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Rumour has it

Posted on Saturday 10 October 2020 @ 15:54 by Commander Caroline Miller

Mission: Ghost Ship
Location: tbd
Timeline: tbd
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"Bree," Caroline called out recognizing a familiar profile. She caught up with her. "Rumour has it you nearly ended up in the brig. Is everything okay?"

Pausing, Breana turned to grin at Caroline. "I'm fine. Some petty officer didn't like my choice of Security drill. How are you?"

"I got dumped," she said quietly. "Scarlett?" she clarified moving away from delving further into Ki's sudden upping sticks.

"Wait, what??? Why? Man, do I need to kick someone's ass? I mean, yeah.... Scarlet already wants me, might as well give him a reason." Bree said, her country twang catching her with her perked tone. Of course, she also wasn't really catching the words that were coming out of her mouth at the time either.

"Scarlet wants you. What exactly happened there?" Caroline said mischievously. "I can see that actually. You two," she teased.

"Wait, no.... that's not what I meant. He wants me in the Brig. I mean, he wants to put me in the Brig." A slight blush to her cheeks as she gave a little shake of her head catching that look of Carolines. "And what do you mean you can see it? He's a pain in the ass who tends to shoot first and ask questions after the fact and seems to get off trying to put officers in the Brig." She huffed and muttered... "me and him, I don't know what your thinkin"

"Actually I was just teasing but the what you just said and the way you just said it told me volumes. Your interested. Of course you can't admit it ... certainly not yet but oh Bree, your starting to blush," Caroline said.

"I'll have to catch up with David. Its been a long time since we talked," she added more to herself there.

"I am not, and don't you dare say anything to him, and I was not blushing... it's just hot on this ship." Breana said with a stubborn mutter before attempting to change the subject. "Anyways, enough about me what happened with you?"

"Well your the engineering chief, maybe you should check out the environmental controls," Caroline said jokingly. "I got dumped. Ki took off, back to starfleet medical. No explanation. No contact. Its like he never even existed. I thought it was the start of something but clearly it wasn't."

"Damn" Bree said with a shake of her head. "Yanno, I don't think I'll ever really understan men, They act all nice at first and then turn into real jerks."

“Well ... burnt again. Lesson learnt. The next one ... if there’s another I’ll pick more wisely,” Caroline said. “But hey David .... never witnessed any dodgy side there. Just saying,” she told her.

"Other than he shot one of my officers in a mock drill." A slight roll of her eyes. "And if you think that I'm going to be hooking up with anyone, then you better be hooking up with someone also some time. " She teased her friend.

"Well if you find me a young hot blond adonis ... who am I to disagree," the counselor said with a smile. "So he shoots first. Han Solo did that. Character in one of the biggest old movie franchises of the 24th century. Complete scoundrel. Nerf herder apparently. The princess hated him at first but he still got girl. We should watch it ... with cocktails some time."

"I'll keep my eyes open for you, as for Han Solo... well, I'm way to busy to worry about someone getting me." Rathburn said with a smile, that mischievous sparkle in her eyes. "Though, I will take you up on that movie and drink sometime in the near future."

"You got it. I'll sort something out and be in touch," Caroline said. "I'll let you get back to whatever your doing. See you soon Bree."

"I'll be looking forwards to it. You have a good day." Breana said with a smile before hurrying off to get back on track of what she was working on.


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