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Catching up with a friend

Posted on Thursday 7 January 2021 @ 17:51 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Captain Melody Jones

Mission: Homeward
Location: The Oslo resturant
Timeline: During "Something Special"
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Miles had sent out, well, his family had sent out special invitations for Merlin crew and Miles family to gather. It was in this special gathering that Miles proposed to Sav, in full view of everyone, fulfilling one aspect of the Mephetian Marriage conventions. It was after dinner, but before Dancing, where Miles was now chatting with his family that Sav took a break and went to the bar to get something different than Sambuca. She wanted something not so sweet, yet flowery, and a Scotch.

She entered the bar area of the restaurant and went up to the bartender to order a drink. "Speyside Scotch, double please."

Melody had seen Sav'ena head for the bar and she decided to follow. The barman who had just served Sav now turned to Melody "What can I get you Miss?"

Melody smiled at him "A glass of carrot juice please." He nodded and turned to the replicator.

When Sav heard Melody's voice, she perked up and grinned, but waited for Melody's order to be completed.

Melody turned her attention to Sav. "Hey Sweetie. Thank you for inviting us this evening. How have you been keeping? I see Miles is looking after you."

Sav had a big grin on her face as she brushed back the Clan beads hanging from Miles Clan pendent woven into her hair. "I am doing very well, Melody, thank you for asking. Yah, Miles has been doing very well for me." She ran her fingers through the clan beads in her hair, her vow ring very much evident. Sav continues, "He is very conscientious, loving, and attentive, despite what's happened in my past. *churr-laughs* He even has been going tree road exploring with me, even though he is slightly scared of heights."

The Bartender handed Sav's and Melody's drinks over to them. Now Sav reached out to take Melody's free hand and asked, "So, how about yourself? And.... carrot juice?"

Melody tried to contain her smile. "He sounds like he's doing you the world of good I'm really happy for you Sweetie. You deserve him." She gave her another hug before She picked up her glass and took a sip, trying to act casual while dropping hints. "Yeah, can't get enough off this stuff. Got a real... craving for it... And I'm strictly off alcohol... for the next nine months..." she added as she patted her stomach, and added nonchalantly "I hope Sansa and Hayley will help out with the sitting. I've heard twins can be a handful."

At first, Sav had a 'hrmm' look on her face, trying to figure out why Melody was spoofing her about her drink. However, with the 'off alcohol' and 'nine months', Sav's face grew interested. By the end of Melody's hints, Sav was positively beaming. "Congratulations, Melody. Kitlings, and twins to boot. That is so Awesome." She leaned in to give Melody a hug, then a quick kiss on her nose. "I bet Draxx is beside himself." She settled back to take a drink of her Scotch. "So, when is the baby shower? I would love to be there..."

Melody returned the hug and chuckled softly. “Whoa there, nothings been arranged yet. I only just found out while we’ve been here on Earth. It will probably wait until we’re back on the Merlin. It will probably be a big celebration. Baby shower, a 4th pip... but enough about me. Miles popped the big question. Congratulations. I take it you filled him in on Mephetain bonding practices. What significance do all the beads have?” She asked curiously.

Sav beamed at Melody, "A FOURTH PIP???? It has been a long time coming, especially with the Merlin being a Space Control Ship, usually captained by Commodores or Rear Admirals. Congrats on making full Captain, Melody, congrats." She brought the beads around, "The 'family pendant' is an earring heirloom from Miles Grandma, etching added for Miles family moniker. The beads are of his accomplishments on Merlin and Starfleet in this strand, his family and heritage in this strand, and his deeds and undertakings in this strand. It is a telling of who and how he is. Same for the beads I attached into his hair.. it is of me, similar strands. The vow ring on my right finger shows I am promised to him. At the wedding, he will move it from my right hand to my left, and I will place a ring circlet upon his left ring finger binding us together. It is just a circlet so that if he gets another wife, her circlet will marry up to mine. In my culture, up to five wives can be had." Sav giggled, "Even though, right now, Miles feels I am enough for him. We will see what the future holds. I wouldn't mind a Cardassian wife to join in to make sure Miles gets an heir to be recognized by his family."

Melody remembered Sav had explained this to her earlier but still she let out a whistle of respect. "More than enough" she agreed with her. "Still, how did he take it when you told him he could have 5 wives?"

Sav churr-giggled and replied, "He told me I am all he desires and he has no thoughts about any other wives. I gather that in Cardassian arranged marriages, there is only one wife." She winked at Melody and finished with, "Still, I would love to have a couple extra wives to help take care of him, our kids, and extra income and help in the family. However, if he only wants me, that is fine. My dad only had my Mom, and she was enough for our family, even though Dad could have had more wives if he had desired to."

A thought suddenly occurred to Melody "Do you know where you'll be having the ceremony? Or who will be performing it?" she asked tentatively, wondering if there would be a special ceremony and also, as Captain, would she be performing it.

Sav burst out in another churr-giggle. She replied, "Not a clue. He just properly proposed to me, instead of just an indication he would. However, I would think the Creator's representative would be a certain Captain of the Merlin binding us together, forever, in Holy Matrimony. I will get you the information on how a Mephetian Wedding is done, Melody." She looked thoughtful, then shook her head as she continued, "Again, Cardassian marriages are arranged, so Miles is fully following my culture's wedding rituals. Speaking of Rituals, Miles has been talking with my sister, Kendra, to get everything right. I think he is enjoying getting involved like this, versus, 'Here is your wife by our decree, tough if you don't like it' normal marriage for his race."

"Any help you can give me on the ceremony would be greatly appreciated," Melody said as she took another sip of her juice. "I don't think I've met your sister, I shall look forward to it. I assume she has a special role in this?"

Sav churred in fond memories. "Yah, Dray has been tutoring Miles long distance. If we can set a date for a month from now, meun family could join us fer the ceremony. And, yes, I will get yah the particulars fer the Ceremony. A quick rundown is: The Ceremony is usually held in a clearing, with a tree behind the Binder, a waterfall nearby, and chairs arranged in semi circles away from the tree. The path to the binder faces West. Usually to each side are Kreshinkebanae to be played by musicians, but I think we can skip that and just go with flutes. Miles will approach the Binder first, asking him or her if he can be Wed to his Fiance on this day. The Binder, oh, the reverend who acknowledges the Creator, will answer yes and ask who is to be bound together forever on this blessed day. Miles will answer my maiden name, and then the wedding march sounds. I go up to Miles to be given away by my Dad, or his stand-in, to Miles left. He will say the ceremony of binding of me to his household, and then I will say the ceremony of binding of me becoming his household. He moves my vow ring to my left hand to become the marriage ring, even as I place my circlet ring upon his left hand ring finger. Next, ropes are woven along Miles and my arms to show family, always, forever, as the Creator has willed it. Once removed, Miles will announce to all guests his new bride. That completes the ceremony and then the reception commences."

"And speaking of special." Melody added with a smile "Will be expecting the pitter-patter of little feet anytime soon?"

Sav blew a kiss towards Melody's belly. She smiled towards Melody as she replied, "Twins, you have twins. For me, there is a chance Miles and I can have a kid. Cardassian male seed is polymorphic in that it can adjust to the DNA structure of the female egg of other races, hence why for their slave/servant culture of male spawn with Trill and others in the war. So, I might be joining you later with a kitling, thanks to Caroline's work in restoring my insides at the Starbase a couple of years ago." Sav shook her head, "It boggles the mind, I was almost dead, but now, I have a life, and a husband, before me. It just..." Tears appeared in Sav's eyes as the evening's ritual began finally catching up with her. "Just.. give me a minute. So much is happening, for so little for Miles... can I live up to what he expects, deserves?"

Melody wiped the tears from Sav's face gently then put her hands on Sav shoulders and looked her straight in the eye. "Sweetie, you are what any man would hope he deserves. More than they deserve in fact. You are kind and loyal. Strong, loving and caring. Miles has been smart enough to realize that and he is a very lucky man to have you in his life. You are amazing, and don't you ever forget that."

Sav drew Melody into a hug, kissing her ear as she whispered, "Thank you, so much.. thank you." She drew back, glanced down at Melody's tummy, and churred. "You are also amazing, a Mom, and a Mom to be... Draxx is spoiled with you, isn't he."

Melody smiled at her. "That's what I keep telling him."

Sav motioned the bartender to top off her Scotch as she nods towards the entrance way. "So, anything else we need to conspire about before going back out to join the party?"

Melody picked up her Carrot juice. "I think we're good for now. When we're back on the ship, you and Miles will have to come round for dinner. I can still whip up a mean Schtarksian stew. Come on, I promised Draxx a slow dance."

Sav turned to return with Melody to the party and replied with a lilt, "I so look forward to that dinner, and I think i should slow dance with Miles as well... Ah think he can follow along with that easily, *churr-giggles*"


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