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    Scans, Dongles, and Lies

    Posted on Monday 13 February 2017 @ 05:32 by Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD & Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Caleb Mitchell

    Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
    Location: Starbase Medical Room 3725
    Timeline: MD13 - Shoreleave


    ==== Starbase Medical Exam Room 3725 - in the Trauma Ward ====

    Galeraz pushed in the final module. He brushed back a strand of hair and stood up, stretching. He called out, saying, "And, I do believe that does it. Let me run the diagnostic verification, but from the tell-tales, this bed is ready to scan any Mephetian in the quadrant." He turned towards the other occupant in the room, "So, Caroline, while that runs, want to call our errant Mephetian for a shore leave checkup?"

    Caroline smiled softly at Galeraz. She walked forward and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. "Thank you for helping me with these adjustments and I will call her with pleasure. Hopefully, we can get some proper answers now."

    She reached over and pressed her comm. badge. =^=Miller to Lieutenant Tillatix. Could you report to Medical Room 3725 please?=^=

    ==== Cmdr Shopping Area, Knick-Knack Shack ====

    Sav was startled to receive the chirp and question. She returned upright from where she had been studying a very nice lacquered slice of log with a fantasy mural on it of an Alicorn in the moonlight in a clearing of the woods. She glanced over at Melody, looking confused. "Hey Girrl, did you order this?"

    Melody had been closely inspecting a small wooden hedgehog ornament when Sav spoke. She spun around and looked blankly for a moment "Sorry, what order? I was miles away then."

    Sav held up her hands in the universal language of 'not a clue'. She touched her wrist computer. A map of the Starbase came up and showed Caroline was in Medbay 3725 of the starbase on floor 37. She hit her com badge. =/\= Hey Doc Miller, Tillatix here. I am out shopping with Melody... errr, Commander Melody Jones. I can be there in about 15 minutes as we are on floor 17. Umm, can Melody come along with me? =/\=

    =^=If you're happy with her being there of course=^= Caroline responded. She couldn't argue if the patient wanted someone to come to her check up with her, unfortunately.

    =/\= Yes, I am. Thank you, very much, for allowing my best friend to come along.=/\= Sav was not sure why she had been ordered to a medbay, more than likely an exam knowing her luck, but was happy that Melody was allowed to be there. "So, Melody, ready for whatever may come?"

    Melody smiled at the 'best friend remark'. She gestured with her hand "Sure Sweetie, lead the way."

    ==== Starbase Medical Exam Room 3725 - in the Trauma Ward ====

    "Well I guess we have 15 minutes, a coffee while we wait?" she suggested to Galeraz.

    Galeraz smiled affectionately at Carolina. "Most indubitably, Caroline, most indubitably." He went to the hidden area, where the nurses gathered, to get both a fresh cup of coffee not from replicators. He brought her a nice cup, as well as himself. Smiling, he gave her a return kiss onto her nose. "We shall soon know of the mystery, and why she is lying." Galeraz was still unsure of the last, as, from everything he knew of Mephetians, they did not lie, and hated even the half truths needed for friendships with Terrans. Still, this was an unusual case, so he would roll with it. Behind him, the bed beeped in affirmation that its diagnostics passed all tests.

    Caroline nodded and took a sip of the offered cup. "She must have her reasons but if it's concealing something about her general health, it needs addressing."

    Galeraz nodded, "Most definitely. Her medical file, and that addendum in her file, something is definitely up, and time to see why." He motioned to the bio-bed, "By the way, something else I modified. See that extra monitor above the head area? It maps two specific areas of a brain, one showing memories, and the other showing true or false. A person can be saying a lie, saying something they believe to be true, or saying the truth. If there are no areas highlighted, total fabrication or lie. If memories, then believed to be true but actually never happened. If both areas light up, is the truth, as far as known by the person as it is in their permanent memory and associative memory."

    Caroline nodded but swallowed. She wasn't sure as to the ethicalness of such as modification but then again, most medical staff had empaths working in them and lies were often found out that way. Perhaps it was something to debate further, certainly something that needed to be disclosed to the patient. But in this case, as they needed the truth out of Save'ena she would allow it. Something was definitely not right.

    ==== Patient Entering Starbase Medical Exam Room 3725 - in the Trauma Ward ====

    It wasn't long before the double doors to Medbay 3725 opened up. Sav followed closely by Melody, came into the room. Sav stopped short of Caroline as she was with a MALE doctor as well. Sav swallowed, her heart skipping a beat, even as she managed to stammer out, "Re.. re... reporting as ordered, Dr. Miller, along with Melody."

    Melody smiled as she saw Doctor Miller. "Hi, Caroline. What brings you over to Starbase?"

    "Work," Caroline answered. "And checking in on the general health of one of the crew," she gave Save'ena a quick look. "This is an old colleague of mine from Med school, Doctor Galeraz Zephyr."

    Melody held out her hand to Doctor Zephyr. "Hello. I'm Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones, Save'ena is one of my best friends. Is there anything I can do to help?"

    Galeraz gladly took Melody's hand into his, then brought it to his lips to gently 'kiss' over her knuckles. Returning her hand to her, he said, "And Hello in return, Commander. I am honored by two such beauties as yourselves. As far as help goes," his head tilted towards Sav, "She may need some assurance."

    Sav took in what was happening and being said, then moved forward a pace and curtsied to the two. "What need I do for you, Doctor Miller, for you and Dr. Zephyr?"

    Caroline decided to get right to business once the introductions were out of the way. "So I imagine you are wondering why I asked you down here? It seems the biobeds in Merlin's sickbay have not been calibrated correctly for Mephetian readings."

    Sav took in a breath and let it out. She reached into her sashay absentmindedly to rub over the biochip she was given by Head Surgeon Commander Diljion Moreau at the Starfleet Strom Thurman Advanced Research Medical Facility. A light blush appeared on her muzzle under her white fur. She said out in a still, small voice, "That is what I was told, Ma'am."

    There was no reason to upset Sav or accuse her of concealing things. "I know you gave me that biochip with your medical records on but in light of the technological failings on the ship, which rest assured I am getting addressed immediately. I wanted to do a proper check on your health with the correct sensors and readings before shore leave was over. Also as Doctor Zephyr was available at the starbase and he is one of the most knowledgeable doctors in xeno-biology that I know I thought it useful for me getting up to speed on your biology to have him here as a consult. I hope you don't mind."

    Sav now looked up questioningly at Dr. Zephyr. "He...Dr. Zephyr... knows of my biology?"

    Galeraz smiled widely to Sav while winking to Melody. "Absolutely, Lieutenant. I have been a xeno-doc on Argelius II for the past four years, and many a race comes through there. A couple has been: Aarruri, Nesaru, L'Tandrey, Mephetian, Sarteef... oh, did I mention Mephetian and their marvelous, scanner blocking tails?"

    Sav's mouth dropped open when she heard 'L'Tandrey', and then upon Mephetian and Sarteef, her entire body seemed to be totally focused on Galeraz. Sav took a step forward, saying, "You know L'Tandrey... Sarteef... and my race?" She began trembling lightly, "Can you... can you please scan me to see why I cannot absorb this damn mesh?" Sav did not realize she had cursed, she only knew she had to know why and get rid of the constant reminder of pain she lived with the mesh.

    Galeraz bowed to her, "And why I am here." He patted the bio-bed with his hand, "I have modified this according to Dr. Ferruntak's specifications, and it works quite well. Please give your bio-chip to Dr. Miller for safe keeping. Now, please, hop on up, while tucking your tail down and off the biobed. And, not to worry, there is an end scanner attuned for what is not on the biobed as well."

    Sav dutifully padded over to the biobed. As she passed by Caroline, she gladly handed over the biochip, saying, "Here you go, Dr. Miller, gladly."

    Caroline nodded and took the offered biochip, pocketing it safely.

    Sav gladly moved up to the bio-bed. She sat upon it. Now, she swung her tail down even as she lifted her left leg up and over it to now lay back upon the bed with tail down between her legs and off of the bio-bed. Sav closed her eyes as she heard the bio-bed merrily start up. "I'm all yours, Docs." She was still feeling scared of Dr. Zephyr, but as he was going to find the reason behind her body and the mesh incompatibility, she would forge through it.

    As the bio-bed performed its first pass scan, Galeraz asked Sav, "So, tell me, how did you get the Bio-Chip?"

    Sav sighed as this question was getting really, really old. "Head Surgeon Commander Diljion Moreau of the Advanced Starfleet Medical Center on Apollonia gave it to me after my mesh implantation surgery and told me to always, always use it due to my Mephetian physiology messing with Federation Scanners."

    Above her head, two marked areas of her brain structure lit up. Galeraz motioned to Caroline to look at the monitor. Sav was telling the truth.

    Caroline looked at the monitor relieved to see that Sav had not been concealing the origins and what she believed of this biochip. She couldn't help but feel whatever they were about to find out was going to take them down the rabbit hole so to speak. And immediately after that thought, it was validated by the sheer amount of warnings the scan gave off.

    The bi-bed finished with its initial scan, flashed several life alerts as well as warnings.

    ***** LIFE ALERT ******

    Patient's body, especially endocrine, lymphatic, and skin were contaminated with flourophenylmethic substance, a Toluene glue.

    Multiple lacerations throughout her reproductive, urinary, and colorectal tracts, causing external and internal bleeding

    Surgical info chip found in the weave within her abdominal cavity and reporting: 'Training Mesh for cadavers only, not to be used on live patient, Serial Number EVN0..' It seemed a lot of the information of where manufactured and by who was not present.

    Transporter Beacon found - long term memory area of brain, very weak signal but active

    ***** WARNINGS *****

    The patient's endocrine and lymphatic systems at 18% of normal for her race

    Foreign substance detected: Nylon interwoven with a syntheduralex Mesh using a Toluene Glue derivative. within the patient's abdomen.

    Acrid Toluene derivative found: toxic to the body - causes inflammation, direct nerve transmission interference, and disruption of the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

    Nylon-Syntheduralex mesh tie points into ligament and connective tissues bound in such a way that any movements of the body would cause micro-tears and pain. Even passing stool could cause this sensation, not to mention the swelling and reduction of the bladder just from urination, instead of wrapped and free floating as denoted by a medical procedure for a standard Syntheduralex mesh.

    Extra Process Protein Chains found - Patients body had come up with neucleopeptide protein chains to bind to and block the toxic effects, even as they also slowly weakened and caused to break the supposedly inert and never to go away nylon fibers. Her body was trying to heal, despite the obstacles placed within it.

    Caution - found Foreign Mesh Weave Threads extending outside of patient's lower orifices - suggest removing for patient's comfort.

    Brainwave scan shows patient under duress, pain, and fear.

    ***** End of First Pass Scan *****

    It was a testament to Galeraz and his working with many races that would cue off of a minor muscle twitch in the neck that he did not react to what was being shown on the screen. He motioned to Caroline, "Say, Caroline, would you like to check out what the first pass is saying? And, Melody, the scans show Save'ena is not taking this well, would you go hold her hand?"

    Melody went over to Sav on the biobed and took holed of her hand. "Hey Sweetie, I'm right here ok? I'm not going anywhere. Caroline? What's the prognosis?"

    Sav gladly took a hold of Melody's hand. Galeraz kept coming close to her, causing her more angst than the bio-bed and what it may find.

    "We'll just be a moment," Caroline forced a calm face and left Melody with Sav as she pulled Galeraz to the other end of the room and lowered her voice as she processed the readings. "Oh my goodness. Someone really did a bodged number on her. Willingly put in a mesh for Cadavers only, and it's completely messed up all her internal hormones. It's a wonder she's still alive."

    The blond doctor was paling as she read further staring at Galeraz in disbelief. "That much toxicity, Toluene Glue. She doesn't even have 20% of normal internal systems working right. She must be in so much pain and someone has made her think this is normal?"

    "We have to get that thing out of her. Fast. Pull some favors in. Use the facilities here. And then we have to unpick this. Speak to this Diljion Moreau. Giving her a chip to hide the real extent of this. This is big Galeraz."

    Galeraz nodded and answered Caroline, keeping his voice low as well. "I agree, Caroline. Her records did not hint at anything to the extent of this. I hope you're ready, surgery of this kind, to cut and pull out each thread section, then wash and heal behind it, is going to take quite a while. Not to mention keeping our patient alive during that time, especially with her body functioning so low. I would bet she also feels numb and her senses not there due to that Toluene poisoning."

    He glanced over at her, then back to Caroline. "As far as the facilities ready, full surgical suite through the door beside the monitors. I was expecting needing emergency surgery to remove a functioning syntheduralex mesh, but this, this really takes the cake. She seems deathly afraid of me, so would you please get her sedated and prepped while I get the surgical suite ready to receive her?"

    Caroline nodded. "We need to get every surgeon we can in there with us. It's not our specialty. Like you say this is complex, major surgery. I have been trying to get a surgeon on the Merlin for some time. Everything I have done lately in a surgical suite has been with one of the EMH's. I don't know how she is going to take this either. Or Melody," Caroline said sadly. "It's going to be a long couple of days my friend."

    Galeraz humphed out in light humor as he said, "You're right, you're right. Not our specialty, or should I say, specialties. We are both general health and minor surgeries. I will go pull in some favors with the docs... I wonder how many female specialists I can get lined up... be right back, Caroline, be right back." Galeraz hurried to go get the specialist help they needed.

    Caroline swallowed as she watched him leave and tried to switch completely into doctor mode. It was never easy to give bad news. She turned around and walked back to the other two Merlin officers.

    "Save'eana," she said softly. "This is not easy to tell you and it's going to be a lot to take in so quickly. I am sorry I have to be the one to tell you but we need to treat you and treat you fast.

    Sav had watched Galeraz go, and while some of her felt trepidation, another part of her felt relief. She just did not feel comfortable, in the slightest, around a male doc, thanks to her first and only time to be with a 'guy' that almost killed her. She sighed at Caroline's news, "I knew it, I'm screwed up. So, treat me for... ?"

    Melody gave Sav's hand an extra squeeze and nodded for Caroline to go on.

    "That chip they gave you and told you to give to doctors. It doesn't contain the whole truth," Caroline told her. "That mesh inside of you, we need to get it out. That mesh should never have been inserted into a living being. It's a training mesh, meant for Cadavers only. I can't imagine why someone would do such a thing. I am so sorry."

    The color drained from Melody's face as she listened to Caroline. A lump was forming in her throat and tears were forming in the corner of her eyes. She had suspected something was not right with Sav, but never on this scale. Someone had tried to murder Save'ena and then spun lies into her head to prevent her from knowing the truth. She looked at Save'ena "Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry......."

    Sav's face screwed up as she heard this news. 'Training Mesh? Cadavers only?' trampled through her mind. Before she could ask why the Starfleet Research Center had battled it out with the Starports Advanced hospital to get her for treatment, Caroline continued.

    "I can't imagine the level of pain you have been in while it's been inside of you but it shouldn't be happening. Whatever they told you, no one should be suffering like you have been. The mesh is poisoning your body with a substance called Toluene Glue. Your body has naturally been trying to heal against it but there's too much going on. It's losing the battle and has been for a long time."

    Sav's countenance looked bleak, shocked, as what was being told. She shook her head as she whispered, "How... why... why... WHY..."

    Melody pulled Sav closer and hugged for a moment before releasing her. Tears were now running down her face.

    "The mesh has not been connected properly and is causing tears in other systems and having a cascading effect. Your body is inflamed. Your nerves are damaged and your lymphatic and endocrine systems are all completely out of whack. Your body is only functioning at 18% of what it should be doing and if we leave it in. You're just going to deteriorate further until it kills you. Doctor Zephyr and I need to operate on you immediately and remove it. I need you to let me prep you for immediate surgery."

    Sav swallowed, her mind swimming in all the information. She couldn't think even as the fuzziness within her body ballooned into a dull roar about her. She tried to speak, but then felt the imprints trying to have their say, that nothing was wrong, the doctors were wrong, everything was right, just check with the Starfleet Strom Thurman Advanced Medical Research Center, they would put it right.

    Melody looked Sae'ena in the eye. "Sweetie, it's going to be ok. Caroline is going to fix this. I Need you to be strong. Please Sweetie, for me" and gave her hand another squeeze.

    Sav opened her mouth to say something, then shut it, not trusting herself. She nodded to Melody and then steeled herself. She now nodded to Caroline, and then sat up on the modified biobed. She looked left and right, questing for where the surgical suite was.

    "This way please," Caroline said as Sav got off the bed. She led her through to the suite Galeraz had got for them.

    TBC: CAG Emergency Surgery


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