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Progress and Possibilities

Posted on Thursday 7 January 2021 @ 08:34 by Commander Caroline Miller & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

Mission: Homeward
Location: Starbase TBD
Timeline: MD1 1000 Hours
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===== Commander Tillatix's Temp Quarters, Starbase =====

Sav had finished unpacking her belongings into her temporary quarters on the Starbase and was trying on different outfits. As she did, something seemed off. She was not sure what it was at first, but something was not right. She dressed again, then stopped to see herself and think.

She stared at herself in the Mirror. She was in one of her typical Skort/T'Shirt/Leggings outfits, what she usually wore. She looked over herself in her outfit, and, felt out of place. It just seemed wrong now. She really wanted to dress up nicer for Miles. She definitely had to go shopping, and hopefully she could find help to pick some outfits. She was pretty clueless on dressing more her 24 years of age versus the now 18 year old body she was in. She lost a..... she angrily mouthed 'NO!' and stilled herself. After a deep breath and slow release, she looked back at herself in the Mirror. She was definitely getting better on keeping the past from intruding.

And, speaking of getting better, she needed to check in with Caroline to let her know how she was doing, and that Miles was getting ready to pop 'the question'.

=^= Commander Miller, Commander Tillatix, can I interrupt you?=^=

=^=Sure Sav=^= Caroline replied back. She wasn't on duty. Instead curled up on her sofa with a book.=^=Are you okay?=^=

=^= Hey Caroline, nothing bad or pressing.. I would love to talk with you about progress, and me possibly becoming engaged.. but only if your available. I don't want to interrupt your shore leave. You deserve a break... heck, we all deserve a break.=^=

=^=Engaged? Did you just say engaged? That I want to hear all about. Come round and talk, sure.=^=

=^= Thanks. I will be right there. Sav off. =^=

Sav looked at herself in the mirror again, then decided it would be fine for now. Small steps in reclaiming her life that had been put on hold. She touched her desk computer to see where Caroline was located, then merrily headed that way.

===== Commander Miller's Temp Quarters, Starbase =====

Sav came up to the door, hit the Annunciator, and waited for Caroline to come to the door to let her in.

Caroline allowed her in and headed to the replicator. "Drink? If your engaged we should toast."

Sav started to say, "This early in the... yah, yer right, weun should have t'at toast. Bourbon, please, Caroline."

"So ... come one what ... how ... when?" she said excitably.

Sav churred as she sat down across from Caroline. "It twas before planet fall of our last mission. Miles invited me to lunch on the holodeck, and he had it prepared in the treetops on a tall growth forest world. Now, we have been on multiple dates before this, just FYI. On this particular one, we began talking more and more about what we wanted from life, about each other, and he let me know he wanted, desired, and couldn't live without me. He offered himself with his heart and mind, and I accepted. He has really taken it slow, gotten to know me, let me get to know him, and I.. realized I can, and am, in love with him. Now I am just waiting on the formal request to be betrothed, I am sure he is just making preparations for it."

"How does he go about a formal request in your culture?" she asked. She assumed it wasn't like human engagements where there usually was a ring.

Sav churred and smiled dreamily. Her eyes got a far away look as she brought up images of how the engagement was supposed to go. "Well, he'll take me out on a special date, out among others, like a picnic, a restaurant, dancing, walk in park, etc. There he will officially announce our engagement with the following actions. He will take my hands into his and ask 'the question'. If I pull away, I'm not ready. If I move in, give a kiss, and mark his nose with my musk, I've accepted. Now he will bring out the vow ring, I will show him my right hand and hold out the finger it goes on, which is his vow to me that he is mine. Next he will guide my hands to where I can look at my new vow to him and he will bring out his Family Crest Pendant with Clan beads along with any special accoutrements. He will weave the pendant into my hair near my right ear, showing to others that I am his and his alone. Now we will partake in a nice, deep, kiss. After that I will bring out my familial clasp with my clan beads and I will snap it into his hair just behind his right ear. That signifies my commitment to him as my one, true male in my life. After this, there is a final detail left for him to do... call my dad and ask for my hand in marriage."

“Wow that’s quite a process,” Caroline observed. “Do you keep the pendent and clasp in your hair constantly from that point?” She asked.

Sav tilted her head as her eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Really? A process? I.. have always thought this normal, being taught by my Mom since I started asking questions. As far as the pendant and clasp, whenever awake. The clan beads are removed for sleeping and toiletries."

“Has Rejal met your dad yet?” She hoped the man would give his permission or this could go horribly wrong.

Sav snorted in light humor and replied, "Officially, no. Unofficially, through Kendra, my younger sister. I introduced Miles to Dray after I had a chance to talk to her about what really happened on Apollonia. She already had guessed a lot of what happened and was so thrilled that I was finally free to talk to her about it.. and able to pursue life again. She has discreetly let me know Miles has been calling her and chatting with her about Mephetian customs." She burst out in a giggle, then continued. "Miles has let me know that Cardassian Marriages are arranged affairs and why it has been so awkward for his dating of others. Despite that, his trueness of being has really shown through, which is another aspect for which I love him dearly." She sighed in memories, then realized she hadn't completed Caroline's answer. "Anyways, Kendra would have let me know if Dad didn't approve, so all will go well. Umm, process, how do Terran's get engaged?"

"Well I can't say I have ever got to that point," Caroline chuckled. "But usually the man goes down on one knee with a ring and asks. I think the whole asking the father for permission thing is a little more moot now."

Sav snorted out a laugh. "Moot? Oh, okay, for Terrans. For Mephetians.. Yes, and no. A dad always has the right to stop the marriage if he feels somethings off with the beau of his daughter. The engagement can be broken off by either the Male or the Female if they pick up on something that isn't right. Only on the wedding night, when the Vow ring is removed from the right hand and placed upon the left ring finger to become the wedding ring does the Marriage become bond, never to be broken. In Mephetian society, there is no divorce."

”Wow... So what happens if after a couple of years things go south?” she asked. ”im not sayin* that's going to happen to you two but surely there's some couplings not perfect?”

Sav's eyebrows furrowed together lightly as she thought about this. She replied, "I... am not sure. For those who immigrated from the Protectorate, I never saw any signs of the marriage going 'south', and marriage is about communication and working things out. I have Apollonia friends whose parents are divorced, but I never really thought about it as my parents always talked and got along, and Teressia's parents got counseling and never divorced either, oh, her family immigrated from the Protectorate as well. So, yeah, divorce is foreign to me. If something starts to go wrong in my marriage, I would hope Miles would be open to intervention and counseling. I would want our marriage to be forever."

"Me too," Caroline said honestly. "I pretty sure you don't have anything to worry about. But if you do he would be willing I'm sure. I mean he comes for his psyche review with me every year and works on himself if any issues crop up. So I cannot imagine he wouldn't do that for his wife."

Sav murred with her thoughts and in pleasure. Her eyebrows suddenly raised as she said, "Oh, yeah, psyche and progress. My nightmares, they are with less frequency, and less in intensity. Miles, and you, are showing up more often within them and they are very much less impactful these days. I... haven't had any shredded linen for a while, either. Having a steady boyfriend who wants me despite my sordid past is having a positive impact, as well as counseling who keeps reaching out, even with my reluctance to see them." She looked down at her arm, held it up, and beamed, "See, no trembles, and I don't feel off or pursued with you, Caroline, even though your a 'counselor'. I'm definitely doing better, thank you for sticking with me, and by me."

"Well that's very good news," Caroline said. "I'm happy to hear that. Will you be having a party so we can all celebrate your marriage?" she asked her.

Sav was loving that Caroline was interested and asking questions about the marriage ceremony. It was so much fun to talk about the event coming up instead of everything revolving about her in her life. Still, no trembles, and the start of a new life with a loving husband. It was an exciting, and good part, of her life starting anew.

Sav bounced back and forth in her seat as she answered. "Oh, yes, there will be a reception after the marriage for snacks, dancing, and well wishing. Also, if there are any gifts, not expected or ever asked for, they are opened after the fourth dance. Then dancing resumes. The reception ends at 0230 hours. Then, after the honeymoon, there is a celebration of completion of marriage, a gathering to celebrate the married couple becoming one as well as a chance for those who missed the wedding to be at the party in celebration. That party can be anytime from 1 month to 6 months after the wedding for logistics and the like, can be extended further if needed, but has to be done before the first year as then the 'new marriage' no longer is. Is it similar for Terrans?"

"We just have the one party really," Caroline observed. "Yours sounds quite specific. Gifts are placed on a table and the couple can look through after the wedding. Nothing tends to be opened after any dancing." She grinned. "It sounds fun though."

Sav tilted her head and murred lightly. "Wonder why for not opening them? Don't the guests want to see the... oh, maybe not. Yeah, probably not, don't want to see a negative reaction to a gift by the bride and groom. *Churr giggle* To the three weddings by L'Tandrey immigrants to Apollonia, we always wanted to see the bride and groom's reactions. It let us know more about their likes, and dislikes, so we could tailor later gatherings and if gifts, better suit their wants. I guess, differing cultures in how societal values are viewed. Like the second party, to allow those who could not attend a chance to have that reception and be a part of the newly weds starting new life, and it cannot be past a year. At the one year point, no longer newly weds."

As Sav had been lightly sipping her bourbon as they had been talking, she finished the final sip. She looked down at the glass, up to Caroline, and asked, "Umm, this might be incongruous, but as I am here about Miles getting ready to change my life for the better, umm, do you have any trepidations... no, I mean, do you have any questions you need to ask me for where I am at in my.. mind? I want this.. I want you to be.. " She shook her head and whispered to herself, "Quit over thinking", then focused on Caroline, "Sorry, just pre new life jitters. So, what do you think?"

"I think you know your own mind Sav and if you want this then grab it with both hands. If you had come to me in an official counseling session all I would have done is get you to question yourself and your have already twigged on to that your overthinking things and you want this. In the capacity as your friend as long as you are happy then I'm happy," Caroline said simply.

Sav visibly settled as a light churr sounded form her. She tilted her head with a light blush and a light grin. "Thank you for saying so, Caroline. I'm where I should be, for a change, and it feels good." She felt at ease, comfortable, and she was with a friend who looked towards the future with her. She looked down at her outfit, then back up to Caroline. "Any other questions before I head back to my quarters? I.. need to plan some shopping. I've been taking a closer look at myself. My clothes are rather dated, being for a 17 year old in college, not a 25 year old adult in Starfleet. I didn't really pay attention because of just trying to live, but now that I can live, I... really need to update my wardrobe."

"That sounds fun," Caroline mused. "Maybe I should invest in some new clothes too."

Sav churred gently. "So, you want to go clothes shopping with me? Any others you would want to invite? From what I remember, it is always more fun to model and discuss clothing choices as a group rather than alone."

"If we can fit it in before I have to go to Sweden then yes that sounds fun," Caroline said.

"You are going to Sweden? That sounds awesome. With anybody I know?" Sav asked.

"I grew up there. My extended family are all still there," Caroline said with a smile. "My great grandmother, I'm reuniting her with her first love. Hans .... he's coming home after all those years ..... Can you believe the universe conspired to put me on the Merlin and the Merlin in the path of that planet where he was in captive in the etheria. Sometimes I think theres far more order to this universe than we give it credit for," she said her eyes shining.

Sav looked on Caroline with awe and appreciation. She said, "Wow.. just... wow." She recovered and continued, "That is so great, to be a catalyst for that, and being when and where needed." She churred, "Yeah, the creator works in mysterious ways. He won't force us to go against our will, but when we follow what he has laid out, the marvelous can happen." Sav stood up, "Okay, I need to get going. However, send me a message for when your free and we can get together. If not, shore leave is supposed to be uninterrupted for a change, so we should have plenty of chance to get together for another chat. I really would love to hear how it goes with your great grandma... and her favorite great grandkitling." *Churring*

Caroline nodded. "I will if I have any free time. I'm sure we will catch up again. And congratulations again. I'm very happy for you."


●●● Save'ena Tillatix
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USS Merlin


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