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Posted on Tuesday 15 November 2022 @ 16:53 by Commander Seklar & Lieutenant JG Wintrow Paragon & Ensign Charlie Cooper

Mission: Revelations
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Last days of leave
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Charlie has finished putting together a guide on the Quantum slipstream drive that Commander Seklar had asked her to do. She had finished the task ahead of schedule and was not ready to show it to the Chief Engineer. No, she was going to make him wait a bit longer. she was still pretty steamed that he did not want her working on the shuttle project.

She entered engineering, spotting a group sitting around, deep in discussion. She casually took a post near the master systems display table, trying to overhear their conversation.

"Now that we have run tests....does anyone have any thoughts on how to keep the shuttle from falling apart?" Seklar asked as he glanced at the two other engineers. "I do not feel we have wasted time continuing with tests, but we do need some ideas to enforce progress. I would rather not risk a real shuttle or our own lives if we can avoid it."

"Commander, we just need to work out some different connectors, strengthen them or..."

Trying to be casual, Charlie cleared her throat. "Having trouble with the experimental shuttle? Maybe I can be of assistance?" She shot a look at Seklar, expecting him to shut her down before she could get started.

Seklar ignored her for the moment, looking towards the two engineers that were in with him on the project. He didn't need a junior sticking her nose in where it didn't belong so he pretended not to have noticed. "Thoughts?" he prompted them both.

Charlie's eyes narrowed slightly. So we're playing this little game are we? she thought to herself. She spoke up again. "Where exactly is the breakup beginning?" Still keeping her gaze on Seklar.

Matilda smiled when she heard Charlie's voice. "Hey Charlie just working out the specifics for an experimental shuttle, they want to add some nitrous oxide to make it go faster." giving a wink. "However, as she had asked, I can answer. I think it's a couple of the structural hard points between the engine and the cockpit. If there is too much pressure and not enough compensation for structure, the engine will just explode like its been doing in the holosuite, also is the mix that you are using for this new engine, maybe it needs to be tweaked just a bit more. Like it may be running a bit too rich. If you do not have the right mix of fuel so to speak. Kaboom!" Matilda gestured a huge kaboom with her hands.

Charlie looked at them as if they were crazy "What? Nitrus Oxide? Please tell me that's a euphemism for something. What on earth are you adding to the warp plasma mix?

"Ensign Cooper, please tend to your own duties," Seklar suddenly spoke up, a flicker of annoyance on his face. He turned to Mathilda. "We need to reinforce the structural integrity of the shuttle and perhaps strip unnecessary components to accommodate for the engine.

As he had ignored her before, she conveniently ignored him now. She picked up a PADD "So Starfleet has come up with this compound that reacts with the warp plasma for a boost in speed." She quickly ran through some mental calculations "You can reinforce the SI field all you want, but I don't think it will fix the problem. The SI field isn't the issue."

The Vulcan's eyes narrowed at the sheer insubordination. "Ensign, you are dismissed," he said in a clipped tone. "Tend to your duties this is a closed meeting."

"But, she does have a point sir," Wintrow, the only non-engineer in the meeting, pointed out. "I don't think reinforcing the shuttle will help either. I think we need to look at the design itself.... What do you think?" The Betazoid looked towards the other two.

Charlie could feel her blood starting to boil. Not wanting to get into a shouting match in front of the other officers, she took a step closer to Seklar. "Commander, Can I have a moment with you, in private?"

Ensign Matilda Bronsky looked at Charlie, then back to Seklar. "Sir she has point as to what is going to be needed. And the Nacelles are going to be needing to be shortened, putting closer to the structure of the shuttle."

Matilda looked at Itithos "Doesn't that sound good? It will reshape the warp bubble that will make the shuttle easier to manoeuvre through space"

Seklar nodded, sensing the woman's festering anger with relative ease. He gestured to a spot a few paces away from their discussion location. "What is it ensign, can you not see we have an important meeting?"

Once they were alone, Chalie started to make her point. "Commander, you need me in this project and while you may not like it, I can bring some valuable insight. It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes look over a project and keeping me on the sides lines is, in my option wasting the resources of this department, Sir."

"It is not your place to come into a closed meeting and start offering suggestions," the Vulcan answered coldly, his eyes narrowing at her audacity, "need I remind you that you are quite inexperienced and fresh from the academy, and that you are but an ensign and I am the chief of this department? I decide who works on what project, not you."

Charlie was about to respond in anger but then stopped. She had to acknowledge that she was not at the academy anymore and these weren't the Vulcan classmates who had taunted her at every turn with their smug superiority. Like it or not she was part of a crew now and not everything would revolve around her. was this what her mother had warned her about? Was this just FOMO? She still didn't like the situation, but for the time being...

She lowered her eyes and nodded. "Yes Sir. I understand. I... apologise for my interruption. It won't happen again." She turned and started to head back to where she had been working, allowing Seklar to return to the others.

Seklar was about to call her back when his train of thought was interrupted by those he had left at the table.

"Um sir Commander Seklar, if you don't mind, I'm just an ensign." Matilda decided she'd open her mouth. It may end up with her being booted out of this brainstorming session but, Charlie had some good ideas. And if the Commander didn't like the fact she spoke up then oh well. "I think we do need more than just the eyes of both myself and Lieutenant Th'ithaanit and Lieutenant Paragon. Therefore with me being just an Ensign, I shouldn't be here either. And even though a person is a Commander doesn't mean that the higher ranking officer should dismiss the ideas of a lower ranking officer. A good leader would be willing to listen to someone else's idea."

Matilda went quiet for a moment and feeling like she had overstepped herself. She then spoke once more. "Well I had better get going. I've got some other assignments I need to get done with. After all, I can't shirk my other duties, don't want my bosses to get upset with me." With that, Matilda made a hasty exit from Engineering to get back to work on the holo suite. She poked her head back in and said to Charlie. " Hey Ensign Cooper, I need another set of eyes on keeping an eye on the schematic levels, care to help?"

A message was sent to Lieutenant Th'ithaanit it was from Commander McPhee. It read Lieutenant Th'ithaanit, if you are not busy please come to my office.

Seklar sighed, waving them off. "Carry on, we will continue these discussions later." And that would likely include a talk about how to address a senior officer, he mused as he considered what he felt was a clear lack of respect.

Commander Seklar
Chief Engineer

Ensign Matilda Bronsky
NPC: Mathias

Ensign Charlie Cooper
NPC Jones

Lieutenant Itithos Th'ithaanit
Assistant Engineering Officer


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