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Lives Intertwined[Part One}

Posted on Thursday 19 January 2023 @ 02:30 by Civilian Avelina Morgan/Evelyn McPhee & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan

Mission: Revelations
Location: Ba'ku Planet
Timeline: MD 3 0800 [Shoreleave back post]
1350 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

The sunlight filtered through the front window of the runabout as Gregor got up out of the bed and stretched as he greeted the new day. He looked down at the stirring form of Avelina and smiled, they had just spent their first night together as husband and wife. Avelina's eyes opened and he extended his hand to her. " Good morning Mrs. Morgan, I hope you slept well last night. "

"Mmmmmm yes I did, I don't feel like getting out of bed though. Its our vacation." Avelina giving an impish smile towards Gregor. "Or shall we have breakfast in bed?" Wagging her eyebrows up and down, giving her husband an come hither look.

" Well if you really want breakfast in bed I could make something quick enough if you'd like my love. There's a Ba'ku settlement about six hundred meters from here if you don't mind stretching your legs a bit when we feel like moving about. Is there anything special that you'd like for breakfast? " He asked her.

"What we can't spend all day here?" Avelina giving a tease. "But breakfast does sound good, as well as going to explore." giving a bit of a stretch. " I would love to find out just what they have food wise here, and maybe get some starts for some plants."

" Well, we could replicate a quick breakfast and going into the settlement and see what we can purchase or just hike in and see what there is to be found there and get some information on the surrounding areas and start exploring to see what we can find. What sounds good to you Avelina? " Gregor asked.

"All of the above, and I really want to find out what sort of handicrafts they have too. Since my store does sell hand crafted items, not all of them are made by myself and Evelyn." Avelina getting up out of bed and walking towards Gregor, and giving him a loving kiss.

" Well I suppose it wouldn't hurt to shop around in several of the villages to see what they have to offer in the way of food and handicrafts. Speaking of food, shouldn't we have some breakfast first and head out to the village? If you keep starting with dessert first, then we'll never get out of here on time. " He said with a grin.

Avelina laughed. "I just can't seem to resist." giving a slight pout, then went to go eat.

Later on, Avelina took Gregor's hand as they walked along the trail which would lead towards the Ba'ku village. "I know Evelyn and I do a few handicrafts and did you know that Mathias does the same thing? He is quite the craftsman. He is amazing." she commented. "He had told me about hand crafting two cribs for Captain Jones's twins. It was definitely a work of art and an act of love."

" What I know of crafting most likely wouldn't help you out at all I guess. My grandfather Andrew taught me how to make leather vest and belts, And Grandma Anne taught me to tie celtic knots. most people probably wouldn't be interested in something like that in your shop, nor have I ever thought about bringing it up until now. " Gregor squeezed Avelina's hand and smiled. " But I know I'm pretty good t loving you, And that's something we can't just put on a shelf. "

Avelina giggled at his latter part of Gregor's comment then she said. "Wait you know how to do leather working? And Celtic knots? You're hired!! Don't you dare say what you do isn't worth having in my shop." giving him a firm look. "Another surprise from you!" giving him a heartfelt kiss. "I am wanting to see your handiwork."

" Umm.. Yeah simple leatherwork. Just belts and vests and an old Indian weather stone. That's about it for my leather skills." He gave her a sideward glance. " You'd hire me without even seeing any samples of my work? " He accepted her kiss and a wicked grin spread across his face. " Well I could show you my handiwork, but I didn't know you wanted to start a family this soon. I guess I could be persuaded. " He said with an innocent look.

Avelina gave Gregor a playful swat on the shoulder. " I do want to have your babies but not right now. And I do want to see what you can do leatherwork wise.

Gregor played innocent. " Oh... That kind of handiwork. Well I can do that as well. But it will have to wait until we get back to the ship, since that's where my gear is at. " He stopped and looked around. " What a quaint and lovely looking village. Shall we see what they have to offer and what kind of information we can gather on the surrounding area? " He asked his lovely bride.

"Sure we can wait until then." Avelina replied. "And this is a lovely place, sort of reminds me of home back in Scotland. I miss seeing the lochs and the paths that are so pretty to hike on." giving a bit of a sigh. "At least we have here to enjoy."

" On a foggy moonlit night, I'm sure this place would remind me of the moors in northern england. " He closed his eyes and pulled Avelina closer. " Why I can almost hear the baying of a distant hound as it tracks down it's lonely prey, as shadows flit towards a lonely castle in the distance and seeking shelter from the horror that chases them across the dark landscape. " He stopped and looked at Avelina. " Perhaps I could tell you that story one night around the campfire. " As he started walking forward again. " So where do we go first? There's a group of locals by the fountain giving us a curious once over. That over there could be a store, And That might be a boarding house there. Ladies choice. "

"We'll head to the stores and." she stopped for a moment catching sight of something, "oh look there is an open air market. Let's go!" grabbing Gregor by the hand and pulling him along. "As for telling me a scary story, I know that is an excuse to make me cuddle closer to you, and you don't need a story to cause me to cuddle close to you." giving a grin.

Gregor laughed an he allowed himself to be pulled along towards the open air market. " Alright already, I'm coming as fast as I can. " They stopped at the edge of the open air markets stalls, Gregor whistled softly. " There must be more then a hundred vendor stalls!! " He said wide eyed, he then stopped an sniffed the air. " And something smells really good. If I'm going to be shopping with you half the day I'm going to need some protein to keep up with you and carry your packages, "

"Oh most definitely food is in order now, then we go look at all that is available." Avelina chuckled. "And I am not planning on over loading either of us. Don't want us to over exert ourselves, but after this I am recommending a hot springs relaxation break.

Gregor stroked his chin. " Hmm... Food, shopping and then a hot spring? I think I could be convinced to go along with that. At the very least you'll be getting some new business contacts to stock your stores with new handicrafts. " He thought briefly. " Perhaps they have some local blends of coffees, teas or pastries that you don't have access to at this time, we could check on that as well. "He said a he took her hand into his. " Let's walk around until we smell something tasty and give it a try, sound good? "

"That sounds great!" Avelina replied with a squeeze to her love's hand and then they went off into the market place to enjoy the sites and tastes and scents of what was there.


Avelina Morgan
USS Merlin (NPC: McPhee)

○● Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin


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