help you get to sickbay."

" Do you need help? " Came a voice from behind Caroline. " I don't know what happened, but I'm sure there's a number of injured on just about all decks. I'm Lieutenant Kevin Bacon. And you are? "

"Footloose Lieutenant apparently. I'm Counselor Miller. What's happening? Have you any idea?"

" To be honest with you, I was asleep and rudely thrown from my bed. It is not a method of waking up that I'd recommend. The important thing right now is there are people that need help and I'm here to help in whatever manner I can. "


Another groan and a feeble cry, "Help, where am I?" came from beneath the panel, there was an uncomfortable shifting and a sharp cry of pain. "Please get me out of here."

Kevin went over to the panel and looked to Caroline. " Ok, I'll lift the panel , Can you pull them out if I do so? we need to check to see how badly injured they are and get them to a safer spot then there. " He looked around to make certain that there were no obvious areas that were about to fall in on them and to see if the scene was safe for them to attempt the rescue. It would do no good if they became victims themselves.

"I will do my best. I'm not going to pretend, this is not going to be fun. I'm really sorry," she told the person pinned.

"On three," Caroline said counting down. As Kevin Bacon lifted she grabbed and used all her strength to pull out the poor person got flattened.

Panting both of them she reached round for her personal med kit and started scanning. "She's got several fractured bones and although the panel shielded her from much of the blast there's a little burning damage. "I'm Caroline. What's your name?" she said fishing through for something for the pain.

" Great you've got a small medkit with you. while your treating her I'll see if I can't locate an emergency medical kit or something to fashion a litter out of. I won't be far away, are you going to be ok by yourself for a couple of minutes? Or do you need my help here for the time being? "

"I'm..." a groan, as a wave of pain coursed through the girl, "I'm Harriet Beezley." the girl answered who couldn't be more than 20, "Crewman Harriet." the brunette looked up at the blonde woman who was helping her out, then towards the man next to Caroline. "Thank you for getting me out of there." she closed her eyes for a moment or two, feeling some pain go through her head. "I'll survive right?" giving a slight wincing grin.

Kevin chuckled. " Crewman Harriet, I've looked and felt worse then how you appear after a wild shore leave. We'll get you to Sickbay and they'll patch you up right quick and you'll be back on your feet in no time. Your not permitted to think about dying crewmen Harriet, and that's an order. " He said with a gentle tone and a smile. " I'll be back very soon and we'll get you out of here."

"Okay, th-th-thank you." Harriet said, she made to move then thought better of it. "Just wanted to get finished with my work, I had been working on the power conduit for the holo suite and was heading off work when boom!" she winced. "I feel like I have a hangover." trying to make a joke.

A few minutes later Kevin came back with an old style canvas litter and unrolled it next to Crewman Harriet. " Do you think you have any broken bones? "

He asked. " I'm going to have to roll you on your side to get you on the litter, Can you handle it? " He asked gently and wanting to reassure her that would be receiving care soon.

"And I can answer that one. Yes. You have 2 fractures I can see so far. But its nothing to serious and won't take long to knit the bones back together once we get you to Dr Nir’anyar. I can help roll her too," she told Kevin Bacon.

Crewman Harriet breathed a sigh of relief, "Okay ready as I'll ever be." she responded, "I am sorry to be so much of a bother here."

" Alright let's roll her onto her side on the count of three. One, two, three! " They rolled her as gently as they could and slid the stretcher under her and rolled her back gently. " Harriet, I'm Kevin. Forget about rank for right now, And your not a bother. If it were me laying here instead it would have been you helping me out, That's just what we do for each other. When someone needs help, others jump in to assist, it's people like you that help make this a great ship to be on. " Well Commander shall we get her out of here? "

"Thought we were dropping rank Kevin," Caroline said with a chuckle. "How far is it to sickbay?" she said mentally trying to calculate it from the deck with main senior staff quarters. "And are we in the turbo lifts or Jefferies."

Kevin laughed. " Ok, Caroline you got me there. We are on deck three and Sickbay is on deck 7. So our choice's are going down four decks through the jefferies tubes or finding two pair of anti grav thruster boots and lowering her down the turbo lift shaft four decks. Either way she's is going to have to be strapped in for her safety. It would most likely be more comfortable for her and quicker going in the turbo lift shaft, but a little more dangerous to the three of us overall if something should go wrong. But it would get us there quicker. What do you two think? "

From behind Kevin a couple more voices are heard. "Hi, do you need some help? We've got people going through the Jefferies tubes." One of the people was a man clad in a yellow torn uniform, and the other was female dressed in sweats and joggers wearing a green tee shirt. They looked slightly banged up but were more functional than Harriet "We can help out, and get her to Sickbay"

"That would indeed be a great help to us, we were heading towards Sickbay to begin with. That means we can pick up any stragglers along the way and get them the help they require. " Kevin observed the uniforms they both wore. "You're security and she's a marine, So the two of you took it upon yourselves to go looking for others and searching deck to deck? That is highly commendable, I'll make sure to note that in your files for service above and beyond. So let's get moving. " As the group began it's journey towards Sickbay.

The security person, he had pulled out a tricorder and had scanned those there, "Okay and ma'am are you feeling alright?" he had noticed from his reading that she was pregnant. He did not blurt out his findings though. "I am Ensign Rourke, and this is Corporal Wendy Schmidt." the woman waved her hand, "We'll take the stretcher. Though it may end up being a bit of a tussle. Would she be able to crawl through the Jefferies tubes or we can keep watch over her in one of the rooms here. Until the ship's power is established more fully. "

"I can actually knit her bones back," Caroline smiled pulling a ostero-regenerator out of her own personal kit. "I used to be the CMO before I became a counselor, and I'm still licensed to practice medicine," she explained. "I can also I've her something for the pain. We can get her through the Jefferies. And yes myself and the baby will be fine."

Kevin looked a bit relieved. " Well that's going to make things much easier then us having to get her through the jeffries tubes on a litter, and you can even knit the bones together? I think she'd like that...." He stopped talking as the words sank in. " Wait.. What?.. Your pregnant?... Well.. Um congratulations. Are you going to be able to make it through the jeffries tubes ok? " He asked Caroline. " If we need to slow down to rest just let us know, alright? "

"You are going to be a mama?" Harriet said from where she was laying, "And you are certainly prepared." giving a small smile, "You are going to be a great mother, Caroline. You are certainly prepared. " And ready when you are."

The two other personnel gave a nod, then Wendy spoke up. "Well we've got time and then we can get moving. About the only thing that we can do is take the time to fix things or even people."

"Thank you," Caroline smiled at Harriet. "I kept my licence. I can still practice medicine and be a counselor. I figured its a good skills to keep up if the ship ever needs extra hands. And I get to keep a personal kit," she nodded as she found the right tool. "Right this isn't going to hurt too much. You will have some movement but don't once ive done it put too much pressure on things for a couple of hours. Okay?"

"Okay, I am ready." Harriet responded, it was evident that she was relaxing even more. "I really like you, Caroline. And I plan on visiting you when things are more normal. Well as normal as they can be." giving a laugh.

" It's going to take a lot of work to get things normal around here. " Said Kevin. " But I have faith that we'll all get out of here in one piece and return to our normal lives. Once Caroline has finished working on you and she thinks your able to travel safely we'll get a moving. But I'll let her make that call, since she a trained doctor and I'm not. " He stated with a smile.

"Healing then move from here and go help others, sounds like a good plan." Rourke uttered with a smile. "Let's get to it then."

When all was said and done, Harriet was feeling a lot better, once the bone was regenerated. "Okay so off we go into the tubes now?"

" Sounds good to me. " Said Kevin. " Don't be surprised if we run into a number of people in the Jeffries Tubes at this time. With the turbo lifts out, it's going to be like a highway in there. It's the only way for them to move around from deck to deck right now. The only other things they can do is sweep the areas they're stuck in and help those in need or to shelter in place. " He looked to Rourke and smiled. " I agree, Let's get this done. Where are we heading to first? Medical Center to see if they need any help there? " He asked.

"Medical would be the best place for us to get to, as there probably will be an all hands on deck sort of thing. Whatever hit us has sent us into almost total chaos. Thankfully we've got people with good heads on their shoulders." Rourke responded.

A couple of hours later, the small group was able to get to medical. Harriet was quite happy to arrive. She had been very careful to not put undue pressure upon her injuries. "Well then it looks like we're here!" she said gleefully. "And hope you are doing okay, Caroline." she stated.

Wendy and Rourke looked at Kevin, "This is where we'll head off to go after others. Be seeing you."

" Thanks and we really appreciate the help you've given us. Once this is over I'll buy you two a drink, Sound good? That and you two be careful out there. "

Kevin watched as they went back into the Jeffries Tubes once again. He turned back to face Caroline. " Well since we're here Caroline, I think we should have you checked out as well, Just to make sure everything is normal. That and I think we could all use a rest, even if it means I have to sit out here in the hallway. All that climbing kinda tuckered me out. " Said Kevin.

“I won’t argue,” Caroline said with a smile. She knew exactly how hard difficult patients were and Anya could be pretty scary. “Lead on.”

" Well thankfully, " Said Kevin with a weary expression. " The medical center is just at the end of this corridor and we can get you checked out. " He thought a moment. " You know there are emergency food stores on every deck in case of a disaster like this happens and the replicators are down. I think I'll go see if I can bring a few cases to sickbay, I bet there are a number of hungry people in there that would be willing to eat them, even if they are emergency rations. "

Harriet, Rourke and Wendy
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