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Lunch Among the Clouds P2

Posted on Saturday 17 October 2020 @ 22:17 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant Commander Marbim Rejal

Mission: Ghost Ship
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: MD4 - 1427 Hours
2362 words - 4.7 OF Standard Post Measure

Sav burst out in a nervous giggle, "UHhh, yeah, ayuh, Ima sorry fer that, Miles. I.. keep fergettin about, you know, males reactions." She grabs his hand and leads him over to take a seat at the table. The view was impressive. She leaned close and said, "The view is very impressive, sir... and so is the landscape beyond this window as well." She moved over to sit opposite, smiling to him as she hoped she had done well with her flirt.

Smiling back, and looking around, Miles replies, "The trees and vista are nice, it's you who is impressive." When he turns his head back to look at Sav there's hunger in his eyes ... he then shakes his head and it recedes. "Now then, what did Cook make us ... I know for my part there are some Klingon dishes, and my grandmother's famous soup ... its vegetables and seafood from Cardassia..."

Sav grinned to Miles and replied, "I just LOVE Soups and stews. I look forward to tasting and eating some, Miles."

She sniffs at the various dishes and her nose homes in on a pot marked with her name. She reached out, like a kid in a candy store, to grasp the lid. She questioned, "Is it...." as she removed the lid. It was and she exclaimed, "Schtarksian stew." She smiled to Miles to explain, "The new cook found the recipe and made me my races famous hunting Stew. Its root veggies, game meat and offal, fungus, and a gravy base stewed down from the broth of cooking the dish. Melody spent some time getting everything just right, including hydroponic veggies and finding game of various worlds that equated to my homeworld's critters. On Appolonia, the swamp provided a close enough proximity as well. Still, it was still in the Merlin's database after being stranded on the ocean floor for so long a time." She churred, her eyes far away, as she remembered good times at home and on the Merlin in eating the stew. And, for a change, didn't think of the bad.

Miles leans over and kisses Sav on the cheek, as he does he slips a finger into the stew. Popping it in his mouth he nods his head, "Hmmmm, that is good ..."

Sav looked at Miles, questing, then asked, very adeptly, "Are you saying that because I am here? Or actually because it tastes good? Please, don't hide what you actually find appealing because of me, I need to know for the you... who you actually are.. not what you think I might want of who you are... please.."

Caught off guard, Miles gently pulls the pot out of Sav's hands and sets it aside. He then sits in front of her, his hands on her legs. "I told you my grandparents raised me. The only real food my grandmother never burned is that stew I had the cook make us. My grandfather did most of the cooking, and it was a lot of soups, stews, and soft foods due to his diet. Like you, I love soups and stews ... and I'm falling in love with you ... Cardassians, we don't have a lot of words to express emotions. Beautiful in my language means well made, whether its a ship or a plan. That's why I slip into Klingon periodically. You are the most captivating, beautiful woman I have ever met ... I'm not going to start lying to you ... you make me feel good about myself, something no other woman I have dated ever has, to the girls at the Academy I was just an alien lay, and I was young and didn't know any better."

Sav blushed, deeply, as a light churr came from her chest. She wasn't sure what to say. Here she was, a female with sooo many issues that life had given her, being wanted by a very handsome, well spoken, desiring male, who was only wanted by others because he was an alien, very good looking male? She now giggled, while reaching out to put her hands onto his. She slid his hands up her thighs, closer to her core, and said, "Ah'm glad yah feel t'at way, Miles. Ah want you, fer you, t'e whole package, not just fer looks, fer show, fer sexin', fer ploy. Yah have accepted meun fer me, despite me... past.. *whispers* damn bastard*.. Ah don't feel beautiful, not with what happened, but witha all that tis said, Ah must be, fer someone to pay another Millions of Fed Credits fer me cherry and pelt... Ah... Ah.. "

A wall, a damn, a hold within her broke. Tears welled up and began falling. She surged forward to lay up against Miles, crying, feeling secure in having a male wanting her, desiring her, for her, not for her assets. She began sobbing, choking on her words, as she cried welled up emotions out of herself. In this, she hiccuped words, "Beautiful... insihde ana out.. Ah'm beautiful.. ana so Gorgeous male... wants meah.. fer me.."

Reaching out, Miles picks Sav up and puts her in his lap, rocking her side to side as one hand holds her waist tightly, his other begins rubbing circles up and down her back..."Yes silly girl, I want you for you, now if you don't stop crying you're gonna make me cry too."

Sav closed her eyes to feel Miles holding her, rocking her, being there for her in this moment. She almost giggled amongst her sobbing, a grown female, a commander, was busy crying in the, of all things, XO of a major Federation Ship. Sav nodded to Miles and replied with, "Ahma tryin', ayuh". The sobbing turned to gentle crying, and then slowly went away to sniffles. Sav's eyes were still closed as she listened to Miles heart beat, his breathing, the growling noises coming from his stomach...

Sav's eyes flew open even as she exclaimed, "OUR LUNCH!!!" Still, even in saying this, she didn't move. She had finally cried away some of her past pains and was feeling much better, while feeling safe and protected with Miles, a Male, without trepidation for the first time in a long time. She giggled, "Ah.. feel safe ina yer arms, Miles... Ah.. give meun another minute.. t'en weun eat, mm'kay?"

Snuggling closer, Miles sighs, "Whatever Milady wishes...oh knock it off," as his stomach grumbles again ...

Sav churr laughed as her stomach joined the fray. She was so happy she was a department head and could take an extended lunch. She had others looking out for her duties. Then, she remembered, Miles was XO. "Umm, Miles, do yah still have time? Yer XO.. "

His faces falls for a moment, "Computer, how much time do I have before I'm needed on the bridge?" A female voice replies, "You have 75 minutes until your shift starts Commander." Looking at Sav his grin is back, "Well, I guess we better eat then, now what first?"

Sav murred gently as she shifted away from Miles and then pushed off slip into her seat. As she did, she said matter of factly, "Yerun Grandmama's famous Soup. Ah ama reahlly lookin ferward to it."

Grinning, he scoops some stew onto a spoon and says, "I'll try not to dribble any on your top.." he then holds the spoon out to Sav.

Sav raised an eyebrow at Miles directly dipping into the pot instead of ladling out portions for each. Then again, they kiss and share germs, so, she gently moved her body forward, then opened her mouth, wrapped her tongue along the spoon to guide it in, closed her mouth and drew back. The spoon was clean. Her thoughts were far away as she tasted and smelled of the food, swallowing after some chewing. "Delicious, Miles... more?"

After several more spoonfuls, Miles takes a few himself. Setting the bowl down he looks for something else to try, then looks at Sav, "So this Schtarksian stew, you said its a hunting dish, is it made after a successful kill?" He goes to fill their spoon and seems to be waiting for Sav's answer before he decides which direction the spoon is going to go.

Sav churred, "Yes, and no. It is definitely after a hunters' bounty, but will also be made from preserved meats in winter and early spring on special occasions to keep nutrition going among the clans. In how it is made, it is very nutritional... my mom craved it all the time when I was the bun in her oven, ayuh."

Looking at the spoon, then Sav, he slides it into his mouth. The spoon is clean when it pulls it out. Chewing and swallowing he grins, "I see why your mom craved this, its really good, and I can see this as, um, comforting food if you are, under the weather." Quickly filling the spoon, he carefully sets the bowl down, and goes to feed Sav a bite ... as she moves in, he steals a kiss...

Sav is looking at the spoon, with its delights, when Miles suddenly appears in front of her and pushes against her muzzle. Her tongue, in going for the spoon, now goes into his mouth, and part way down his throat, instead. Her eyes open wide as she realizes her very, intimate tonguing of him (for her race), but then closes her eyes and explores his throat, then back to his teeth, and his tongue, before finally breaking off the kiss. She murrs to him, churring gently, then wraps her tongue once more around the spoon, and also fingers holding the spoon, to partake of the stew. She smiles, then leans in to whisper with half shut eyes, "Ah would love tah show t'at tah yah later, upon yer intimates, ayuh.."

"I think I would enjoy that very much, you naughty girl you," blushing furiously, Miles reaches behind him for any food, and comes up with a breadstick ... he chokes, then snorts, and then breaks out laughing....

Sav breaks out in laughing as well. They had journeyed to intimate dating, then back to friendship with dating desires, in an instant. Sav laughed, and said, "I love your choice of weapon sir, may we desire nourishment over position, sir?"

"So more stew, what else did Cook make for you. I think you've tried the Klingon dishes I like, I didn't get gagh this time, I didn't want them not to be fresh when we got up here ... there is some targ hearts in piplok sauce ... the only sweet thing other than you, is something called kheer ... something Cook said was creamy and sweet ..."

Sav churrs as she glances over the dishes, then looked back up to Miles. "Well, sirrah, let us partake of the Targ Hearts as befitting a warrior such as yourself, then we can move onto the Kheer so both your eyes and your mouth can partake of the desserts before them.

Grinning and slightly blushing he asks, “Klingons eat them with their hands or off their knives...hopefully fingers work as I left my D’k Tagh in my room,” picking a piece of heart up he offers it to Sav, “Would you like my heart?”

That phrase, and how he did it, affected Sav deeply. Without knowing it, Miles said a near Mephetian asking Fiance phrase. She blushed deeply, and remembered her conversation with David. She moved forward, taking the heart into her teeth, even as her tongue extended to wrap around Miles hand. She drew back from his hand, licking at its palm, while taking in the piece of heart to swallow whole, no chewing. She giggled, and said plainly, "Yes, Miles, I accept your heart as your soul, your charm as your maleness, your strength as your weakness. We shall be family, as you desire and I accept desire."

Her eyes opened wide as she finished, then she meekly said, "Umm, ifin yah accept. Sorry, yah said a Mephetian Fiance acceptance... Ah reacted.. still, Ah accepten definitely, ayuh."

Eyes wide open, Miles gathers Sav into his arms. "My people, we have no such words other than 'Family is All', we value our families more than our commitments to our government." Blushing furiously, he quietly adds, "We are also prolific with interspecies relationships." Then he melts into a kiss ... which he breaks off with a shocked look on his face, "Do I need to clear this with your parents first? My grandparents will be ecstatic."

Sav blushes, then gives him a nip along a neck ridge. She replies, "Meun parents will be glad Ah found a Male whoun understands me. Ah... Miles, they don't know what happened, with meun, in the sexen dungeon, or the aftermath of what Federation did tah me to try and kill me off. Ah... never had the heart to tell them. Ah.. mahght need youen fer helping.. ana yah accept me in spite ofa what happened... umm, Miles. Ah was betrothed tah David ana Melody, but Melody has another, and David has released meun tah persue who make me happy... youen do, Miles, youen do."

Hugging her tightly Miles murmurs, "You make me happy as well. I would be honored to be by your side when you decide to tackle any conversation. Now as much as I don't want to let you go, I need to clean up and get to the bridge. Can we do this again, and you pick the location. With you by my side, I'm not so afraid of heights. I might even forget my anti-grav belt just for another chance of watching you, um, climb anything above me..." Sav can feel him warm up, furiously blushing.

Sav gave him another kiss besides a deep hug. She sighs as she says, "Definately, ah'll get it setup ina future." She stood up and pulled him to his feet as well. "Shoo, youen go on tah shift. Ah will clean this up, besides, ah want leftovers fer meself. Now, Begone."

Sav watched him go, then bustled about to get the meal ready before she turned off the holodeck. She hummed to herself, feeling really good, really good about the day, and herself.



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