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A time to rest

Posted on Friday 17 June 2022 @ 09:00 by Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Ricardo Draxx

Mission: Disaster!
Location: Temporaty quarters, USS Pegasus
Timeline: 18H30
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Having sorted out the immediate paperwork, Melody decided that she had done enough and headed back to their temporary quarters on the Pegasus where Draxx had very kindly been looking after the twins for the last couple of hours. She had fed them right before she had left but she had the feeling they would be getting hungry again.

The door opener. "Honey... I'm home."

“Oh thank goodness. I think they are getting to the end of the milk coma. I had one nappy a piece. Both … well yes I will spare you the details. Did you sort everything you needed too?”

Melody smiled at him lovingly and kissed him before sitting down. “Yes, everything is sorted. Thank you for looking after the boys. If you wouldn’t mind picking them up and passing them to me, I’ll assume the position….”

She caught a look of his face and slapped him on the bum playfully. “Not that position…. “ she said with a sly smile. “That’s what caused all the trouble in the first place. Maybe later if I’ve got any energy left.” She added with a wink as she unzipped her top and made herself comfortable.

“Ready when you are…. I believe you got a couple of teat-seeking missiles for me?”

"Fox 1 and Fox 2 coming in for a landing," Draxx joked handing the babies to her.

Once they were in position, the twins started suckling immediately. Melody let out a contented sigh, then looked to Draxx "I think we need a talk about Sansa."

Melody went on to tell Draxx about what Sansa had told her about the mission. About capturing Mirror Fox, her time with the Humpback whales and getting them settled into their new homes, her new relationship with Hamish and bout how she had been host to Esme. That last bit had raised concerns from Melody.

She explained "This Esme was an elder of the Megapteraians and Sansa said that they were unable to keep her essence alive and she faded into nothingness but.... I'm not sure that's exactly what happened. I know Sansa and now she seems..... different more sure of herself, more at ease. When Fay left her she was more energetic and vital but she was still herself. Somethings different.... I'm not saying it's a bad thing... It's just something..."

"Maybe she's taken onboard character traits from these aliens. Why does she have to keep hosting aliens?" Draxx asked. "How could you know?"

Melody thought for a moment, trying to find the right words. "I'm her mother... I can tell. What I'm saying is.... I don't think Esme left Sansa... I think he became part of her. while she's still Sansa...I think she's also Esme. Think about if Sansa knew Esme was going to die... You know what she's like... Always thinking with her heart..."

"Takes after her father," Draxx said simply with a wry smile. "Can I get you anything while these two drain you? Tea? Coffee? Hot Chocolate?"

“A hot chocolate sounds lovely.” Melody replied then winced slightly. “Ohh they are hungry tonight. We’ll get them fed then see if we can put them down? Then we can spend a little time together.”

"Well that sounds nice," Draxx said ordering 2 hot chocolates and some biscuits. "What do you have in mind?"

The only sound that came back was a loud snore. Despite the twins still suckling, Melody had managed to get comfortable and had nodded off and was now snoring.

"Well isn't that just typical," he mused. He moved to sit next to her close enough to reach for either baby if they started slipping. "Mummy runs a starship you know. She does get busy. When your older boys we will show you around," he said proudly. "But for now eat up and grow up big and strong. It's uncharted territory out there sometimes. You never know what you're facing."


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Ricardo Draxx
Assistant Operations Officer
USS Merlin


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