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Ghosts of times past

Posted on Monday 29 November 2021 @ 13:10 by Captain Melody Jones & Captain Lukas Fredricks & Ensign Zirvell Khen

Mission: First Contact
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD3 2200
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After being shown his quarters and taking a brief time to settle, and even try something proper to eat, Zirvell headed up to the bridge as he'd been instructed to do. A little anxious, he made his way towards the ready room, where Captain Jones was waiting for him. "You said you could contact my father?" he prompted as soon as he was called inside.

Melody nodded "Please have a seat." she indicated to a chair on the other side of her desk while she accessed the ships communications system "Computer... Open a subspace com link to the USS Britannic. Captain's priority channel."

The computer responded "Standby."

She looked at the young Cardassian "When did you last see your father?"

"When I graduated from the academy.... and I left on that ill fated assignment only hours after that," Zirvell answered thoughtfully as he sat down, anxiously rubbing his hands together. "I was supposed to call him when we were on our mission, but we never got around to sending any messages." He cast his new captain a very concerned look. "I can only imagine what he must've felt when we were listed as missing."

"Well, I'm sure he's going to be glad to see you're alive." Melody said, trying to reassure him.

USS Britannic, Captain's ready room

A Lieutenants voice came over the com. "Captain. There's a subspace com link coming in for you from the USS Merlin. Captain's priority channel Sir!"

Fredricks frowned, he had heard of Captain Jones of the Merlin bit the two Captains had never met. He wondered what this was about. "Put her through, Lieutenant." He replied.

"Aye Sir."

On the monitor, the face of a young red-haired woman appeared. "Captain Fredricks. I'm Captain Melody Jones. We've been surveying some unexplored Starsystems and we found something that I think you lost."

She altered the monitor so Zirvell was included in the image. "He's been adrift in a Runabout in suspended animation for the last 12 years."

Zirvell hadn't expected to be reintroduced so abruptly and sat in stunned silence. As he stared at the aged figure of his adopted father, tears started to well up in his eyes. "Father...," He choked out, reaching towards the screen as though he were still a child.

Lukas' frown turned from confusion to surprise and then to happiness. "Zirvell, is that really you?" He asked as he leaned closer to the monitor.

Tears flowed freely now, the presence of the woman almost -but not wholly- forgotten. "Yes father," the younger man huffed, "it's me...I'm so sorry, I never got a message out. It happened too fast and we hadn't expected to be lost, that no one would come for us. I'm so sorry..."

"My boy, you have nothing to be sorry about." Lukas replied a tear rolling down his own cheek. "What happened to you?"

"An ion storm hit us before we reached our destination, forcing us into stasis to save our lives. There was a malfunction it seems, as the doctor I was with, died years ago." Grief flooded the young Cardassian's face as he remembered the news. "What of Oliver and Adele? How are they? Are they well?"

"Both are well." Lukas replied with a warm smile. "Adele was devastated by your loss. Oliver didn't say much but I think he was hurting too."

Zirvell nodded. His bond with his adopted brother had always been a bit more strained than the one he'd had with his sister. Adding to that, he had a severe crush on her in the first weeks of them being a surrogate family. He knew his father had known, but he never knew if Adele had. "I'm no longer lost," he finally said, "and I'll endeavour to visit on my next leave." But he wasn't planning any yet, he had so much to catch up on, and learn! "I think... I can stay here, at least for a while," he finally ventured, looking sideways at Jones.

Melody smiled warmly at him "Of course you're welcome to stay. We always need good officers onboard and we'll take good care of him Captain Fredricks." She added.

The young Cardassian seemed to blush. "Thank you. I will endeavour to get caught up on procedures as soon as possible," he promised. "I'll be alright father, please let them know I'll be alright? That I'll see them soon?"

"Of course, I will. I'm just glad to see you alive and well. I won't take up any more of Captain Jones' time but I look forward to seeing you in person in the near future." The elderly Captain said looking at the young fresh faced Jones. "We're just completing our scientific research of this sector. If possible I'd like to stop by for a few hours if your mission allows?"

"By all means Captain, feel free to swing by anytime." Melody replied.

"I appreciate that, Captain. Thank you." Lukas replied with a grateful nod. "Zirvell, it's really good to see you but I'll let you get back to your duties. I'll hopefully see you soon."

The younger man smiled, fingers reaching towards the screen a second time. "Yes sir," he answered thickly, "I'm so glad to have spoken with you father... I'm so glad everyone is alright..." He choked up and suddenly felt he had to leave, so he all but fled the ready room.


Ensign Zirvell Khen
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