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Lives Intertwined [Part Two]

Posted on Thursday 19 January 2023 @ 02:30 by

Mission: Revelations
Location: Ba'Ku
Timeline: MD 3 0800 [Shoreleave back post]
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After dropping off the items they had purchased,at the runabout, Avelina was ready for a soak in a hot spring. "I wonder if they will have a room for us so we can just spend a relaxing time there after our soak." Looking rather dreamily at her husband.

" Is there a hot spring here in the town or do we have to hike to get there? " Gregor asked. " I know there are a number of shops here in the town, but I haven't seen anything that looked like a hot spring as of yet. Or did I miss it somewhere? "

Avelina stopped one of the people who were near, "Excuse me, I've heard there was a hot spring somewhere about?"

The lady nodded, " Yes, about ten miles that way up the road. It is a beautiful place, and you'll enjoy the lovely serene setting." the woman giving a smile before she turned to continue her errands.

Avelina looked at her husband, "There you go, we know where the hot springs are and we can enjoy them." giving him a kiss.

" Ten miles eh? " He said stroking his beard. " That's about a three hour hike one way, Do you want to take the shuttle craft up there or grab the camping gear and the small tent and stay there over night? I'm fine either way myself. We'll have to take some food rations with us if you want to hike it up there, I'll give the lady the choice of what she'd prefer to do. " As he gently returned the kiss and caressed her hair.

Avelina looked at the map looked at Gregor. "I say we find a parking spot near the hot springs and see what there is to offer. It would be nice to sleep in a bed that isn't connected to a ship. How does that sound? The sooner we get the sooner the honeymoon begins." she giving a wink to her husband.

" I think we can find a spot to land nearby the hot springs and see what they have to offer. " His mind wandered for a moment. " A real bed, that sounds nice. and maybe if we can find the items, perhaps we could make ourselves a hot pot dinner if they have a kitchenette area in a cabin. "

After a few minutes of shuttle flight they were able to find a section of tight packed dirt to land on about a hundred meters away from the hot springs. There was any area that had a couple dozen cabins scattered about, along with five covered buildings with steam venting from the top. There also appeared to be an office/shop and a small restaurant.

The cabins weren't to close together. About fifty meters spread apart in a ring around the hot springs. The office was towards the easteern side of the cabin ring, and the restaurant just outside of the zone of the covered building which housed the hot springs themselves. There was also parking for around thirty anti gravity cars and a half dozen shuttle craft.

They walked into the Office/Store area and were greeted by a middle aged couple behind the counter. " Greetings. I am Brazza and this is my wife Mikada. " You folks are from the federation space station I'm guessing, due to the markings on your shuttle. Feel free to look around and let us know if there is anything you need. We have food stuffs of all kinds, hiking and camping gear as well as local crafts and arts for sale. " Said Brazza with a warm smile.

" Yes we are from the space station nearby. " Said Gregor. " I'm Gregor and this is my wife Avelina. We're currently on our honeymoon and were wondering if we can rent one of your cabins for a day or two. " He asked, As Brazza pushed a data device towards him to sign in. " Of course! We're pretty slow right now and there are only three cabins right now that are being used. "
After signing in Gregor looked out the window that had a breathtaking view of the lake and small town in the valley below them.

"This looks wonderful." Avelina said quietly slipping an arm about Gregor's waist. "I think we're going to enjoy this very much" when all was done, and they went into their cabin, Avelina immediately went to sit down upon the bed testing it. "Okay I approve of this and the bed feels so comfortable!" laying back upon it and stretching her arms above her head.

Gregor sat on the bed next to Avelina and lay down next to her. He placed his hand on her waist and gently rolled her towards him and smiled at her, his hand rapidly moved to her outstretched arms and grabbed her wrist. " It looks like someone has placed themselves in a position to be tickled, and yes this bed is nice and comfy. " He said with a grin.

Avelina squealed, "Please no tickling, I would rather have a kiss love." moving in for one, her movement rather swift. In fact she basically withdrew her hand and pounced upon him, to plant a kiss.

After Avelina pounced on top of him he grabbed her and pulled her close and held her tight. " So who's got who now? " He asked with a grin. as he returned the passionate kiss. A few hours later and after a brief nap they woke. " So what do you think my love? Hike and explore this afternoon, then come back for dinner later on and then take the shuttle to that secluded hot springs up in the mountains? " He asked her.

"Yes to all of it, Gregor, I am so looking forward to this day." Avelina just beaming, and then cuddled up to him for just a few more moments. "I don't want to move not yet anyway." She giggled.

After a bit more cuddling they managed to get themselves up and ready to hike and explore the surrounding area. Gregor grabbed a backpack and loaded in some supplies. A first aid kit , food , two blankets, water and a light tent. " There's a village about four kilometers from here further down in the valley, Would you like to go check it out? Who knows, They might have something worth seeing or maybe a craft item for your shop, Interested in going to see? " He asked her.

"Maybe after we make camp and have a lovely soak." Avelina answered with a smile. "or on the way back. This time is for us and I'd like to take as much advantage with us being us in Nature, and the hot springs."

" Well if you put it that way. " Said Gregor with a smile, as he caressed her hair and the side of her face and pulled her gently towards him and kissed her. " I guess we'll have to visit there after we've been to the hot springs. Definitely afterwards. " As he kissed her once again. He pulled back and looked at her and chuckled. " You know we're not going to go anywhere if we don't start packing the gear we need to go. The sooner we do that the sooner we can leave. "

With laugh and huge smile, Avelina leaped off the bed and ran to get things packed. "I am so excited, and looking forward to this." in record time she was ready, pulled Gregor in for a kiss. "Okay love lets go."

Gregor was pleased that Aveline was so excited about they're trip to the hot springs and soon had the supplies stow aboard the shuttle and ready for departure. " I figure by the time we get there we will have about a half an hour of sunlight left to set up camp, followed by some dinner and then some relaxing time in the hot springs. Sounds like this is going to be a wonderful night for us my love. " He said as the shuttle lifted off from the ground and headed into the direction of the setting sun.


Avelina Morgan
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