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It Just Got Worse....

Posted on Monday 23 May 2022 @ 19:00 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Commander Seklar & Commander Caroline Miller & Major David Scarlet & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell & Lieutenant Kyhl Ch'rehron & Lieutenant Kailu Grekas & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan & Chief Petty Officer Johnathan "Jack" MacGyver & Lieutenant JG Nick "Goose" Bradshaw & Lance Corporal Pearl Bijoux

Mission: Disaster!
Location: USS Merlin, USS Britanis, USS Iwo Jima,
Timeline: 13H00
3380 words - 6.8 OF Standard Post Measure


Captain's log. Supplemental. Preliminary analysis suggests the ship was struck by a quantum filament. It must have been created as a byproduct of all the damage that has been caused to subspace after the incident. It's been over 12 hours since the ship was disabled and things are slowly starting to return to normal but, there's still a lot of work to do.

Main power and propulsion are still offline. As are most of the secondary systems such as turbolifts, replicators and transporters. We've been able to partially restore the main computer. Getting through the emergency bulkheads is slow work and we've managed to get access to all the crew. Unfortunately, there have been casualties but the crew have pulled together and responded to this latest crisis with the same dedication and professionalism I have come to expect from them. Several Federation starships have responded to our distress call and I've learned that the ship will be towed to Deep Space 21 to make use of their new dry dock facilities. Let's just hope nothing else goes wrong....."

Main Engineering, USS Merlin

With the admiral on the bridge, Melody had elected to remain in engineering overseeing repairs and keeping watch on her new babies with Draxx, as well as keeping a watchful eye on Sansa and Hamish.

Suddenly, Red Alert snapped on and the computer reported "Primary life support failure. Secondary life support at 75% and falling. Ship wide life support termination in 15 minutes 40 seconds. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!

Melody rushed over to Seklar's side, making sure to speak loudly and clearly. "Commander, is there anything that can be done?"

The Vulcan's expression was tight, his brief glance towards the captain one filled with obvious annoyance at the intrusion. "Negative," he responded in a clipped tone, "not in the time available to us."

Melody accepted the assessment and tapped her comm badge "Bridge this is engineering. It won't be possible to fix the life support system in the time we have. We're going to have to abandon ship. Contact the Britannic and Iwo Jima to coordinate the evacuation."

The Vulcan's expression tightened even more as he echoed the order for evacuation, directing it at his staff and expecting them to assist those who needed assistance, and otherwise head for the pods in an orderly fashion. "I will assist you with your family," he offered, dearly hoping that someone would do the same for him and take care of his twins who had been brought to sickbay for safety. He gritted his teeth in reigned in anger as he realized he shouldn't have allowed his twins to be separated from him, and vowed to himself that no matter what, this would not happen again in a similar circumstance.

Melody thought for a moment. "That's a very kind offer Commander but Draxx and I will handle it. Once the primary systems have been secured I'll remain here to oversee the evacuation. Go and find your children and make sure they're safe. I'll arrange for all the senior staff to meet up again once the ship is evacuated."

A ping from the comm badge and the voice of the Petty Officer who was watching Seklar's kids. "Commander Seklar, there has been a communication. Which ship do you wish to be beamed aboard, for you and your children? I'm with them currently. I've not left them yet, this is Petty Officer Isabelle Trent."

"I do not know. I prefer you get them to safety and then inform me where you have transported to. I will follow as soon as I can." Seklar did prefer to see his children safe first and he did still have work to do.

Melody then addressed the computer. "Computer. Suspend all command functions in 16 minutes. Authorisation Jones Gamma six two seven one."

Running at a fraction of its normal abilities, the computer took a moment, then responded "Identity confirmed. All...... Command functions will be suspended in....... 16 minutes."

Melody sighed "I'll feel a lot better when the ship is fully repaired."

"As do I," the chief engineer agreed, without looking up.

Main Bridge, USS Merlin

Gregor went straight to the tactical station and started inputting data. He stopped briefly and looked up. " Admiral Jackson, If the Britannic isn't within transporter range, Then I strongly suggest that you head for the nearest life pod. I'm not sure if we're in range to a planet that the life pods can reach or not. " He continued working rapidly. " I'll catch up with the rest of you in a moment, as soon as I get this distress buoy launched updating our situation of imminent ship-wide life support failure. " He looked up with pleading eyes. " Please go Sir, The Captain would never forgive me if I let something happen to you."

The Admiral smiled "I'm not made of glass you know but I thank you for your concern. Once I'm satisfied all decks are empty, we'll all evacuate the bridge together. I'm sure Captain Jones in engineering will want to be one of the last ones off the ship. You know the old saying about Captains and sinking ships.."

Gregor Sighed. " Just doing my job Sir. As you know it is the duty of the security chief and his department to maintain the safety and security of the ship and crew, especially the flag officers. And since I'm currently the only security personnel on the bridge, I'll be your shadow until we leave the ship Admiral per regulations. I am in no way being disrespectful towards you in any way shape or form Sir, But you're a major asset to Starfleet and you're not expendable. " Stated Gregor showing concern in his voice. " I'm not going to get in your way of doing your duty or follow you into private areas, but I still must do my duty Admiral. "

"Wouldn't escape pods be safer anyway?" Zirvell asked, "the Britannic can transport us from the pods when they get in range..."

Wintrow walked up to Gregor. "No way you're going to be left on your own," he said, "how can I help?"

I've got about ten seconds before the distress beacon launches and then you can help me make sure we don't leave anyone behind and get everyone out of here safely off of the bridge and to the life pods, ourselves included. Do a quick sweep of the ready room and Captain's office and make sure they are empty and I'll check the other areas. " Gregor stopped half way across the bridge. " Hey Wintrow, thanks for the help, the two of us can get this done quickly. "

Wintrow nodded. "Just be aware that I won't be leaving you behind. We'll be the last ones to leave, if I can help it."

Main Bridge, USS Pegasus

The USS Pegasus, a Galaxy class starship had just left Starbase 308 when it had received the Merlin's distress call and immediately altered course to intercept. They too had been slowed by the subspace ruptures but had finally arrived on the scene.

Captain Griffiths stood and he saw the Merlin on the Monitor surrounded by a number of shuttles and fighter craft and accompanied by the Iwo Jima and the Britannic.

"Look like we're a little late to the party." He quipped to his first officer. "Situation report?" He asked, turning slightly to look at the tactical officer.

The tactical officer reported "The Merlin is heavily damaged. Most primary systems are offline. I'm picking up life signs throughout the vessel. Starships Britannic and Iwo Jima are lending assistance."

The Captain nodded "Send a general hail to all ships. Send my compliments and add we're here to help in any way we can."

"Aye Sir." The tactical officer responded and then noticed something. "Message sent. Sir, we've just received a signal from the Merlin. They've lost life support on all decks, they're having to evacuate!"

"Standby all shuttle bays and transported rooms." The Captain replied immediately. The Pegasus had just finished relocating some colonists in the Rynax cluster and had been fitted out to carry a large number of people. "Let the Merlin know we're here and we have the capacity to receive their crew."

Main Bridge, USS Merlin

"Admiral. The USS Pegasus has just arrived. They're offering to assist with the evacuation." An ensign reported.

"Very good. That should make life a little easier."

Mathias gave a slight smile when he heard of the arrival of the USS Pegasus. "Looks like the cavalry has arrived. Lieutenant Morgan, what ship will you be going to?"

Then he contacted the Iwo Jima, "Captain Paramour, glad you are still around, many thanks for being here during this time, I am certain you will be filled to the gills with our refugees. As well as the other ships."

Mathias looked over towards the Admiral. "Sir, what ship will you be going to? Myself, I am planning on heading to the Pegasus with Commander Miller." He also was getting reports from his various staff members who were being transported.

"Any ship with breathable air will do me just fine," Kailu grumbled from one of the wall stations. He was using his fresh new security codes to lock out the intelligence computers so they were secure when they had evacuated. Kailu was never the most trusting of sorts, even an evacuated severely damaged Starfleet ship was a worthy prize in many an eye.

Gregor looked back towards Mathias. " If I'm being given a choice of which ship I can go to, then I have an old academy friend on the Pegasus, Then again It's going to be a short trip to the nearest Star Base so it doesn't really matter that much. "

Main bridge, USS Iwo Jima

Captain Thomas Paramour heard his name and looked up from the PaDD that his yeoman had just handed him.
=^=" Of course we're still here Admiral, we were the first on scene and we're already starting to bring over as many of your crew as we can fit, You know Starfleet doesn't leave their own behind. "=^= He stated with an amused grin. =^=" I wouldn't even leave you behind after losing badly to you in poker Admiral Jackson, not like that hasn't happened before, Right? " =^= He said with a good-natured grin. While you're here Admiral, why don't you beam over and give me a chance to win some of that back, that is if you're up for it. =^="

Admiral Jackson's voice came over the comm. "As soon as we've evacuated everyone else, the bridge officers will be beaming out, myself included. As for the poker, I'm afraid I'll have to pass. I've not had much luck in that area I'm afraid. I owe all the latinum I have to the XO on the Andromeda. We'll keep you appraised of the evacuation. Stand by."

Thomas sighed and shook his head. =^= Another victim of Commander Amelia Fox I see. =^= he laughed. =^= I was hoping to win back some of my losses to pay her off myself. Perhaps the next time we meet I can buy you a drink, my credit is still good on this ship. That and I haven't seen you in a while my friend, Give a shout if you need anything. Iwo Jima out. =^=

Shuttlebay, USS Merlin

Down in the shuttlebay, Jack was keeping himself busy checking each of the shuttles docked there in case they might be needed. Just as he was finishing up on one of the Type 2 shuttles, the bay was filled with a red hue as the call for abandon ship came through. Looking back to Pearl, He hoped she might know what was going on, “Hey Bijoux, what’s happened?”

Pearl checked the chatter and got word, "Jack, life support systems had just gone offline!" she yelled out. “They are doing transporters and getting everyone off the ship, don't know how long that will take but, I think we need to make our own way out of here. Think you can jury rig the door to open and we get out?"

Looking over at the shuttlebay doors, Jack took a deep breath as he thought it over, “I mean yea sure, but without the forcefield, this entire bay will depressurise the moment I do” he said before an idea came to his head, “but I can get around that. Right, get that runabout ready to leave” Jack ordered before running back to the last type 2 shuttle he’d looked at. After a few minuets, he emerged wearing one of the stored space suits without the helmet on, “ok, here’s the plan. Once the doors are open, you take off and get to a safe distance, I’m gonna jump and see how far I get”

"You will not be doing that without an EV suit, Jack so get one on then you can do your leap into action." she laughed. "Matter of fact I'm putting one on myself right now." a grim note came into her voice.

Jack looked over at the runabout where he assumed Pearl was, “wait, why are you suiting up? You’re flying the shuttle”

TBC in a separate JP

Marine Section

As the alarm sounded, their training took over and the bulk of the marines suited up and began evac procedures. Things seemed to run on automatic and it took a second before one of them noticed Major Scarlet was looking rather pale as he gripped the desk he'd been working from.

"Sir?" Private Osborn approached the major and eyed him cautiously.

Scarlet glanced up, his vision fading. "Continue evac procedures." His grip failed him and he tumbled to the floor in a heap.

"Medic!" Osborn shouted as he ran over and quickly checked Scarlet's pulse. It was so weak it took him a moment to find it. "We need an emergency medical evac stat!"

And Scarlet is beamed directly out of there.

Main Bridge, USS Merlin

Pete and Nick practically stumbled out of Fighter Ops and onto the Bridge. They made their way to Fighter Ops with the help of Chief Santos. The goal was to oversee the security of all the fighters during the zero G crisis. However, if it was not one thing it was another. So here they were on a ship that had been losing life support. They saw Admiral Jackson was in command. "Admiral we are requesting permission to remain aboard the Merlin. My TSO and I have zero G, and no atmo training. We can bring life support online with the assistance of our flight suits. They were designed for just such an emergency." Pete said. Nick stood over his shoulder and a brief expression of shock and disbelief crawled across his face. But he wiped it away quickly. Nick knew that Mav was going to owe him big time for this.

The Admiral shook his head. "No, it's too risky. I don't like the idea of you two being over here alone with the ship in its current condition. Not to cast doubt on your engineering abilities or your enthusiasm but I think the best cause of action is to wait and let the good people at Deep Space 21 do their jobs and fix everything in a controlled environment. Anyway, I'm giving you another assignment. Currently, the Merlin is without a CAG officer. As of now, you're it. I need you to make sure all fighters not in use are secured and those that are, are to find a temporary new home on one of those ships out there. I also need all pilots accounting for and evacuating. Understood?"

Mathias listened to what was going on and was making notations as to what was happening on the bridge and give a full report to Melody. This was very important to the functions of the ship. He liked the fact that Mitchell had come onto the ship in order to help. Perhaps he and Melody could steal the man and make him a helm officer besides the CAG. Mathias was definitely assessing the man during the interaction.

"I will second the Admiral's decision, Lieutenant Mitchell." Mathias spoke up, "Do as he requested and we'll get everyone off the ship, with the fighters secured with your assistance."

"Sir, yes sir," Maverick replied and turned toward a turbolift. "Well, Nick looks like we are it until they find someone else or we die." He said once they were safely inside the turbolift. "Let's just hope that it is not the latter. We have ships and people to secure." Nick said with less humour than his partner.

The computer beeped and reported "Secondary life support at 46% and falling. Ship wide life support termination in 8 minutes 10 seconds."

That was like a splash of cold water across the face. David straightened his top. "Come on people! Let's get a move on!"

Well, that was at least something, Wintrow mused as people finally started to move. It wasn't in his nature to herd people along, but somewhere he did find the courage to push a few juniors towards the escape pods. "Admiral, you should be heading out now," he suggested as he came back from his round across the bridge, and the sweep of the ready room and other adjacent offices insofar present.

David held up his hand "Jackson to Pegasus. Status?"

Captain Griffiths's voice came back "We've got about 80% of your people over here Merlin. We'll have everybody except yourselves and Captain Jones and her group in engineering in under a minute. Standby!"

"Not quite yet lieutenant," David said to Wintrow with a smile.

Wintrow looked to Gregor, then joined him at his station. "Admirals are stubborn people," he muttered under his breath.

" They can afford to be. " Said Gregor quietly. " That and he's earned the right, he didn't get to be an Admiral by being timid. " Gregor moved in closer to the group and was standing by to be beamed out.

The lone Cardassian on the bridge hoisted one of the bridge personnel to his feet, the poor man having suffered a bad landing after gravity had come back. "You should leave, admiral," he agreed, as he started to guide his patient to a nearby escape pod. The very idea of a small enclosed space made him hesitate, but his patient came first. "We can't risk losing a flag officer, sir," he added quietly.

Just then the comm system beeped "Pegasus to Merlin. That's everybody except the party on the bridge and in Main engineering. We're standing by to beam you all over on your command."

David acknowledged "Are you ready down in Engineering Captain?"

Melody's voice came back "We're already down here."

The Admiral turned to Zirvell "Look like you won't be needing that escape pod after all."

A look of pure relief washed over the Cardassian's face at that news. "That's great news sir," he answered.

The Admiral had a quick look around to make sure everyone was read then added

"Merlin To Pegasus. Energise!"


[●●●●] Admiral David Jackson
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine Biologist
USS Merlin

○● Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin

Commander Seklar
Chief Engineer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant j.g. Wintrow Paragon
(fighter) pilot
USS Merlin

Ensign Zirvell Khen
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
Chief Flight Control Officer
Commander Air Group
USS Merlin

○● Lieutenant Junior Grade Nick "Goose" Bradshaw
Tactical Systems Operator
USS Merlin

* Major David Scarlet
Marine Company Commander
USS Merlin

●●● Commander Caroline Miller
Chief Counselor
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Kailu Grekas
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Merlin

○●● Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
Executive Officer
USS Merlin


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