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Dinner for 4 and a bit

Posted on Sunday 30 August 2020 @ 19:13 by Lieutenant JG Ricardo Draxx & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: Race against the machine - Joint Mission with USS Andromeda
Location: Amelia and Syvar's quarters, USS Andromeda
Timeline: MD 8 2000
2300 words - 4.6 OF Standard Post Measure


Amelia was just putting the finish touches to the table and lighting two candles that were in the middle. She had opted for a casual dress this evening. Although she was not showing yet, she swore she already looked rounder.

She called out "Syvar, are you ready? Melody and Draxx will be here any minute."

Still looking a little pale, but certainly feeling better, Syvar appeared from the bedroom. He moved slowly as if he lacked the energy to move at normal speed, as though he calculated every single step. He too was wearing casuals, having opted for comfortable linen pants and shirt in earth tones that rather complemented his greenish skin. "I am ready," he said as he walked up to her.

Melody had chosen to wear her trusty LBD (little black dress). Her and Draxx had beamed over to the Andromeda and were now in the turbolift.

"So Amelia has loads of juicy stories from your time at the academy then," he grinned putting his arm around her waist as they walked on the other ship. "This should be an interesting night," he chuckled.

Melody chuckled “Be careful what you wish for my dear.”

Amelia placed her hand on Syvar's face. "You're looking better. Let's hope your appetite has returned." She added as she kissed him gently as the door chime sounded.

"Come in!" Amelia called out

Melody and Draxx entered. Melody was carrying a very chocolaty dessert while Draxx was carrying a wrapped gift.

"Good evening," Melody said. "You know you can smell what you're cooking down the corridor. Smells wonderful." She placed the pudding on the counter and hugged Amelia. She then turned to Syvar "We finally meet in person. It's wonderful to meet you." She held out her hand. "This is my husband, Draxx."

As he wasn't wearing his gloves, Syvar didn't take the offered hand but bowed slightly in return. "I am Syvar," he replied, "welcome to our home, may we offer you refreshment?"

"Thank you," the Bajoran male said not sure why he wouldn't take his hand. He pulled it back and into the direction of the other lady. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Amelia. And I would love a glass of red."

Amelia knew Melody liked red wine and had a bottle witting for her. She poured a glass for Draxx

"I'll have a glass of red wine as well please," Melody asked before looking at Amelia. "I know you're not drinking, are you?" Her lips turned upward into a warm smile. "How is the little bundle of joy? Causing any morning sickness?"

Amelia nodded. "Can't wait for that part to be over," she added as she handed Melody her glass.

Draxx took the offered glass and looked at the Vulcan. "So buddy. You all ready for this parent thing? They grow up so fast .... quite literally," he muttered.

"Of course I'm ready," Syvar answered, "it may not have been planned... I wasn't planning on becoming a father for quite some time, but that doesn't mean the child isn't welcome. We'll do our best to raise our child, and he or she will be loved."

"I wasn't implying in any way they wouldn't be loved or you wouldn't be capable. I more meant the responsibility. The worrying, sleepless nights and all that ...."

The Bajoran took a large sip of his wine. Vulcans! Always so literal. He looked towards Mel as if to rescue him.

Melody placed her hand on Draxx’s arm and gave him a supportive smile.

"I'm not worried about sleepless nights, I don't need much sleep to begin with." Syvar smiled reassuringly. "I might be young even for a Vulcan, but I can handle it." He deliberately didn't say 'my species'.

"Of course you can," Draxx said seriously. "So what's for dinner?" he asked steering the conversation in another direction.

“We’re having Bajoran Spiny fish to start with then some Wallaby steaks with vegetables for the main course. I see it’s death by chocolate for dessert.” Amelia added, eyeing what Melody had brought.“

“I do hope it turned out ok” Melody said before taking a sip of her wine.

"As long as it's got the most important ingredient, it can't really go wrong," Syvar smiled, "at least that's what mom always says to me, and I consider her to be the wisest woman in the galaxy." He grinned openly at their guests, while leaning against the table. "I would serve dinner, but I'm in no condition to keep walking back and forth, I apologize."

"It's quite alright" Melody assured him "How are you recovering after your encounter with... Her?"

"Slowly," the Vulcan doctor replied, "it is taking longer than I had accounted for. Of course I had not counted on encountering her again, or being shot point blank. I had, in fact, hoped to never see her again."

Amelia was putting the final touches to the starter "I think he's overstating things" She said with a smile "He's stronger than he looks. I just hope he remembers it will be him looking after me in about 5 or 6 months' time."

"I shall endeavour to be at full strength again by that time," Syvar promised with a smile

Amelia kissed him before returning her attention to the food.

Amelia dusted off her hands. "Well, dinner is ready. If you would like to take your seats?"

Melody went over to Amelia "Here let me help you with those plates."

Between the two of them, they placed the starter on the table. Melody sat next to Draxx and gently nudged him in the ribs "You see... You finally get to see what Spiney fish tastes like."

"I know what it tastes like. We used to serve it in my cousin's restaurant on earth," the Bajoran said.

Amelia raised an eyebrow. "Melody said you've been trying to catch one for a long time? Also, your daughter is a natural at catching them."

Melody nodded "She caught one the first time she went fishing with him."

"Well ..... " Draxx spluttered. "That was just beginners luck. I will get my big catch. I'm not going to stop trying. Then its getting stuffed and mounted on the wall. High up so nibbles can't try to get at it."

"Why would you stuff and mount a fish?" Syvar asked curiously, "If you are not going to consume it, why not release it?"

Melody chuckled "It's become more than that. It's now a highly skilled duel between man and fish! That fish is now his nemesis." She took a bite. "Mmmmmm, tastes rather good though."

"And how will you endeavour to catch said fish, if it is a nemesis?" Syvar asked while quietly picking away at his own food.

"Bait, patience and skill," Draxx said simply. "And the mounting on a wall means I have a will have a constant reminder that I won that battle once I win it."

"And killed an innocent fish?" Savin stirred more food around his plate, rather than eating it. "Why?"

"Because it's fishing," Draxx said getting a little irritated at the Vulcans line of questioning. "It's my hobby. And when I finally catch one that's what I'm going to do."

Amelia put her hand gently on Syvar's and gave him a loving smile. "I think it has become a matter of honour that shall no doubt inspire great songs."

Melody nodded "Indeed. Well, we know they taste nice, that was delicious."

Amelia started collecting the empty plates "I'm glad you enjoyed it." She then started getting the main course ready to be served.

"Very much. You must share the recipe for when I catch mine," Draxx said.

"She will," Syvar said, though he still didn't like the idea of catching and killing a fish for anything other than food. He might not be a vegetarian, but to him, it was food, not sport. "I hope you will enjoy the next course."

"I always love a good steak," Draxx stated.

“Well, this is a little different.” Amelia said as she placed plates in front of Melody and Draxx. ‘This is Kangaroo steak in a red wine reduction With some new potatoes, carrots and some sautéed courgettes.”

“Well, it smells delicious.” Melody added. “Could I trouble you for a top-up?”

Amelia had preempted Melody’s request and produced another bottle of wine.

Melody smiled at her “Bless you. Have you thought of a name for the baby.”

"Ricardo is a very good name you know," Draxx grinned at her.

Syvar looked up at Amelia, then shook his head. "We have some time to think of a name, but we'll take it into consideration." He smiled at their guests. "I grew up eating kangaroo. While I limit my red meat intake I'm very particular towards kangaroo."

"Your right," Draxx said. He turned to Melody. "We should save that in case we ever have a son love."

Melody coughed slightly and had to put her wine glass down for a moment. She looked at Draxx, a bit surprised, but managed to recover quickly. "Yes.... yes of course." She locked eyes with Amelia for a moment before taking another drink of her wine.

Amelia's eyes darted back and forth between Draxx and Melody. Obviously, his comment had come as a surprise to Melody but she decided that now was not the best time to bring it up. "Well, I know Melody is a great mother. Sansa is just wonderful. You must be very proud of her.

Melody nodded "We are."

Syvar too studied them, his eyes lingering on Melody a little longer before looking up at Amelia. You'd think they're hiding something. He thought, smirking at her, his green eyes sparkling with mischief.

Amelia heard Syvar whisper in her mind and had to suppress a gasp. She looked at him and thought I'll explain later. Whether or not he heard her, she did not know.

Melody looked back and forth between Amelia and Syvar sensing some unspoken communication but decided not to mention it. "That was delicious Amelia," Melody said to her before looking at Syvar. "I hope you've realised you've managed to secure one of the best cooks around,"

"It was very good. You could serve that in a five star restaurant," Draxx said honestly. He would know. He had worked in some decent ones.

"I have secured the best mate," Syvar answered, "though in honesty... it was she, who secured me, who bound me to her. In doing so...she saved my life."

"Very impressive. How so?" Draxx asked wondering what had happened that he needed his life saving.

Melody raised an eyebrow as she helped Amelia collect the empty plates. “Just think it was you who needed saving when we first met.” She said with a smile.

Syvar turned to face Draxx. "If not for her, I would quite likely be dead," he answered seriously, "I would've freed her counterpart from the brig and she would've tortured me again." he shrugged, dismissing the thought. "She saved me from such a fate, and I'm forever grateful."

"Who tortured you?" Draxx said incensed. "Have you pressed charges?"

Syvar looked up at Amelia and sighed, silently pleading for her help. He swallowed a few times, before looking down at his hands. "Amelia's mirror," he whispered.

Melody paused as she put the dessert the had brought on the table. "Wow.." She whispered "That must have been... intense. But now you have found each other that's what matters and I know Amelia is happy. Here," She had cut a piece of the chocolate dessert and handed it to Syvar.

"Oh yes, he almost disobeyed a direct order and went to see her, even after what she put him through. I had to step in and... persuade him it wasn't a very good idea, and that he had other options."

The young Vulcan seemed to blush, but otherwise said nothing as he looked down at the hand that touched his.

"And how did you per...... Oh! Melody said as she recognised that look in Amelia's eyes "I'm sure you were very persuasive." She said with a smile "And now you're happy together."

"I'm very happy," Amelia said as she placed a hand on Syvars.

Syvar turned his hand over and squeezed hers.

The chocolate pudding went down very well and Amelia brought out a pot of fresh coffee and a bottle of green liquid with 3 glasses. She led the party thought to the living area where Melody and Draxx got comfortable on one of the sofas and Amelia and Syvar on the other.

Melody looked at her with a smile "Aldeberan whisky?"

"Of course. I know you have a taste for it. I won't be able to but, please."

"Thank you," Melody replied. she took a sip "Well that was a lovely meal." she said as she relaxed into Draxx.

Syvar shook his head. "No alcohol for me," he answered.

Draxx fought the urge to say, "No figure". Instead, he smiled and said, "I'll take one thank you."

As the evening drew to a close, amelia and Syvar were saying good night to their guests.

Melody embraced Amelia. "We really should meet up more often and next time, we'll have you over for dinner. Take care of that little bundle."

Amelia returned the hug. "Of course. we'll have to come and visit her Godmother so she can babysit for us."

Melody held out her hand to Syvar. "It was wonderful to meet you."

"And you," he replied, taking her hand within his gloved one.

"Thank you for a lovely dinner and best of luck with the birth and everything," Draxx told his hosts.

And with that, Melody and Draxx headed back to the transporter room to beam back to the Merlin.



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