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Stitching Time

Posted on Wednesday 3 November 2021 @ 22:05 by Lieutenant JG Zirvell Khen & Captain Melody Jones & Lieutenant Nir’anyar

Mission: First Contact
Location: Shuttle bay/ Sickbay
Timeline: MD3 2100 hours
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The journey back to Merlin had taken several hours, and Zirvell had used some of that time to rest, and listen to the others conversing at the front of the shuttle. He had kept a little to himself, to allow himself to center himself a little. Twelve years was still a lot to take in, and he wondered just how he was going to adjust to this.

He squinted when the hatch opened, once the Percival had landed inside the Merlin. "Wow.." he breathed, looking sideways at the woman who had stayed with him most of their journey back. He leaned against the opening, still feeling fairly weak despite the nourishing food and the rest he'd enjoyed. "Sickbay, I take it?"

Rose nodded “I think we better had. This way.” Rose let him put his weight on her as she led the way to the turbolift.

“Sickbay,” Rose said to the computer. “I know it’s a lot to take in. The Merlin is one of only six Excalibur class starships currently in service. I transferred here from an Oberth class science ship. It took me a while before I could navigate the corridors with confidence.”

"I lived on the Britannic for a while," Zirvell said in awe, "she's a Nebula class and they were considered large but this's massive. I've never seen one of these before." He leaned against the wall of the turbolift car, hoping he wouldn't collapse on the way to sickbay. "I've not served on any ships while I was at the academy. My first assignment was delivering supplies, and that's why we were in a runabout. We were supposed to get there in a few week's time but an ion storm hit us, and we had nowhere to run." He paused, his expression saddening. "I really hope Doctor Pip's family can be contacted... and I hope they find my family too."

"Let's get you sorted out first, then we'll talk to Captain Jones," Rose replied. "I'm sure she'll be able to contact your family."

The turbolift came to a halt and Rose helped him walk the short distance to sickbay. When they entered, she called out "Doctor! I could use some help over here." She guided Zirvell over to a biobed. "This is Ensign Zirvell Khen, we found him in a stasis chamber onboard a Runabout that's been adrift for the last twelve years."

"Why did you remove him from stasis? For what reason were you in stasis?"
Anya's mind racing with chilling visions of an epidemic of symboline blood burn or that protomorphosis disease that his the Enterprise D suddenly gripping the Merlin as she went directly to the main console to start bringing up the quarantine routines for the room should they be needed.

Rose volunteered some information "When we beamed his stasis pod onto our Runabout, the power system started to fail. He would have died in there if we didn't get him out. According to the log, their Runabout encounter an ion storm, and his commanding officer put them both into stasis pods to await rescue," She motioned to Zirvell, "I'm afraid he was the only survivor."

Zirvell shook his head. "Doctor Pip wasn't my commanding officer, insofar I know we didn't have one. He was the doctor, and I was the nurse on our assignment. He was also the pilot..." His expression saddened. "We hadn't expected that storm to hit us at all, or for it to expand as fast as it did. When power on the shuttle failed, the doctor decided stasis was the safest option as we happened to carry two pods to deliver to our destination." He paused for a moment, settling himself on the bed. "We didn't carry anything contagious, just medical supplies.."

"We also brought the Doctor's body back so he... he could be laid to rest," Rose said softly.

"Of course" Anya's tension left her as she realized the emotional state of the man before her and her own emotions of late made it very easy for her to relate to the Cardassian. "I will make sure he is treated with dignity and given the proper rights as per his species beliefs... Please could I run a few scans?"

"Yes ma'am," the Cardassian answered softly, "you may run any scan necessary... But I assure you I am... well I was healthy when I went into stasis. I was not suffering from any illness at the time."

At this point, Melody entered sickbay. Seeing the young Cardassian with Rose and the Doctor, she came over. "I'd heard we'd picked up a new passenger." She held out her hand "I'm Captain Jones, in command of the Merlin."

Zirvell didn't take the offered hand. "Apologies ma'am, but until the doctor clears me, it might not be wise to touch you, especially in your condition." He offered an apologetic smile. "Ensign Zirvell Khen," he added by way of introduction, "I suppose currently unassigned nurse."

Melody smiled at him "Of course ensign, according to my officers' report, you've been adrift for almost 12 years. You mentioned you have some family you'd like to contact?"

"My father," the young man said, nodding slowly, "and perhaps my siblings... Then captain Lukas Fredriks of the USS Britannic, and Adele and Oliver Fredriks..." He realized this might sound a little strange to offer Human names, since he had never taken on his adopted name. "I was adopted when I was fifteen," he clarified.

"I can arrange that for you Ensign" Anya offered as she was running the scanner over the Cardassian.

"Can arrange what ma'am?" the young man asked, looking at the Benzite woman with a look of confusion in his eyes. He tried to lie still as she scanned him, but he found himself a little restless.

"Pay attention Ensign. I know you've just woken up from a twelve-year sleep but you asked if we could contact certain people and I am now saying I can organize that... It isn't that difficult a concept!"
She said rather dryly and very directly at the young man before her before finishing her scans and moving over to the main sickbay readout display.

"I've heard of Captain Fredriks," Melody told him. "He's still in command of the Britannic. Once the Doctor has examined you, I'm sure we can contact him via subspace."

"Well according to these readouts you are lacking in certain vitamins, minerals, and generally on the side of slightly malnourished but that goes hand in hand with cryosleep over extended periods. Some atrophy to the musculature but that can be corrected easily enough... Everything else looks to be within the expected norms for Cardassians of your age Ensign. I would say you are fit to return to duty but after so long I would imagine you have some catching up to do... Medical science has advanced in those twelve years!"
Anya crossed back to the central biobed where the Captain and the Cardassian were.

"It's still a lot to take in," the young man answered honestly, "I still can't believe so much time has passed." He sat up a little. "I assume you'll be injecting me with a wide variety of medications to get my vitals back up to par? And perhaps light exercise?" He paused to look at the captain. "He's still in command? I'm happy to hear that."

Anya smiled at the young man as she stepped back as she was a firm believer that physical fitness, especially when his readings had been so marginal, did not require medication. Instead, she was going to make it a standing order for him to simply eat and be active.
"No Ensign. You can do this the old-fashioned way and it will get you out and about, rediscovering the world that now sits before you... What is it you Humans say, Captain. Eat, Drink and be Gerry... I never did understand who they are on about though. Was he some kind of notable figure?"

Melody smiled and shook her head "That's merry Doctor. Eat, drink and be merry. Getting closer." She turned back to Zirvell "Welcome aboard Ensign Khen. I'll make sure there are some quarters assigned to you. As soon as the Doctor has finished with you, If you'll join me in my Ready room, we'll contact Captain Fredricks together."

"Yes ma'am," the young Cardassian answered dutifully, "as soon as the doctor releases me I will."

"No time like the present Ensign... Go, explore, learn and eat a sandwich or seven!" Anya had already started back across to the main sickbay display, her intention to search the ensign's Starfleet record and move him from the MIA to Active duty list and update his records with her scans. Perhaps it was also time for her to download a Human phrasebook and have a read.


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