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A meeting long overdue

Posted on Wednesday 8 June 2022 @ 08:38 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell & Lieutenant JG Nick "Goose" Bradshaw

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Observation Lounge, USS Pegasus
Timeline: 17H00
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Having gone over the repair and upgrade schedule with Comande Seklar, David had informed Melody of two new officers who had come aboard the Merlin during the rescue and were of great assistance. He had also made one the acting CAG officer.

Melody took a sip of her coffee and savoured it for a moment. "Boy, I've missed this." She turned to David. "Well, I think it's time I met them. Also, I'd like to get Commander McPhee involved for reasons which shall become clear."

David nodded. "Very well." He tapped his comm badge "Could I have Commander McPhee and Lieutenants Mitchell and Bradshaw report to the observation lounge on the USS Pegasus, immediately."

Mathias arrived shortly after, wearing a new crisp uniform. "Reporting in." he responded. He smiled brilliantly when he saw Melody there. "Captain, Admiral. nice day isn't it."

"Ahh Mathias, I'm glad you've arrived first." Melody stood and came over to him. "I have some news. Commander Rejal has resigned his commission, he departed back to Cardassia on a shuttle a few hours ago. Therefore, you are now our first officer. Congratulations Commander." She added as she held out her hand.

Mathias stopped in his tracks and stared at Melody for a moment or two with a shocked expression on his face, "Wait.. what?" taking a moment for it to sink in then he finally spoke, "I am honoured."

Melody indicated to a chair next to hers as she sat down. "Have a seat Number One and I'll bring you up to speed. I've just spoken with Commander Seklar about all the repairs and upgrades that Starfleet has planned for the Merlin while we'll be at Deep Space 21, I'll make sure the information is available to you. Also, the Admiral informed me we've had some new pilots join us. I take it you've already met them?"

Taking a seat near Melody, Mathias nodded "Yes I have met them and I like what they did arriving on the bridge. They offered their services and, Captain as well as Admiral, may I venture a suggestion? I'd like to make Lieutenant Mitchel our main helmsman. I also did some digging and I feel he would make a good fit."

Pete and Nick had been doing what pilots do best when there is nothing to do, that is lounging, playing cards, and generally poking fun at each other. For Maverick this was more of a way to get to know the pilots on the Merlin. He had made it known that Santos was the official Deck Chief. But other than that he seemed to think he was in a limbo of sorts. Admiral Jackson had made the appointment as Merlin's CAG but it was a breveted post. No notice of any official transfer had gone through, so Pete was unsure what was to happen. As for Nick, well as usual he was along for the ride. However, he enjoyed the time off with not much to do. Goose did make himself useful as he worked with Engineering on possible ways to upgrade the fighters as the Merlin would be repaired. The summons to the Observation Lounge came to both men as a surprise. Both men could not think of what they did wrong that would merit the summons. They made sure to don their navy blue uniforms, something they did not do often and headed for the Observation Lounge.

The two men walked into the Observation Lounge and came to attention. It was Maverick who did the talking as the senior officer. "Lieutenants Mitchell and Bradshaw reporting as ordered."

Melody stood again and came around the table to greet them. "Yes, thank you for coming. Gentlemen, we've not been properly introduced, I'm Captain Melody Jones, Commanding Officer of the Merlin. I believe you're already met Commander McPhee and Admiral Jackson."

Pete smiled as the idea that this was a get to know session, as opposed to a dressing down dawned on him. "Yes ma'am we have met the Commander and the Admiral" He nodded briefly to both of them. "...Pleased to meet Captain. Just sorry we had to meet in these circumstances. I am sure that the Merlin will make a miraculous appearance just like the sorcerer she is named for. It seemed touch and go for a moment, but now that the ship is safely at tow all should go well."

Nick decided once again to keep his mouth closed. He did have a habit of getting tongue tied when talking to senior officers. However, he made sure to acknowledge the Captain with a polite nod and a smile.

"We're lucky you turned up when you did. Have a seat." Melody said as she sat down again. "So, tell us about yourselves. The Commander here is quite impressed with your Starfleet record and thinks you'd make a fine addition to the Merlin."

Both men sat down, the smirk never leaving Pete's face. Nick retrained from giving a look to tell Pete to show some reverence. The junior officer knew that would not help anyone. Maverick spoke first, with an air of cockiness that he just could not let go of. "Well, Captain there is not much to tell. When you are the best of the best it is hard to talk about yourself, but I will give it a try. I was born in Lafayette New Jersey on Earth and had a typical childhood. I was raised mainly by my mother, as Dad gave himself in the literal sense to the fleet..." A short mile long stare crossed Pete's face as he spoke of his dead father. "...Years later I would enter the Academy and become a pilot. Graduated first in my class at Top Gun, where I helped write the book on space born dogfighting. Been stationed on the Iwo Jima ever since."

Nick cut his friend off, something that he often did not do however, he hated when Pete got cocky especially in front of the brass as it were. "Sirs what he is failing to tell you is that he got his handle Maverick because of his resistance to the command structure..." There was a small eye roll and a gesture that said Pete should cut it out. "As you already know I am Nick Bradshaw and I am Pete's TSO. We have been together since Top Gun school. There is not much to tell about me other than I am married with two children. They are on the Iwo."

Melody listened to both men thoughtfully. "Well gentlemen, you're certainly not lacking confidence which is a good thing. Just remember there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. A great man is always willing to be little. Remember, you don't know the limits of your own abilities. Successful or not, if you keep pushing beyond yourself, you will enrich your own life...and maybe even please a few people along the way."

She paused "I'd like to offer you both permanent positions here on the Merlin. Lieutenants Mitchell, as well as CAG officer you be our Chief flight officer so it wouldn't be just your life in your hands, but the lives of the entire crew. Do you think you can handle that responsibly mister?"

Piloting a ship was never part of the plan, it was never something that Pete had ever wanted to do. However, his theory on how a starship could dogfight was largely rejected by the powers that be and getting his hands on the Merlin's flight stick could just prove his theory and let him ride into the record books. He stroked his chin as he thought, Mav already knew he would not take the position if Goose didn't want to. "I think I can get that big girl to barrel roll. It would be an honour to fly." Pete said his smile broadening. "But I have one request if this is to happen. I would like Senior Chief Petty Officer Peyton Santos granted the position of Deck Chief permanently. And I get full control of the squadron, within reason of course."

Nick weighed the idea of being on a ship that was a floating city. The kids would love it, and Kelly would love it, as it had more stability. "I would be honoured sirs..."

Melody smiled. "Good, I don't see any problems with those arrangements, Do you number One?"

Mathias had the vision of the Merlin doing a barrel roll, then putting himself back into the present from his brief daydream. "I do not see any problem in those arrangements either. Welcome aboard, Lieutenants." was his answer. His mind was already in a whirl over what had just transpired.

"Let's try and not scratch the paintwork shall we?" Melody added to Mitchel with a sly smile. "It looks like the Merlin will be laid up at Deep Space 21 for a couple of weeks for repairs and upgrades. Gives you a chance to have some R&R with the rest of the crew. It also looks like we're being fitted with a new Quantum Slipstream drive."

A Quantum Slipstream drive? That echoed within Mathias's mind, "Wow that is incredible Captain." he exclaimed. "It will most definitely be a good deal for the Merlin."

"I believe we'll be also getting a squad of the latest Federation attack fighters that will need putting through their paces," Melody added.

The idea of a slipstream drive did not impress Maverick too much, but the idea to run a new squadron through its paces now that was something to be excited for. "Well, that will be some fun. We will have to make sure that they can pass top gun. I aim to make the squadron on the Merlin the best that the fleet has to offer. As to the slipstream drive, I think that is something that we can handle. It sure will make the Merlin capable of responding to anywhere in Federation territory."

"I would like to coordinate with Chief Santos and the upgrade team on the tactical systems upgrades and the upgrades to the actual fighters." Nick spoke up with a lot of excitement in his voice. This was just the change that he had been looking for. Something to break up the monotony.

Melody nodded in agreement “A wise suggestion. I’m a pilot at heart myself and might see if I can sneak in a flight sometime.” She added. “Is there anything else?” She turned to Mathias “Number one?”

Mathias shook his head, "I am looking forward to seeing the details on the Quantum Slipstream will prove to be interesting. Other than that, I think we're good to go."

Maverick was sad to leave his friends on the Iwo Jima but a career in Starfleet was always moving, always changing and his was no different. "Captain, we will get a fighter stencilled just for you. Now we just need to come up with a call sign..." Pete smiled broadly his smile that could light up a room or so he was told. Both Goose and Maverick were excited to begin this new chapter in their lives. Add to everything Pete is going to be the Chief helmsman on this ship. Not something he wanted but now was something he looked forward to.

"Greasing the wheels with your new Captain already Lieutenant?" Melody asked with a grin. "I'll let you meet the rest of the flight crew. Once repairs and upgrades have been completed on the Merlin, we'll have to draw up a schedule for testing." Melody said. "Welcome to the crew Lieuetants, Dismieed."

At the sound of dismissal, both men came to attention and left. As they made their way to their quarters the two pilots knew that they had their work cut out for them. However, it was something that they looked forward to. As the turbolift doors closed Nick spoke over Pete's shoulder. "Do you think they are ready for this?" Maverick smiled... "Goose my friend they are not going to know what hit them."


●● Lieutenant Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
Chief Flight Control Officer/Commander Air Group
USS Merlin

○● Lieutenant Junior Grade Nick "Goose" Bradshaw
Tactical Systems Operator
USS Merlin

○●● Lieutenant Commander Mathias McPhee
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

[●●●●] Admiral David Jackson
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin


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