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Mission Briefing

Posted on Wednesday 8 May 2024 @ 09:19 by Captain Melody Jones & Commander Seklar & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant Commander Theodore Walker Theo & Ensign Tridi

Mission: Moopsy Mania
Location: Obervation lounge
Timeline: MD 1 0930
1678 words - 3.4 OF Standard Post Measure


Melody entered the observation lounge and poured herself a cup of coffee as she waited for the rest of the senior staff to arrive.

The first through the doors, mere moments after Captain Jones had entered was a new face, a weathered but still rugged Human man with eyes of vibrant blue that seemed to carry the weight of the world. He had clearly been through much over the years but he still offered a warm smile.
"Captain Jones. Doctor Theo Walker" he moved to her to shake her hand. "I'm sorry about my delay in arriving. Command had a few things they needed to brief me on before I could depart. I've spoken to Doctor Nir'Anyar via subspace on my way here and she's brought me up to speed on the welfare of the crew. I'm just sorry I wasn't here in enough time to have spoken to you before a senior staff meeting!"

"No apology necessary Doctor. Welcome aboard." Melody said as she shook his hand. "I was planning to come down to sickbay. I trust everything meets your requirements?"

"That young Cardassian that Doctor Nir'anyar has been training is more than on top of things. He could have easily taken over from her". Theo replied boasting on behalf of her predecessor.

Commander Ras walked into the Observation lounge, padd in hand, ready to make notes if needed. "Sorry about my tardiness." He commented noticing Doctor Walker was already there. He took his seat to the Captain's right.

"No problem Number one, have you met our new doctor? This is Doctor Walker, he's taking over from Doctor Nir'Anyar."

"Yes, I've read the Doctor's personnel file but not had the chance to meet yet." The Andorian replied before looking at the Doctor and giving him a polite nod of the head. "A pleasure, Doctor Walker."

"Commander" Theo said a touch sheepishly. Had he really read his personnel file? If so then he knew questions would be coming, possibly not now but soon enough.

Ensign Tridi was the next one to enter after Commander th'Zaanaq, having not been far behind the Andorian First Officer. Looking carefully around the briefing room, the Jyracan found an empty chair that looked like it would be a perfect fit for him to use. Walking silently toward the chair, he was impressed by the view that he saw out of the windows, almost being mesmerized by it.

It seemed the usually early chief engineer was now one of the last to arrive. Seklar made for his seat after getting a coffee from the replicator. He didn't apologize for his arrival, choosing to afford a simple and direct greeting instead.

Caroline found herself one of the last to arrive. "Morning everyone," she said following Seklar to the replicator. Coffee was certainly needed.

Once everyone was seated, Melody stood and activated the wall monitor. "Now that we're all here, This will be a fairly routine resupply mission to the scientific research outpost designated Irwin Station. They conduct research into animal intelligence and co-existence. A few days ago, Starfleet received a request from Doctor Kingston for supplies, the first request Starfleet had received in over 5 years so they were a little suspicious. We've been tasked with delivering their supplies as well as having a quick look around to make sure everything is status quo."

Melody continued "After our initial quantum slipstream flights, the Corps of Starfleet engineers have found some improvements they want to implement. Several key components of the slipstream drive have been left on Starbase for upgrading so I'm afraid, "She turned to Seklar "The Slipstream drive will be offline until we return to Starbase. We'll have to rely on the good old warp drive but, they did leave us a gift. They have been looking into why we've been having trouble getting the Shuttle to stay in one piece with the new drive. There are documents in the ship's computer that should assist you with construction."

"I shall be looking forward to implementing them and testing them on the holodeck," Seklar replied. The Vulcan seemed excited about the prospect.

"Is there anything that anyone else wants to bring up?" She asked the assembled officers.

The Helmsman spoke up, "Why are they suspicious about the outpost requesting a resupply if it's been five years since they were last visited?"

"Starfleet wouldn't say. Some of the researchers there are on rotation, 2 years on and one year off and they're supposed to bring supplies when they rotate back to the station. Starfleet is.... unsure of this extra request, but they're not going to deny it either. Remaining at Warp 5, we'll be at the research station in 10 days. That should give engineering time to finalise the shuttle build, hopefully, we can start the test flights once the resupply mission is completed. If there's nothing else?"

Theo nodded silently making a mental note to ensure a full consignment of medical suppliers was ready to transport down but as this appeared to be nothing more than a milk run it would mean he had the time to get his feet under the table and find his place within the pecking order.

"Do we know anything about the scientific research that is conducted at the Irwin station? Doctor Kingston, isn't he a famous Xenozoologist? The famous tribble guy?" Caroline asked.

"What's a tribble?" The Jyracan asked, having never encountered one.

"A furry creature averaging this size," Seklar answered while giving an approximate measurement with his hands, "they emit a soothing purring sound and are quite friendly unless you are a Klingon." The Vulcan frowned. "Friendly, but a downright plague if one is not careful as they breed rather quickly."

Caroline smiled at their new colleague. "Yes, they breed like wildfire. One of the things this chap was looking at was and it's controversial. Ethically is it right? but finding a way to limit or slow down the Tribble birth cycle. There are arguments each way. The Klingons are very interested in him."

Melody nodded. "A Klingon armada wiped out the tribble homeworld in the late 23rd century but the species seemed to survive. Yes, Doctor Kingston did extensive work in genetically engineering tribbles and Starfleet supported his work extensively. Most of his work on the tirbbles was classified by Starfleet Command. As to his current projects, Starfleet would not give me any specific details but they said his research was of utmost importance to the Federation.

"Fact remains that if there is insufficient food, the tribble population will be reduced," Seklar pointed out, "keep feeding them, and they will continue to reproduce."

Theo contained his disappointment at the mission at hand. He had been in line to take charge of medical research in Starfleet Command, he had been in command of his own medical ship at one point... Now he was going to be a vet.

He kept his face a mask but also remained silent throughout the meeting.

Caroline smiled at Seklar making it sound so easy. "If we do have any problems Captain I know a few Klingons who will no doubt be willing to help us should we be overrun," she joked.

Melody looked at each of them "I told Command that while we would try and respect the Doctor's wishes, I would not endanger my ship and crew in the name of scientific research and I don't want this ship overrun with tibbles like the Enterprise was." She added with a smile. She turned to Ensign Tridi. "Ensign keep us at warp 5 for now. It will give me some time to see if I can find out any more about Irwin Station and their research. If that's everything, you can return to your duties. Number One, would you stay a moment?"

The first officer nodded as he slightly adjusted his seating position as the gathered officers began to stand and file out.

"I will be in engineering," Seklar announced before leaving.

Theo nodded at the Captain and first officer before moving at pace from the room, fully intent on returning to sickbay to continue settling into his new life.

"Doctor," Caroline said standing up and before he made his escape. "I'm heading your way. May I walk with you?"

Ensign Tridi nodded politely in response to the Captain, noting the instruction to keep the ship at Warp 5. "Aye Captain," he confirmed as he rose from his seat to return to the Bridge.

The Andorian looked at his commanding officer. "Captain?"

Once the other senior staff had left, Melody turned to Ras, her eyes filled with concern. While she had her doubts, she was not ready to voice these to the rest of the crew.

"Something is wrong here Number One, I'm not sure what but something about this research station is... off.... I can smell it. Do you have any contacts in the area, to try and find out some more information?"

Ras antenna leaned forward suspiciously. "I have to agree with you, Captain, however, I didn't want to mention my reservations in front of the crew. I can contact some friends I have, see if they know anything about this research station."

"Yes, see if you can find anything about the research station and their current projects..... And let's just hope we're suffering from some good old fashion paranoia. Keep me advised Commander, I'll be on the bridge."

Ras nodded, "Understood, Captain. I'll be in my office making some calls."


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