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    Dinner for all

    Posted on Thursday 19 September 2019 @ 17:13 by Commander Melody Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Lieutenant Michael Ki MD & Lieutenant JG Artis Lomar & Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim & Lieutenant JG Ricardo Draxx

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Melodys' quarters
    Timeline: The evening after The End? 2000 Hrs

    *** Commander Jones has invited the senior staff to an informal meal in her quarters which she is cooking so everyone has a chance to mingle and interact. Lieutenant Draxx is invited as he and Melody are now an item. Sansa is helping. ***


    Melody was busy with several different pans all going at once. A glass of red wine sat nearby. Sansa was setting the table and generally tidying up. Nibbles had been moved into another room for the evening as the small hedgehog disliked large crowds.

    "Tables done," Draxx said. "All those years working in an Italian restaurant paid off big ehh," he chuckled.

    She paused and took a sip of wine. "Everything is coming together nicely. Now we're just waiting for people to arrive.

    Sav arrived outside of Melody's door. She was dressed in her orange t-shirt and skirt combo typical for dancing in. She had been totally staying away until invited by Draxx and Melody so that Draxx would feel at ease with her being near the family. So far, that had not happened. She wondered if Sansa had grown any further, or if she finally stopped, and if Draxx was there? She couldn't go in unless Draxx was there.

    Sav wondered if Miles was there yet, and hoped he was. After checking herself over one more time, having a bottle of red wine in hand, she rang the annunciator while whispering under her breath, 'Please please please please'. If Draxx wasn't there, she would go away until he showed.

    "There's something odd going on out there," Draxx commented as Save'ena wasn't as quiet as she imagined she was. "Think we have some arrivals. I'll play doorman Red. You keep beautifully juggling everything in that kitchen," he winked at her.

    As soon as the door opened, Sav bluted out, "Is Lieutenant Draxx here?"

    Stopping as he rounded the corner, Miles wonders why Draxx would be...oh, oh no, Draxx had already told Miles that he was on board for his family. Miles calls out, "Sav, hold the door would you." Rushing up, MIles is in a similar outfit from one of their previous dates, black boots and socks, kilt, and sleeveless white silk shirt. In one hand he has an interestingly shaped bottle full of pearlescent purple liquid, and in the other, what looks like a storage file.

    "Save'ena, yes I'm here. I actually live here now. Come in," he said gently, Melody having finally explained why this alien was so weird round him. Although somewhat shocked at finding out they had been in a relationship before they had met, it was over now and in the past. They had both pledged to make their relationship and family work. He hoped the Mephetian wasn't going to get weirder still and overstep the mark. Mel had explained all her cultures polyamorous, sister wife's and joint rearing of "Kittling's" to him and well unfortunately there wasn't a place for that. He was only interested in Mel. A friendship could possibly be worked on with the alien in front of him but at present that thought was strange too.

    Sav was relieved to see Draxx standing there. She was also pleased to her him say 'live here' as that was where the father should be as Melody and Draxx were trying to raise Sansa properly. She started to say 'thank you' and hand over the wine when Draxx's attention immediately moved onto Miles. So, she went on in with Miles as Draxx let them in.

    "Hey man," Draxx nodded at his Cardassian boss. "That looks good," he said appreciatively taking the bottle offered. "Mel will love that. Thank you. I don't think I mentioned names but this is my family," he said smiling proudly at Melody and Sansa.

    "It's aged Kanar. Has a sweet, cinnamon heat to it." Looking down, he hands Draxx the data card. "These are a collection of Earth, Bajoran, and Romulan Operas. Should you wish to listen to them in our office, feel free. Listening to Klingon Operas is what, mmmm, what's that I smell," his eyes get that 'me hungry' look to them, and then he gets confuzzled at Sansa, looking at his own boss, "Captain, I thought you said your daughter was in her pre-teens?"

    Sensing more than seeing Sav's body language, Miles will reach out and softly take Sav's hand in his own.

    Sav had been standing a little to the side. She decided prudence would be the better part of Valor and used her telekinesis to move the wine over to a nearby surface for later. She was wondering what to do if Sansa decided to come over to get her into a large, 'furry' hug since Draxx was obviously protective of his family. She didn't realize she was showing any of her nervousness, but gladly took Miles hand when it was offered.

    Michael rather dreaded these things. Throughout his career he had managed to avoid these large scale, crew wide dinners and parties. However, this time it was unavoidable, not only did the XO and acting Captain make the invites. But, Caroline would most likely be there so it was a reason to see her. As was the custom in his family, one did not go to another's home empty handed, so he brought Melody one of the bottles of Sake from his own stash. He walked in wearing a pair of blue denim jeans, a creme colored button down shirt and a tweed blazer. He was keen to simply blend in with the tapestry that was the background that is until Caroline would arrive. That is exactly what he did.

    After much debate with herself, Breana had finally settled on Jeans, a white silk shirt and her good pair of cowgirl boots. Dressed now she had opted to take the long way to the Commanders quarters. She was going to this why? Oh yeah... cause she was considered a member of the senior staff. It had been a long time since she'd done anything like this... and now... she sighed softly as she found herself just outside the door.

    Zim was ready to let his hair down as the saying went. He had only been on the Merlin for a short time and already he knew that tensions ran high around here. So when the invite came Harris thought that he could not let the officers have all the fun without the enlisted being represented. He arrived at the Commander's quarters wearing linen pants, and a linen shirt. Across his chest was a sash that bore the emblems of his people. The invite warrented the sash. It was a high honor to be invited to you your commanding officer's quarters where he was from.

    Bree glanced to Zim as he arrived, a slight nip at her lower lip as she pondered the fact she likely didn't look much better just standing outside the door then she would if she'd actually entered and joined the others. As she tried to muster up some courage... that stuff that seemed to leave her often when she wasn't on duty... Bree said softly with a little smile. "Evening..."

    "Hey hows everyone," Caroline smiled walking up to the small party seemingly congregating outside the Commanders quarters. She was her signature purple, purple long skirt and black strappy top. Her hair now getting much longer, she had put back in a messy bun. "Are we pressing the chime," she asked with a smile?

    "You can" Breana said with a slightly bigger smile, oddly enough the councellor made her feel a little more confident and relaxed. The rest... well, she knew it time she'd be good with them all.

    Melody looked up and saw her quarters were filling up nicely. "Good evening everyone. Make yourselves at home, please help yourselves to drinks. Dinner will be ready shortly. she called out "Sansa be a dear and pass my that Saurian brandy. I'll need that for the shrimp."

    The door opened and she could see Caroline, Breana, Zim and Michael loitering outside. Melody called to them "Come on in you lot, don't think I cant see you out there!"

    As the door opened and she saw everyone inside, Bree couldn't help but to wonder if she might be able to disappear into the floor? Then again, the smell of good cooked food was waiting out and her stomach gave a little growl, something that caused a light blush to touch her cheeks.

    Zim smiled at the young woman, he knew her file. He knew everyone's file he made it his business to read them. From her file Harris knew they had something in common. He approached her with a knowing look. "I hate things like this too ma'am."

    Breana gave a slightly shy look to Zim, while she'd meet him while working on the Puppet program. Meeting someone outside of work was a whole different ballgame. "Glad I'm not the only one, yet here we are. Still coming to the thing."

    Michael kept his eyes on Caroline he hoped that he would find the words to tell her how he felt this evening.

    Sav released Miles hand and went over to open her wine. She poured out two glasses, then returned to Miles. She held one up to him and asked, "Did you want a glass of Shiraz?"

    Looking at the glass, "I guess if you're drinking it, it's safe for little 'ol me," Miles will reach out, sniff the wine, shrug and down the glass. Looking at the empty wine glass he says, "Doesn't taste half bad..," seeing the shock on a few people's faces he asks, "Um, was I supposed to sip that...?"

    Sav covered her muzzle with a hand to hide her grin and snigger at what Miles had done. Getting herself under control, she patted his arm and said, "Yeah, you were supposed to swirl it, smell it, then sip it for a while while waiting for dinner to be ready. She held out her hand and asked, "Refill, and try again?"

    With a grin of his own, MIles will hold his glass out again, "Sure, it tastes good, and I'll follow your orders on how i'm to drink it this time."

    Sav was able to get a pour out right before Melody gave the call to those in the room.

    Melody looked up from her array of pots and pans "Dinner is almost ready people, if you'd like to take your places."

    Looking at the table, Miles will ask, "Is there assigned seating Captain, or do we just sit where we please?"

    Sav waited beside Miles to see what Melody, and/or Draxx, would say.

    Melody shook her head "No, there are no assigned seats, just sit anywhere people." She added with a smile "This is suppose to be an informal gathering for everybody to mingle. Just leave that seat nearest the kitchen for me so I don't have to push past people.

    Draxx, who was pouring some Spring wine added "I'll sit next to you so I can give you a hand."

    Melody was putting the food into serving dishes "Sansa, Draxx could you put these on the table please and make sure everybody has a drink. Thank you."

    Sansa came over "Sure thing Mom."

    Melody watched closely as the table filled up "OK then. Tonight we are having pan fried monkfish with sauteed potatoes. There some Bajoran shrimp with some sweet chili dip. There is spinach, carrots and peas."

    Draxx nodded at Melody and started ferrying professionally dishes to the table. He had many many years experience waitering.

    Caroline took a seat, "Sounds amazing Melody. It all smells delicious. Are those the sauteed potatoes you made me with steak one time? If so we are going to need plenty," she grinned. "And I will need to go swimming tomorow to burn it all off."

    Sav discretely tugged on Miles' shirt to guide him to be near Caroline, and then she took the seat farther away from where their hosts would be sitting. In the far reaches of her mind, she kept hearing Draxx say, 'Melody never mentioned you' and 'It's my family'. She as going to abide by Draxx's wishes, to the full extent she could, until they could get to know more about each other and prove she was actually a long time friend, well, she hoped.

    Caroline smiled at the Cardassian as he sat down. The chair free on the other side of her she pushed out and patted. "Come on Doctor."

    Michael smiled and made a show of not wanting to be there. However, it was just that a show. He was ever grateful that Caroline was there to pull the introverted Doctor into the crowd. He sat next to her and sipped his drink. "This should be a nice change of pace, not like we are missing a Captain or anything." Michael jibed and then sipped again. " Sorry that was uncalled for. You are looking georgous this evening." He looked at Caroline as he spoke, and she was breathtaking.

    As everyone took their seats, Melody came over and remained standing for a moment. She raised her glass. "Ladies and Gentlemen..... To absent friends."

    After sipping his shiraz, Miles raises his glass, "And to new friends." Once done sipping again, he looks at the fish, "Um, why is it called a monkfish, um, Cap, no Ma, Melody?"

    Melody thought for a moment "I believe it was the name given to it by the fishermen who used to catch it a long time ago on Earth. I have no idea why."

    Sav raised her glass to the toast, murring out, "To absent friends... and to new friends". She began eating, and was careful to follow proper table etiquette in eating, remembering the lessons her mom gave her as well as her Terran lessons from Mr. Thompson's 'Estate'. At least there had been some good things from that time in her life. She listened to the dinner conversation and worked on finishing everything put before her so as to compliment the chef.

    Zim raised his glass as the toast was given. He dipped his finger into the wine and let six small drops fall to the floor. He then leveled his chin and sipped the wine. He stood stoic, a silent sentinel in the room. In truth he would have rather been working. He still felt something was wrong about the whole thing.

    Ki responded to the toast with a resounding "Here, here." and he sipped his wine. "The food looks great" He said to no one in particular with a smile.

    Now that everybody had a plate in front of them and all the food was on the table, Melody got a glass of wine for herself and sat down. "Now don't stand on ceremony, please everyone tuck in. Just help yourselves if you would like more."

    "You don't need to tell me twice Melody," Caroline smiled. "You have to try her sauteed potatoes everyone," she said handing the bowl to Ki. "So how is everyone feeling about potential R&R. When we get everything tied up. Risa was it?" she looked at Mel for confirmation.

    Miles will try some of the oddly named fish. Sav, being the closest will watch his face change from questioning to sublime. When he finishes his first bite, without opening his eyes he says, "Reminds me of those little creatures Malack and I would catch, boil and eat, hmmmm, Lobsters, that's what they were called, this reminds me of lobsters." Opening his eyes he catches his Captain's gaze and bows with his head, "Thank you, Melody, though oddly named, it does taste delicious." He will then go back to devouring his fish, and try a little of everything else as well.

    Sav watched Miles, then churred lightly at his expression and his words. She was happy that he found something to his liking. She opened her mouth to say, 'Yes, the food is great, as always', but she couldn't, not with Drax there. So... she got it. She politely spoke up and said, "This food is very good, thank you." There, non-committal, non-threatening, and nothing could be construed as her having been there before with Melody cooking for her. She kept herself focused on the food and eating, while her ears quested about to catch other conversation about the table.

    Looking to see what Sav is eating, Miles will bump her, and motion with his head, "What's that over there?" Once Sav's attention is distraced, he will steal a bite of food off her plate, something he doesn't have on his own. Knowing that Sasha is probably watching all of them, he will wink at her as he eats his prize.

    Sansa had seen Lieutenant Rejal sneak some of Sav’s food off her plate and chuckled softly to herself. Melody was just sipping some wine and raised an eyebrow. “Something funny sweetheart?”

    Sansa shook her head, not wanting to get anyone in trouble.

    Answering Caroline’s question “Yes. I’ve been in contact with Starfleet. Some shoreleave has been granted for the entire senior staff while the ship I’d being repaired and refitted. I believe some transports have been put on especially for our use to take us to Risa which is not far.”

    Sav looked over at where Miles was pointing, even as her right ear kept focused on him. His movements were picked up by her ear and whiskers, and sure enough, when she looked back to her plate, food was missing. She churred gently, gently shoulder bumping him to let him know he was caught, then returned to eating. She was almost finished, and when everybody was, it would be time for the 'small talk' about the table. Sav was a little surprised that it hadn't started yet, but then again, this was Melody's cooking, and it was always a joy to eat.

    Blushing at being caught, Miles looks down the table, "So Boss, is this something we should become accustomed too because if it is, I'll need to adjust my training regimen..."

    Melody smiled “Not too regular Miles but every now and then.” She looked around at the senior staff laughing joking.

    Caroline smiled happily. "Ah Risa. Cocktails, swimming, sunsets. Just what we all need."

    Sav churred at Caroline's words. She added, "We can all use a break, and some shopping therapy, and maybe a movie." She glanced at Miles, wondering what type of movies he enjoyed.

    With a feigned look of fear Miles stammers out, "Shopping, eek gods no!" Then he bumps Sav back slightly, "Well ok, maybe I do need something to brighten my office and maybe my cabin up with..." Looking over at his Ops compatriat he winks, "What do you think Draxx, maybe we could get a small wheel for Nibbles to run on, or build an entire tube system so she can wander around Ops, without too much serious damage to ourselves..."

    "I stay clear of the spiny land fish." Draxx replied. "We have an understanding. I don't go near him and he doesn't come near me."

    Melody interjected, "I try and keep an eye on her, she's very fast."

    Melody looked around as everyone now had an empty flat in front of them. She rose and started clearing the table. “Well, it looks like everyone enjoyed the food. Sansa, Sweetie can you give me a hand?”

    Sansa also got up. “Sure thing.”

    As Melody was taking the plates back to the kitchen area “Has anyone got room for dessert? I think I’ve got something very chocolatey hidden somewhere.”

    Grinning Miles pokes his stomach, "I think I might have some space in here somewhere, especially for chocolate." Looking over at Sav he'll ask, "so Risa, any plans beyond shopping. I've heard there are many nice beaches to watch sunsets from..."

    Sav thought for a moment, "I do want to visit some beaches, maybe try some surfing. But, I am really interested in the forest expanses and the mountain hikes. I want to run free through the tree road, and climb along cliffs, without feeling the mesh tugging and slicing everything inside. It's been too long to not have to worry when doing any exercises... I want to feel what it is like again to not be damaged inside."

    "Maybe I could tag along. Carry your water bottle, maybe even try some climbing. I'm not very good at it, fear of heights and all that. Might be fun to try something new though." Blushing he'll look down at his plate for a moment, then ask, "What's surfing?"

    Sav hrmmed in sympathy when hearing 'fear of heights'. Sav had no fear, you tend to not have that fear when growing up chasing siblings in the tree paths with running and jumping. She took a drink, then replied to his question. "Surfing is taking what looks like an elongated coffee table top with a fin and riding on it on top of a large body of water with waves. You swim out with the surf board to the waves, then hop on top and ride it with a large wave pushing to back towards shore. I could never learn because the one time I tried.. the internal and external... *Sav remembered she as at a dinner table* ummm.. just.. with the mesh inside.. it wasn't fun. Now, with it gone, I can try again."

    "Well I know I like the swimming part, I'll try this surfing with you if you want."

    Before Sav could reply, the ending of the meal appeared being escorted by Melody. It looked glorious.

    Melody reappeared with a massive plate with an enormous chocolate dome on it. "Sansa sweetie. I believe there is a bottle of Aldebaran whiskey in the cupboard. It will go very nicely with this Ktarian chocolate puff." She placed the dessert on the table. "I'm not a fan of surfing. I prefer my modes of transport to have an engine."

    Sav's eyes grew large at seeing the dessert. She ooo'ed out, "Chocolate pudding". She waited her turn, then got a decent sized helping. She was going to enjoy this, immensely.

    The pudding, like the rest of the meal, went down very well and Melody was pleased her first dinner party had been a success.


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