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The Admiral arrives

Posted on Monday 8 November 2021 @ 14:56 by Admiral David Jackson & Captain Melody Jones & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Gregor Morgan

Mission: First Contact
Location: USS Merlin, Main bridge
Timeline: MD3 1700
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The Merlin contained inwards toward the next planet in the star system when the helm officer reported "Captain, I've got the USS Missouri approaching at warp speed. They're hailing us."

Melody straightened her uniform as she had a good idea who this was. "On screen."

A Male human Starfleet officer appeared on the viewscreen. "Captain Jones. I bring you greetings from Starbase 308."

Melody smiled "My compliments Captain Preston."

"Unfortunately we can't hang around as we're needed back at the Starbase. We've got Admiral Jackson ready to beam abroad to your convenience."

"Thank you Captain. I'm sure they'll be a chance for us to catch up another time. Safe journeys."

"And to you Captain Jones. Missouri out."

Melody stood as the helm officer reported again. "Captain, the Missouri is slowing to impulse speed."

"Well Number one, would you accompany me to meet the Admiral."

Miles stood and straightened his uniform, "Yes mam. I've read up on him, solid record, a lot of great deeds accomplished, but he's not you and I'm a tad concerned how he will handle working with such a diverse crew."

Melody chuckled as the turbolift doors closed "Transporter room 1" She said to the computer then turned to Rejal "Don't worry Number one, I know Admiral Jackson. David was one of my instructors at the academy and since then we've become good friends. I think you'll find he'll fit in rather nicely around here."

They entered the transporter room and Melody came to attention "Energise."

The transporter kicked in and soon Admiral David Jackson materialised on the pad. He looked around briefly then locked eyes with Melody. He frowned then stepped down. "I think I'm on the wrong ship. You see I got requested here by Melody Jones, the girl who was always going faster, warp speed was never fast enough and who do I see here but a mature, beautiful young woman who has obviously settled down with a good man and decided to have a family." He paused as he looked her up and down "You've put on wight." He said with a critical eye.

Melody returned his gaze "Is that grey hair I see?" she asked.

The Admiral looked at her with a stern expression for a moment then burst out laughing. "You haven't changed that much Jones, now give me a hug. That's an order" as he drew Melody into a bear hug.

"It's good to see you too David." Melody replied as she embraced him like an old friend.

"Holy smoke, you're as big as a house." He said as he released her, he turned to Rajel "I can tell you some stories about your Captain that would curl your hair Commander. When she wasn't flying shuttlecraft to destruction, she was drinking Klingons and Nausicans under the table at the local bar." He held out his hand to him with a warm smile "You must be Commander Rejal. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Shaking the Admiral's hand, Miles grinned at him, "Any information that could be useful in blackmailing my good Captain to stay aboard the ship would be greatly appreciated." With a wink to the Admiral, he added, "I believe she gets into more trouble than I do. I'm looking forward to working with you Sir."

David laughed "Still trying to lead the away missions, Miss Jones?" He wagged a finger at her playfully "That's naughty, especially in your condition." He said as the party headed out of the transporter room and boarded the turbo lift.

"Main bridge." Melody said to the computer. "Actually, since I became pregnant, been leaving the away teams to the Commander here. It's not my fault I got kidnapped and beamed down to the surface on that last away mission, nothing to do with me." Melody protested.

"Hmmm.." David replied "I'm sure. Rest assured Commander, I'll give you enough ammunition to make sure she stays on the bridge in future."

"Why am I starting to think this wasn't a good idea." Melody mused to herself as the turbo lift came to a halt and the doors opened.

An Ensign at the science station saw who had arrived and immediately snapped to attention, calling out "Admiral on the Bridge!"

Caroline stood up not just to let Melody have her seat back but also to attention for the newcomer.

Gregor snapped to attention at his station and watched the flag officer as he came onto the bridge.

David acknowledged each of them "As you were."

Melody spoke up "Everyone, this is Admiral David Jackson who will be assuming Command shortly while I go on leave for... obvious reasons." She patted her baby bump "There will be an official handing over of Command, but for the meantime, the Admiral will be getting familiar with the ship and with you.

"Welcome aboard sir," Caroline said. "Please take my chair. I am due in an appointment soon." She moved away. The Admiral needed a seat that much was clear.

"That's very considerate of you Commander Miller but I think Captain Jones and I have things to discuss," David replied.

Melody gestured to her Ready room. "If you'll follow me Admiral, I'll bring you up to date. You have the bridge Number one."

Miles smiled at his Captain, "Yes ma'am. I'll keep your seat warm."


○●● Lieutenant Commander Marbim Rejal
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

○● Lieutenant JG Gregor Morgan
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Merlin

●●● Commander Caroline Miller
Chief Counselor
USS Merlin

Admiral David Jackson
NPC Jones


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