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Something Special

Posted on Thursday 14 January 2021 @ 22:14 by Captain Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Commander Hayley Godding & Lieutenant Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant Ricardo Draxx

Mission: Homeward
Location: Oslo, London
Timeline: MD8 After Shoreleave Fun & Before Mathias' Party
6537 words - 13.1 OF Standard Post Measure


Miles had laid his plans well. The invitations had gone out, again the T'Landrey had aided him, seeing his endeavors as an honorable pursuit. He smiled as he laid the golden card on Sav's side of their bed. She was out enjoying nature, while he had feigned an injury. Thinking about that, he turned to the comm station and checked two messages that had just come in. Grinning he sat back and looked up at the ceiling, "Computer, pour a quad shot of Kanar please." As he stood he noticed Layla standing there holding his glass, gulping, Miles stammered out, "Um thanks." Smiling, Layla nodded, "You are a devious one aren't you. The Resort got wind of your plans. Once the nuptials are done, contact us, and we can arrange a honeymoon at any one of several locations." With that she turned and stepped onto the transporter pad, and vanished, leaving Miles holding his glass and wondering if he had forgotten anything.

Outside, Sav was enjoying running through the tree roads, unencumbered by having to stay near Miles, and so able to fully run, leap, and enjoy. She felt glad, yet guilty, that Miles had a minor injury to his ligaments in trying to keep up with her. She wanted to really feel her almost fully healed body in its unencumbered freedom from that damned mesh as well as the Toluene poisoning. She was fully healed from the mesh, it was just the final vestiges of the poisoning hiding within her that was taking a while. Still, she felt like she had before she had gone to Mr. Thompsons Island for that fateful day, and it... felt.. so.. wonderful.

She worked up a decent sweat, her cinnamon-vanilla natural scent now more easily smelled. As other feminine functioning was also coming out from hibernation, there was a musk smell coming from her that denoted her being a horny lady, but of course, Sav didn't smell it from herself. She was so happy Miles had gotten a room close to a central park, allowing her to enjoy herself among the trees. She laughed-churred and waved at some children noticing the fast moving streak of white and gray leaping through the trees towards a particular balcony of a hotel. Sav lept up and landed on the banister, balancing, then dropped down onto the patio. She came into the room to see Miles drinking... sniff... Kanar on the bed. She called out, "Hey Miles.... catch..." and then she made a scene of slowly running up to him to leap into his arms across his abdomen, giving him time to put down the drink on the side table so he had both arms free. Her body was flushed, fur seeming alive, her eyes fully sparkled, even as her scents filled the enclosed space.

Miles has a shocked expression on his face, catching Sav seems to be an issue as they both end up on the floor. That's when Miles' naughty plan comes to fruition, as Sav ends up straddling him and he has his head buried in her chest ... looking up at her he says, "You always smell good, but there's something else today..." Sav can tell he is happy to have her in his lap, very happy.

Sav blushed slightly, only thinking about her having had a good exercise and probably sweaty and smelly, not realizing her 'sweaty' scent was that Vanilla-Cinnamon. She churred as she kissed the top of Miles' head, then replied, "Well, I was exercising, a lot.. soo, give me a chance for a shower, hrmmm?" She wiggled her hips a little, then said, "I hope this was planned and not that I am too heavy for you.. or pow, right in the kisser." She scootched down, gave him a direct kiss, then got up off of him. She held out a hand, "Common, lets get ready to get out of the hotel, I've worked up an *She notices the golden card on her side of the bed* a-pe-tite??"

She finished helping him up and went over to the card. She looked questioningly at him, then picked it up and read it.

In flowing script the cards reads, "Your presence is formally requested for dinner, dancing, and polite conversation. The Oslo is a wonderful place for all of these to be completed. Don't be late for your date." The card is signed with a stylish/stylized 'G'

When Sav looks over at MIles, he is holding his own golden invitation ... "I think I know who is behind this, don't worry, he's a tad eccentric, but also loyal to my Grandparents."

Sav's expression grew from wonder to pleasure. She leapt into his arms, churring loudly, and exclaimed, "Awesome, Love. I am glad yer family isa gettin' involved." She gave him a kiss, then mused, "Wanna help me pick out somethin' tah wear?"

Miles cocked his head, "Do you need to get dressed now...I kind of enjoyed the whole kissing-you-on-top-of-me time ..." by this time Miles has deeply blushed, and his heart is hammering in his chest...

After sliding down his body, Sav hooks a leg around his, then pushes him back onto the bed in a judo move. She climbs up over him, settled down, the whispered, "Okay, for a few minutes more..... "

Meanwhile in Rome....

Melody was just sitting down to a early breakfast with Draxx on the sun terrace outside his family's restaurant. Sansa and Hayley had yet to surface this morning.

Suddenly a messenger appeared. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a Commander Jones?"

Melody looked up "That's me, but it's Captain now actually."

He blushed slightly as he handed over an envelope. "My apologies Ma'am. I have a message for you."

"Thank you." Melody said as she accepted it and the messenger made a discreet exit. She read the card and then checked the sender information on the back. "It seems our first officer is inviting us all to a dinner this evening with dancing." Melody thought for a moment. "Let's go. It will probably be the last chance I get to wear my trusty black dress before I look like a swallowed a shuttlecraft."

"Aww honey, don't be silly. You will be at least the size of the Merlin," he joked and quickly got out of range as a croissant was playfully thrown in his direction.

That moment Sansa appeared with Hayley. "Good morning all." She said cheerily.

Melody smiled "Ahhh, good morning you two. We've been invited to a dinner and dance this evening by Commander Rejal."

Sansa turned to Hayley "Ohhhh, let's go. A chance to get dressed up and I know you can dance." She said to Hayley.

"You never miss an opportunity to get dressed up, do you?" Hayley grinned. "I don't see why not, could be a great time." Mentally, she knew that Sansa would have already decided they were going and was probably planning on what she was going to wear. Since it was going to be dinner and dancing, it clearly would involve a more formal outfit than the one she wore to the nightclub. "You know this means shopping, right?"

Sansa’s eyes lit up. “There are some lovely dress shops around here. They have such wonderful fashion in Italy. I’m sure we can find you a dress that you look ravishing in.” she said to Hayley then turn to her mom “And I’m sure you need some new dresses mom. They can alter the measurements to accommodate the growing twins in there and on there. She pointed to her belly and her chest. “You know they’re going to get bigger too?”

Melody chuckled “Don’t remind me. Yes, I suppose I could do with some new clothes. What about you?”

"Clothes shopping. Oh joy," Draxx shuddered. And with 3 women as well including his daughter's lover. That one was not happening.

"I'm fairly sure Roger will have a tux I can borrow. I would rather face a hundred Romulan's then descend on the fashion streets of Rome. You all go enjoy yourselves. I'll open a bottle and have a large glass of carrot juice on ice for you upon your return."

Melody looked at Sansa and Hayley. “Looks like is just us 3 then.”

“Us 5 mom," Sansa added with a smile.

Aberfoyle, Scotland...

Mathias in his room back at home in Aberfoyle, Scotland, looked at the artistic invitation from Miles. It was a thing of beauty. He opened it up and read it over. Looked like he was going to be needing to wear a suit, and dress to the nines. Perhaps even get his hair styled, hopefully, he will be able to keep his hair under control for this event. He sent a response back to Miles. "Invitation received, I will be there."

Caroline opened the envelope wondering how they knew where to send it in Sweden.

"Looks fancy love," her grandmother stated.

"Its cryptic. Who is G?" she mused. "I bet its something to do with Saveena."

"So you're going?"

"If I can still fit into that plum evening dress from my prom that's hung upstairs sure thing," she smiled.


The OSLO restaurant, London

The OSLO ... Drawing on a Nordic aesthetic, top quality food and drinks are served alongside an exciting music programme in the unique space of a redeveloped Victorian railway station. When visiting London, it is a night time destination for socializing, eating and enjoying an array of music. Tonight there are several special occasions occurring, the music is muted and respectful, but DJ's are warming up for dancing later in the evening.

Upon arrival, a matrie d scans each golden card, nods, and simply states, "Follow me to the VIP Suite." The 'suite' as it is called sits almost a hundred feet off the side of the building and is constructed of transparent materials. The Thames can be seen, as can a park, and a Victorian themed shopping complex. The table is one long piece of handcrafted Nalwood. Rich and dark, the table has a glow of its own in the candle lights and natural lighting. Each place setting has a stack of golden plates in a Cardassian style. There is an enumerable amount of cutlery stationed around each plate as well.

There are five seats that are 'reserved'. Two are for Sav & Miles, and it places them in the center of the table with their backs to the river, and everyone else surrounding them. The other three are directly across from the couple, with Captain Jones seated between, well, one seat bears a card with the same stylized 'G'. The other has a card stamped with the markings of one of the Klingon Houses that Miles has mentioned throughout his past.

Mathias arrived, wearing a navy blue suit, with malachite cufflinks. a white button up shirt, around his neck was a thin tie, burgundy in color. In the breast pocket was a burgundy colored kerchief there. His hair was styled to where it was slicked back looking rather neat and tidy. He followed the maitre'd to where the party would commence, taking note of the set up. It was, how could he put it, an indication that something important was about to happen. He was touched that he had been included in this. Mathias looked to see if Miles and Sav was there yet or would he be needing to take a seat first.

"Good Evening Lieutenant. Looking very smart this evening." Melody called out to Mathias from behind. She and her party had just arrived. She walked in, arm in arm with Draxx looking very suave in a dinner jacket and bow tie. Sansa and Hayley followed close behind. Sansa, like her mother, had chosen devastating LBD (Little Black Dress) with heels which accentuated her legs.

"Greetings Captain, you and you husband look fantastic, and so do you, Sansa." he felt a curious sense of relief that it was just her, and not being partnered with Fay anymore.

Trying hard not to be eclipsed by the two stunning red-heads had proven a considerable challenge for Hayley, which was saying something. Considering she was even by her own modest opinion something of a stunner, with reasonably large breasts, a perfect hour-glass figure, pert backside and shapely legs that went all the way up, she felt shadowed by both Melody and Sansa in their LBDs. Frankly, it was with considerable restraint that she hadn't already pulled Sansa into a side room to deal with her own urges... but that was not the point of tonight! She'd managed to purchase a body-hugging little glittery-red dress that really showed off her legs and arms to great effect, revealing just enough cleavage to be sexy but not slutty. Her red heels with thin straps adding an inch to her height.

"Hey Mathias, try not to have a nose-bleed with all this hotness around you." Hayley teased as she drew Sansa towards her to sit down next to her. She felt that she and Sansa had grown even closer to one another since Fay had left, something she was very glad of. It was as if Sansa was the stabilizing factor in her life that she'd needed all this time - evidenced by how well she was doing in her career!

Mathias pursed his lips together and gave out a low whistle of approval, "Friend you look divine, and hopefully I won't get a nosebleed, there is definitely quite a number of beautiful women here." glancing around to see if maybe Caroline had been invited.

Sav and Miles arrived to the VIP occasion. Sav was dressed in a Green and Blue layered Evening Dress - mid calf length with dancing slits, a black sashe across her chest from left shoulder to right hip, comfortable thick mid healed black shoes, and a decorative black clutch bag. This was the most elegant dress she had ever bought, and she gave Miles neck a kiss as he had 'grin and bear'ed the shopping. The Terran Sales Lady, Amalia, sure helped a lot. She waited for Miles to lead the way to the others as this was his show, and he was the beau. Miles' outfit complemented Sav's. He was wearing tall black shiny boots, knee-high black socks shot through with the greens and blues of Sav's dress, both under a tuxedo-kilt. His white shirt was cut to reveal the muscles he worked hard to maintain. His tie matched the colours of Sav's dress, and his tie tack bore the emblem of the Merlin. His cufflinks matched his tie tack. His black jacket had tails, and on his lapels were emblems of Cardassia and Q'onoS. Tucked under his left arm was a foot-long, hand-carved wooden box. His right arm was reserved for his sweetie.

Melody spotted Sav'ena and Miles arrive and went over to greet them.

"Hello Sweetie, looking beautiful as always." She said to Sav'ena and embraced her dear friend. She realized she had much to tell her but now there was not much time. "We'll have to catch up this evening."

Sav gladly returned Melody's hug. She whispered back to her, "Ifin time, if not, tomorrow, ayuh."

Melody released her. She turned to Miles "Good Evening Miles. Thank you for inviting us this evening. Is this a special occasion?"

Miles nodded at his Captain, almost unsure how to address her. With a big grin he figures it out, "Yes Mam, yes it is, thank you for coming at short notice. I think we have some more folks to arrive, and two special guests who will either be right on time, or, fashionably late."

Caroline walked in feeling like a movie star. Not only did her prom dress fit but her nana had lent her a lovely necklace and bracelet to wear with it. Her hair was up again in an elegant twist and a light wrap around her shoulders. She clutched a small bag. "Well this is something," she smiled looking round. "I think one of the British royal family might be dinning over there," she chuckled. "What are we all doing here?" she asked.

Sansa noticed Caroline enter and went over to her and hugged her. “Hi Caroline. It's great to see you. Miles invited us all for dinner and dancing.” she added, in response to Caroline's question. “You look lovely this evening. Do you like my dress.” She asked, giving a small twirl.

"You look stunning. How are you doing Sansa? I haven't seen you since Fay was transferred," Caroline asked. She looked at the table and wondered where she should sit or if there were place names. It seemed that fancy a place.

"I've been.... good. Hayley has been looking after me." Sansa replied, not wanting to bring up the unpleasant encounter with Hayley's brother. She followed Caroline's gaze to the tables "I think there are place names... Look! There's one for mom... Dad, one for me, Hayley and...." She spotted Caroline's name. "You. So you come and sit with us, ok?"

When Caroline walked in, all else faded away to Mathias's perception. It was just her and no one else, as if a spotlight had just focused on her. Mathias felt speechless, and just stared at her, drinking in her beauty, her elegance, her grace. He was mesmerized.

"Certainly," the blonde smiled. "You can tell me all about what's got this new dynamic between you two happening. Like one of you popped the question or something," she grinned wickedly making sure Draxx wasn't in earshot. Whether both women knew it or not they were certainly projected an air of obscenely happy. "Its like your both glowing," she commented walking towards her seat and noticing Mathias was seated at the other side.

Sansa’s eyes went wide for a moment and she smiled coyly at Hayley as her cheeks flushed. “Well....” she admitted to Caroline “Something was popped, but it wasn’t a question.... and we have decided to move in together as well.” She reached out and took Hayley’s hand.

Sav shifted to hip bump Melody, then Miles. She was looking over the tables, wondering when they would be seated, and she had a wistful look on her face as hopes and desires whispered deep within her for what this event could portend.

Miles drew Sav towards the table, and noticed they were seated on one side of the table with their backs to the open windows. Looking out Miles sighed wistfully, and murmurs loud enough for Sav to hear, "I never thought this night would come for many ways you have saved me my love, unfortunately, there are some strings attached to loving me back, two of which you'll encounter tonight. Come lets sit and enjoy some chit chat with our friends, no, family, before the festivities and food begins."

Sav looks questioningly at Miles. As far as she is concerned, he saved her from her past and accepted all that she was, bad and good. She leaned over to kiss his shoulder before saying, "Ah accept, strings and all, Mah Lancelot. Let us engage t'e riff raff..." She churred good naturedly.

Mathias blinked, his perception now changing to where he was more aware of what else was happening around him. He smiled as he watched the interplay between people, just drinking in the ambience. There definitely was more going on here, and he was wanting to take it all in.

Caroline's eyes rose as she listened to their happy news and spotted some Klingons heading their direction. Wow, real life British princes, the ethereally magical and handsome Mathias and now it seemed Klingon warriors. It was going to be an interesting evening.

Draxx pull out the chair for Melody to allow her to sit down and gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze in a show of affection and support before taking the seat next to her. Sansa sat on the other side of Melody and patted the seat next to her for Hayley.

“Here’s one for you Caroline.” She pointed to the chair next to Hayley.

Hayley sat down next to Sansa and gave her an affectionate peck on the cheek, partly because she wanted to but partly because she was feeling all the romantically charged energy around and wanted to get in on it.

"Thank you," Caroline smiled. "How are the parents to be?" she asked as she could see Mel eyeing the breadsticks.

Melody was already nibbling on a breadstick. “Do you think they'll bring the food out soon? I’m rather peckish.” she said as the first breadstick had already disappeared and she was starting on the second one.

Sansa whispered to Hayley “If you want a breadstick, say so now and ill try and grab you one before they're gone.”

"I'm starting to believe that its a dangerous place indeed to be between your mother and food at the moment." Hayley said, whispering to Sansa.

Draxx leaned over and revealed some breadsticks he had liberated. "I'm way ahead of you love," he handed them out to Sansa, Hayley and Caroline.

As everyone is seated, the maitre d walks in and rings a small bell. "Ladies and gentlesirs, soup will brought momentarily, however there are two guests needing introductions." Those Klingons Caroline saw part, as a blonde headed Klingon steps forward. His outfit matches Miles, except his tie-tac and cufflinks are those of his house. "May I introduce Jo'el'Tok, Son of Jamord, House of Antaak." Jo'el'Tok also has a wooden box under his arm, this one is larger than the one Miles was carrying. He walks over to table, scowling, then looks at Sav, "How much did he pay you to put up with him, I'll pay you triple." Before anyone can respond, the Maitre D rings his bell again, "Ladies and gentlesirs, may I present Elim Garak, Uncle of Marbim Rejal, and the mastermind behind tonight's festivities." Miles almost groans, as he says something harsh in Klingon to Jo'el'Tok, who simply laughs and nods his head at Sav, "Sorry little sister, Miles was always luckier than I in dating, although, you should ask him about my cousin Ta'Leah sometime." Laughing he looks over his shoulder, "Comeon old man, I can hear someones belly growling louder than a starving targ." Garak is all grins as he moves forward, and in a happy voice shares, "Please excuse our brute of a friend, I was never sure why young Miles ever roomed with him. Now, it looks like everyone is here, let the meal commence." before seating himself close to Melody, he walks over and hugs Miles, surreptitiously slipping something into his pocket.

Sav's ears, whiskers, and tail responds to each guest as they perform their socialities. Miles had told her about the gruffness of Klingons and how they bantered in veiled threats and force that were actually endearments in their own right. She was just very happy that Miles had family there, especially as hers was too far away to get to this event in any time frame. Miles had family, and she would do everything she could to be accommodating, even if it meant being gruff back. Well, she did have a growl, fangs, and claws, so she could definitely 'show force' back at them.

Another fascinating part of the XO's life was soon revealed, with Mathias quietly watching, then started eating the meal that had been brought out, enjoying the flavors.

The meal is a blend of Cardassian, Klingon, and Mephetian specialties, all that are served for 'special' occasions. Uncle Garak seems to control the flow of the conversations keeping everything lite and positive. Jo'el is seated a few chairs down from Draax, and is heard often grumbling in Klingon as the different dishes are presented, he is also eyeing Sansa and Hayley. Grunting he leans over to Draax, "How was it working with Miles, you wouldn't know it from looking at him, but he has a burning desire to make something of himself. He saved several of us from burning to death, he ever tell you that story?" That's when a chunk of food smacks into Jo'el's tankard of blood wine, causing him to choke on whatever he was eating.

Draxx was about to say something complimentary about his boss back when the Klingon started coughing and clutching his throat. He looked on concerned.

Caroline being the only medical person in the group calmly rose from her seat and moved behind him rather quickly in a long prom dress. She clasped her hands together firmly and with as much power as she could muster brought them down hard on his back. A piece of offending dinner went flying forward on her second attempt.

“There, ” she told him firmly “You live to eat another day. Take smaller bites,” she advised. “A warrior of your standing deserves a far more honourable death than Cardassian vole stuck in your throat.”

Jo'El, with a shocked look on his face looks Caroline up and down, "Thank you. My Mother would be very cross with me had food killed me. I shudder to think what she'd have done." Clearing his throat, and with a much lower voice he asks, "Are you mated with any of the humans here, I would like to get to know you better...."

"Actually," Caroline decided quickly, "I'm very honoured by your interest but I am seeing someone. Enjoy your meal though,"

She headed back, sat down and leaned over to Mattias whispering in his ear for a moment knowing the Klingons eyes were still on hers and he wasn't giving up yet. "I need a huge favour. I'm sorry to ask but would you pretend to be my boyfriend for this meal please? I don't want any poetry or Klingon romantic entanglements."

She had however never met a Klingon to publicly state he was worried about his mother and ask if you were mated. Normally if they decided they liked you they just went all in, in her prior experience.

Mathias had watched the little bit of drama with the Klingon choking on his food, and Caroline saving him. Mathias nodded, and reached up to gently caress Caroline's cheek, then taking her hand, kissed it. "I would be delighted to do so." Also giving a bit of a look towards the Klingon as if to say, she is with me. Then leaned in as if to nuzzle at her ear, Mathias whispered, "You are looking sensational."

“Thank you, ” Caroline said shuddering a little from the sudden and unexpected touch on her cheek. If only he wasn't kissing Faye she sighed inwardly. “And thank you. I owe you a big favour.”

After the main course is served, a small palate-cleansing cone of sherbert is delivered to everyone. The sherbert is a combination of lemon, cucumber, and mint. As soon as it is delivered, the music begins to change. A small, live band has been playing quietly in the background, adding to the ambience. Now the music changes to something very airy, and romantic (Ursine Vulpine & Annaca - Without You). Miles looked over the table at Jo'El and then stood. "Friends, and family, I requested all of you be here for an occasion I never thought would happen." Miles turned to look at Sav, "From the moment we met at the get together so long ago, you have brought me joy and happiness, and I wish to offer you a choice." Miles takes Sav's hands, then drops to one knee, "Save'ena Tillatix, will you accept my hand in marriage, for you already hold my heart?"

This was the moment Sav had been waiting for. Miles had announced his intentions to her, but had not followed through, at least, till now. Here it was, the 'moment'. She hesitated, the past dates, Miles attentions, Miles actions to her, with her, for her, because of who she was, played through her mind. She smiled to him, shifting her head a touch, as though a thought of 'moving away' had crossed her mind. Then, wagging her eyebrows towards his two family members, she moved closer to Miles, gently opening her mouth to show off her needle like front teeth, her canines, her obvious 'carnivorous/omnivorous' heritage, to then close her lower jaw and kiss Miles fully upon his lips. She held that kiss for several seconds, pressing in, showing her intent to be for, with, and of Miles. Now she shifted her muzzle to stroke just behind her whiskers along one side of his nose, then the other with the other side of her muzzle. He was now marked with her musk, the scent of Vanilla-Cinnamon to waft around his head for the rest of the evening. She moves back, grinning, waiting for his next move.

Grinning back, Miles pulls a small box from his pocket. "This was my grandmothers, she gave it to my mother, and now it is mine to give to the woman I love." The ring is braided metals, gold and latinum, with a cabochon cut pale lavender stone held by what look like claws. When the light hits the stone its colors shift to blue and then back to lavender (Tanzinite).

Sav intently looks at the vow ring, her left hand in his, her right hand free to hold itself up as the third finger wiggles gently to show Miles that is the finger for the ring. She watches as it is slid fully onto her finger, and then he places her hands together in a position so she is looking at it, and yet over it, is his two guests. She pays attention to the ring, and them, while waiting for Miles to weave her hair through his family crest pendant with his clan and status beads.

Reaching up for his box, Miles removes several things, the first is a Bajoran earring, modified to attach to Sav's hair rather than clip to her ear. Hanging from it are three strands of stones and beads. The strands are thinner braids of gold and latinum. At the beginning and end of each strand are raw stones that have been polished. All are known for representing love, honor, and fertility. The first strands beads bear the symbol of Cardassia, the second Miles' Grandparents last name, the third is the symbol of the Klingon Empire, and last that of House Antaak. The second strand starts with a bead of Miles' own name, a bead with Starfleet's symbol, a bead with the symbol for the USS Victory - Miles first posting, the last bead carries the symbol of the USS Merlin. The last strand bears a bead with Sav's name and the Stardate when they met. There are six beads on this strand, all bear the dates and locations where their relationship grew, leading to the final bead, which bears today's stardate, and the symbol for Earth.

Sav leans in to kiss Miles deeply, turning her muzzle to french kiss and partake of sharing of tongues. As she does, she puts her right hand around his arm and along his back, while her left hand reaches into her sashe. She removes a clasp with clan beads of the Tillatix Clan, her status in the Federation, and her accomplishments in schooling and life. There are a couple of red and purple beads among them. She reaches up to clamp this clasp into his hair just above and behind his right ear, the safest place for a full hair grab for the dancing to commence later. She finally relinquishes her exploration of his tonsils and moves back, now going nose to nose with him. She remarks, "Don't blame me when I show you my full desires, wrath, and force of will within our joining, my able warrior and keeper of our family. I hope your family guests don't mind a couple extra scars if they try for more than friendly testing and dancing with your fiance, ayuh?"

Melody, who was tearing up at this point, started clapping to congratulate the happy couple and soon the whole room had joined in.

Blushing, Miles stammers out, "They better," then he snaps his fingers, drawing Jo'El's attention away from Caroline. Huffing the blonde Klingon warrior makes his way to Miles side. "Save'ena Tillatix, my mother, Mistress of the House of Antaak sends you this as a token of her acceptance of your relationship with my blood-brother, lucky devil that he is." Inside the box Jo'El had carried in are two objects. The first is a d'k tahg, the handle is etched bone wrapped in silver wire. The blade is damascus pattern, with a more curved look than the typical straight bladed weapon often seen. "Mother says this is for you to keep Miles in line, and to protect him when he is unable to keep himself out of mischief." The second item is a brooch, a collection of braided wires wrapped around a moonstone into which the symbol of the House of Antaak has been laser etched. "This is for when you encounter other Klingons and our allies. It tells them you bear the authority to make agreements, fully supported by the Mistress of the House." Looking over to Miles he adds, "Mother wanted to give you a ship, she has several you know, but you already have one, though its only a Federation one I guess it will have to suffice. Now lets get some dancing in before I have to return to my post."

Sav churred as she gladly accepted the two items. She turned over her sashe to show a place to put the dagger, just below her breasts. On the brooch, she attached it to her sash just below her left shoulder. She replied, "Thank you very much for the honor and house bestowed upon me and mine this day." She winks, "On the ship... keep it waiting please. After all, when Miles and I retire from Starfleet, we will need a ship for our future business, and to visit the family, ayuh."

Garak also steps forward, "Let me get some scans done so I can prepare some wedding attire, no fussing now, stand up straight you two, my time is precious and I have other engagements this evening." Once 'scanned' Garak hugs Sav and Miles and then departs.

Melody who had cleared her plate not glanced over at Draxx who still had soom food on his. She gently placed her hand on his and fluttered her eyes at him. "Sweetie, are you going to finish that?"

Draxx not surprised in the slightest nudged his plate over to her. Likely he was going to loose some weight in the next 9 months he mused.

Sav discreetly lets Miles know she is ready for dessert. She hopes he remembered her fondness for a very good rum bread pudding with a caramel rum sauce. Not to sweet, yet delightful, and definitely needing an evening of dancing to work off.

Seeing that everyone is fairly done, except perhaps Melody, he motions for the maitre d. On a large silver cart rests bowls of fresh-made bread pudding, the waiters have several choices of sauces to pour over them, including Sav's favorite, which Miles remembered from a date early in their relationship. In addition, there are tall glasses filled with English trifle, featuring huckleberries and blackberries.

After clearning Draxx's plate as well, Melody took a cuastious sniff of the desert that looked delightful but as she did, she pulled a sour face. "Oh no, far too sweet for me. Does that mean I'm off pudding? Oh, that's not fair!" she pushed her pudding bowl over Draxx and folded her arms, looking rather upset. "I love pudding." She muttered to herself. "Well, she leaned over and kissed his cheek. "It's not all bad for you. I'm going to get another Carrot juice from the bar then how about we have a slow shuffle if they play something nice to dance to? An opportunity for you to get me in your arms." she whispered suggestively in his ear.

Draxx kissed her on the cheek. “Looking forward to it. Let's go cut some rugs babe.”

Mathias clapped, along with the rest, happy to see Miles and Sav cementing their hopeful relationship. He went back to eating, making certain that he made certain to make eye contact with Caroline, like a boyfriend should and smiling at her. Even though this was play acting to keep the heat off of her from the blonde Klingon, he wasn't going to be a slouch at it either. Besides, Caroline was someone he wanted to pay attention to.

Sav's attention was fully on the pudding, and trying to not cry. All of this, now in the moment, was almost overwhelming, but in a very good way. She sampled the lower outside of the bread pudding to get a sense of how sweet. It wasn't, done very well for being a spiced rum bread pudding. She now took some of the rum caramel sauce and put a light coating over it, then tried an outside corner again. Perfect, well, for her. She could not believe how well made this bread pudding was, just like back on Apollonia, before... she burst out in a churr as she took another bite, savoring its goodness. Her tongue, taste and smell were fully there, she must have gotten rid of the last of the Toluene in her body. It... was... glorious. She glanced over to Miles, then took a spoon of dessert and brought it around to his mouth, saying, "Of me, for you, my love."

Miles looked at Sav, before taking the bite he quietly says, "Did I get everything right? Dray helped me, between squealing of course..." then a dreamy look comes over his face as he savors the bite. Once its gone he grins, "That is good, no wonder you like it so much."

Sav churred gently with a lilt behind it, a very exotic and erotic sound. She huskily replied, "Yes, you did everything right, and good, and proper... and honored your Klingon and Cardassian houses immensely. I look forward to our wedding day when our houses can celebrate our nuptials of joining." Forgotten, for now, was that her pure aspect of her physicality had been forcefully taken by another, her mind was only on Miles and the future family before her.

To be continued...


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

Sansa Draxx-Jones
NPC Jones

●●● Commander Caroline Miller
Chief Counselor
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Ricardo Draxx
Assistant Operations Officer
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Mathias McPhee
Chief Operations Officer
USS Merlin

●●● Save'ena Tillatix
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Merlin

○●● Lieutenant Commander Marbim Rejal
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

○●● Lieutenant Commander Hayley Godding
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin


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